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13/09/2004 at 18:49
I haven't worked out how to search the 1851 messages on the Abingdon thread, or if you can do this (another question in itself), so at the risk of repeating a previous thread...does anyone know if there will be any informally organised pacing groups arranged (maybe through the Runners world forum?) for the Abingdon marathon? Any info on this would be great,if it has already been organised. Thanks, ALison
13/09/2004 at 19:57
Hi Alison
There is a group planning to get around in 4 hrs. There's also a list of peeps with their hoped-for time. What pace are you looking for?
14/09/2004 at 15:29
I was hoping to do it somewhere between 3 hours 30 mins and 3 hours 45 minutes. Are there any groups planning for around that time? Alison
14/09/2004 at 15:36
I have just copied the list of forumites on the latest page of the main thread. You can see from that list that there are a few running at your pace.
Saves you reading through all 1850 odd posts!!
15/09/2004 at 18:20
Thanks for this! I've had a look at it on the other thread. I guess everyone will be swapping race numbers closer to the time, so they can identify each other (not sure what Blond Dog will look like!). I've written on the other thread, so that there's just one thread for the race. See you at the start line!
18/09/2004 at 17:45
I have a similar plan... 3.29 to 3.42 am up for some company to keep me going. Will try to find out what my number is.
19/09/2004 at 10:16
Sounds good. We could get a group of 3.30-3.45 runners together. Although after my 3 hour run yesterday, I think I will be much closer to 3.45 than 3.30. My race no. is 34.
19/09/2004 at 10:32
Can I share drafting with someone for a 2:39 please?
01/10/2004 at 23:52
mick n phil wheelchair will be happy to just get around after messing it uplast year

all the best mick
15/10/2004 at 19:20
My number is 317... did a slow 20 miler the over week to should be ok on pace if I don't tighten up too much
15/10/2004 at 22:59
Is there a sub-4 pacer for this event?
16/10/2004 at 11:42
If you have a look on the other thread, there is a list of the times various people are aiming for, and there are quite a few sub 4's. I'm going to look out for their nos, plus Alan's (317). Mine is 34. See you at the start line!
16/10/2004 at 13:42
Muttley - why? Is someone going to do sub-4?
16/10/2004 at 14:18

Alison . . . Muttley (who is cold blooded) is pullin' your leg . . . tomorrow the sub-4 group will be doing irony . .
16/10/2004 at 15:42
And I thought I'd be getting out of housework for 3 hours and 59 minutes...
16/10/2004 at 15:50

we will also be doin' the washy uppy, the hoovery and the springy cleany


all of it in less than 4 hours :)
16/10/2004 at 15:52
So Rich - at what point does taper madness become so bad youget sectioned? Because I feel like I'm on the edge...

But seriously Alison, if you haven't been scared away yet, there'll be a URWFRC banner up, near which you should find at least some of the floowing (the 9-min mile group):

103 - SoVeryTired (3:59:59)
149 - Blond Dog (3.59.10)
151 - AJH (4:00) (If I start running again soon!)
174 - Dawn M (4:00)
177 - Noelene (3:59:59 is possible again)
179 - ICRAM
181 - its time (3:59:59)- looking a touch doubtfull :-(
187 - Highway Kind (3:59:59) – so much faster than 4 hours
203 - Godzilla (3:59:59)
264 - Basking Shark (4:00)
388 - Legless (3:59:59)
444 - One Step Down
605 - Leaf (sun-3:45 and just finishing at all also accepted...)
641 - RichK (3:59:37 for a V50 PB)
Len Miller (4:00)
267 - Muttley
patlike (4:00)
632 - Parrotmad (4:00 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!)
18/10/2004 at 21:18
Sorry alison I missed you.. managed 3.29 company would have been good as I got a bit bored at times... having someone to gasp to would have been fun... next year then!
Well done to all...
19/10/2004 at 08:34
Well done, Alan. Just as well you missed me, as I did 3.50. Not enough training, too many injury interruptions. I enjoyed it though, and hopefully will be better prepared next year. See you next time!

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