Abingdon Marathon

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26/09/2012 at 17:07

Martin - don’t worry if you cannot maintain quite MP for 12 miles at the moment on a lumpy course. Once you are rested and fully tapered, it will be a different matter on a nice flat course like Abo.

Slokey - best of luck with your 10K on Sunday

Barry - thanks for the GPS advice. Yes, does make sense. Will you race your HM 2 weeks before Abo?

Also-ran – take it easy. One missed session will not make any significant difference, however any injury at this stage will.

7½ miles on the treadmill for me this morning, as it was not nice out there.

26/09/2012 at 20:44

Also-Ran -missing a few sessions now is no problem, the fitness and endurance is in the bank

Martin - that sounds like beast of a session. I struggle running 4 miles at MP when training but hope it feels easy come race day (if not I am in big trouble)

Aching Calves - I hope you had some distraction on the treadmill. 7.5 miles on one would bore me to death.


Lovely and sunny here in London (or at least for part of the day) - sorry!! I went to track and did 6x1200m at approx 5:55 pace. So that is probably my last proper interval session. Planning on 20 miles on Sunday and then can start the taper. I still need to decide on MP but thinking 6:45 and then hoping to speed up a little later.

As others have said the course is flat with a couple of bit along trail footpaths. There is a gentle hill at mile 7 and at mile 9 (repeated on 2nd lap) but it is pretty gentle. The steepest bit is the underpass at mile 23. Personally I hate it and normally shout out in agony as my legs cramp up - so don't be near me. Finally when you see the stadium you need to be aware that they make you head off around a twisty path for 800m before you storm on the track for the last 300m sprint/crawl.


27/09/2012 at 06:22

CRISIS!  Got injured doing long run last Sat. ested till yesterday, did a.m. easy and was ok, then pm run  injury (lower back muscle seized) within 200m of starting so had to stop!

I've banked some real quality runs, incl. 5 x 21-22 milers over the last 9 weeks.  I was due to run last long this Sunday/Sat (which I may still do) but need to rest this body.  Question: If I miss this, what do you think folks?  I'm aiming at Abo 7:25-7:30/mile, and have comfortably run this sort of speed during increasing parts of my training on long runs.  Do I still race (if injury free) and if so, do i adjust or 'go for it' based  on very consistent (up to Saturday!) steady 60+ miles with Long runs over the last 15 weeks?  Thanks in advance for replies.  Off now to sulk and stretch...

27/09/2012 at 07:50
Missing one long run isnt going to make a great deal of difference IMO. It's a shame it's the last one however a lot of people take a four week taper so it's not the end of the world. They say the best time to get injured during training is three weeks out, you're slightly premature I'd concentrate on all the good runs you've done recover and go for it, you'll soon realise whether you can sustain the pace or not!! Good luck with the recovery, maybe a trip to a sports therapist can speed things up and ease the worries
27/09/2012 at 08:37

SR - Def miss this last long one. Nearly taper time anyway. No need to adjust targets etc at this stage. Don't panic ! Often back pain just settles very quickly with few days rest. Much much better to rest at this stage and turn up fresh at the start line. Avoid anything that could strain your back for next 3 weeks ie no DIY/gardening etc etc

Not many people get to this stage without some niggle or other. I'm managing a bit of left quad and adductor ache just now. Nothing major but you need to listen to your body

27/09/2012 at 14:32

SR - agree with the previous advice. Go with your original target, the extra rest/taper may even actually do you some good, as you already have sufficient mileage banked. There is no need to risk anything as this stage, hardly anything to gain, everything to lose.

TT - good track session. I normally have the ipod blasting out on the threadmill's speakers (may even wake the neighbours & wife), although even with this, 2 hours is my limit.

Easy 35mins this morning, club track session tonight..not yet sure of session.

27/09/2012 at 19:21
Well the final long one is in the bank, ran with a clubmate who is a much better runner than me and luckily so as he dragged me round. Set off a little faster than normal going through 11 in 1:17:42 then hit a really sticky patch on about 15 miles. Stitches both sides just generally whacked and needed a dump (sorry TMI) this lasted right through until 20 when I perked up a bit second 11 done 1:19:16 so a 1:30ish positive split. Possibly my only pos split on the plan but I'm glad it fell like this as I'm happy to have stuck at it when I could easily have finished early, we passed my house twice in the latter stages. So 22 done in 2:36:59 ave 7:07. Not to be scoffed at but I know I'm capable of better. The next long one will be race day where I'll be rested and carb loaded up and I'm sure the adrenaline of race day will help me through. Sill undecided on a race plan my MP session next weekend will determine that. Whoever said marathon running was easy
27/09/2012 at 20:17

SR - You have done all the hard work just, important thing is now making it to the start line fit. At that pace we may be seeing each other on race day.

Martin -  Good long one bagged and well done for toughing it out, if it was easy we would n't do it.

Very happy with my run this afternoon, 1 WU 4 quick , 6:32,6:42,6:32, 6:20 1 WD which was cut short helping a lady who had fallen and cut her head. Got home and the expected post was waiting for me, I had been seeing posts about London places , but opened it and I have a ballot place. 

Edited: 27/09/2012 at 20:21
27/09/2012 at 21:00
Nice one Barry mine was waiting when I crawled through the door, the last thing I wanted to see lol.
Looking back at my pre London runs and my 22 was four minutes slower so maybe it's just the slower finish that made me think things were bad, about time I stopped whinging and cheered up a bit lol. All I've done since I got back from holiday is moan sorry guys
28/09/2012 at 00:42

No London place for me - 5 years in a row, but unlike you lot I wasn't in for a GFA!

SR - don't quite know if your target is a big step up for you, or your normal expectation - but 5 X 20+ good runs is approximately 5 more than I've done this time. With that much in the bank I reckon a week off, and certainly stretching and maybe a massage would do you more good than trying to run another 20 - Like anyone else though, I know how hard it s to take more than a couple of days off without feeling like you're losing form/getting fat, etc.

MG - yeah, stop bloody moaning


28/09/2012 at 05:37

Thanks everyone.  I was beginning to think about withdrawing - you're right!  Let's see how I go today...

28/09/2012 at 10:37

Chillies -  No GFA place for me, not managed sub 3:15 yet, got close.  Must be lucky second year of applying for ballot and got a place.  Any VLM vets recommend any hotels, want to travel down friday with OH and youngest,  travel home sunday.

4 miles recovery this morning.

28/09/2012 at 13:44
Last long run done this morning. 21 miles now ticked off which is a relief although can't imagine doing another 5.2 on the 21st !! Mile 19 and 20 horrendous - could this be the wall I keep hearing about?! Felt like I was going backwards and wanted to lie down right where I was! Managed to speed up for the last mile luckily.

Hope everyone's niggles and injuries are on the mend.

Received race no this morning but no course map. Seen the one on the website but do they produce one with mile markers?
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28/09/2012 at 13:46

Martin - good effort. You done most of the hard work, you are quicker than 6 mouths ago, you have it all to look forward to now. Most of us would change places.

Barry - you are getting quicker at the right time. Confidence must be growing.

Did not enter London again this year, will be looking to do another Spring marathon (may be 2, with one as a training run).

Club track session last night. Pyramid session 2 x 400m (82 & 85sec), 600m (128sec), 800m (178sec), 600m (131sec), 2 x 400m (85 & 82sec) with 2min recovery between each. Told off by club coach as this was not on my schedule, should have been doing 4 mile tempo at 10K pace. However as no one was doing this (as the other club Abo runners were not there, or had done it earlier in the day), but others (non Abo runners) were doing the Pyramid session, it was not a difficult decision.

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28/09/2012 at 16:37

Cant believe you are all thinking of a spring marathon before this ones even finished  nutters. One every couple of years will do me just fine. Congrats on the Ballot places for London though!

See Barry B is getting faster every day almost, looking good for 3 weeks time.

Martin your training has gone really well, last long run done now time to RELAX

Hope things clear up for you quickly Shadowed Runner, three weeks doing the right things and you will be toeing the start line with us I'm sure.

AC, i would have opted for the pyramid session as well, 4m at 10k pace would see me having a sleepless night before it.

Also the last 20 odd tomorrow for me, plan is 7 easy 7 steady 7 marathon pace, cd. See how it pans out as i really haven't a clue what pace to start off with in 3 weeks

28/09/2012 at 18:10
Thanks guys couple of easy runs for me today 4/6 all done without incident nice easy pace. I have a trail race on Sunday, just a 10k and I'm doing it purely for the enjoyment, it's a toughie but I'll be doing it with a smile on my face (for a change). Going to do a steady 12 before breakfast as I've got the little one while the mrs is in work then it's taper time. Hope we can all stay sane I think I've had my wobble already only positive thoughts from me. Thinking of race day I've come to a decision to start off on 6:40's then at halfway if I'm feeling ok I'll up it to 6:30's and hopefully finish strong quite like a ran London in but I tried to hit steady 6:52's there and it went like clockwork.
Mee meep the way things are with these races you have to get in early when did abo open? Thinking back was it feb or march!! Seems a long time ago but in other ways its gone too fast!!
Hope all those doing their final long runs this weekend have good ones and well done to those who have done them
29/09/2012 at 07:40

Off out to see if back is ok... I think I know the answer ("NO!"), but you know how it is...

So, I'll either be back in 20 mins, or 3 hours...  anyone want to take any bets?!


29/09/2012 at 08:33
Good luck SR, even if it's still bad you have plenty of time to recover.
29/09/2012 at 09:07

GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!  20 mins it was!  I am really pxxxed off !!!! 

There.  Off my chest now.  Thanks SlokeyJoe.  It's really frustrating; I'm technically in the shape of my life, have been doing some solid consistent ileage since March, and since June consistently 62-65mpw with some peak weeks over 70mpw including 5 x 20-22 mile runs in the main 18 week run-up.  Then last week decided to push throug the pain (I know, I know ... i DID say STUPIDLY!) to finish short on the planned 20 on 18 miles. 

I rested completely until Wed a.m. when I was able to run 9 miles easy pace.  I attempted to run in the evening but within 200m I had to stop and so rested until this morning.

L/H Glute is the problem, just to the left of the spine, but it rares up and progressively gets worse on resuming running.  I'm worried now I won't be able to recover enough for race.  Anyone else had a similar injury, or had an injury this close to a marathon, and if so, what did you do?  Any advice on what you did in prep for race day greatly appreciated by all who have suffered!!!  In my head, I've blown it.  Not used to marathon training, usually prefer to race the smaller distances, so I'm a complete novice at this game! Was hoping for between 3.15 to 3.30, half times recently were sub 1.29 on undulating course.  Thanks all in advance for guidance... off to sulk with a discount coupon and credit card at a nationwide running store...

29/09/2012 at 11:13
Shadowed - have you been to the physio to get a proper diagnosis, maybe a couple of sessions will get you right there's still plenty of time to get it sorted and it'll definitely be worth the money even if its only for peace of mind. There's plenty having wobbles I think that's just human nature maybe the biggest battle in endurance running is against your own mind and I'm one of the worse culprits!!
Try and concentrate on all those decent sessions you've done get your back sorted and only run easy and short until its done. Good luck with whatever you choose.
Got up pre breakfast for a 12 up and over a lump for the first six then my MP route on the way back with the wind on my back. I was considering running at MP on the way back but decided to just run steady and enjoy it, I've been putting too much pressure on myself recently so stuck at around 7:00 m/m.
Got my trail race tomorrow and as said previously I'm just going to enjoy it, it's a toughie and weather isn't looking good nut hey ho it can rain and wind for the next 21 days so long as its ok on the 21st
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