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26/10/2006 at 23:09


there whole story is utter bollocks

have you seen the FLM 2006 video

i have, take a look at it

it made my blood boil

samaritan cake god knows how wide etc...etc

The sheefield bloke pushiong a 4 wheeled pram collecting money

And thats all FLM is about MONEY

If you've not run London , your not a marathon runner

Well i've got news for them

FLM, is a wee baby compared to what we've done

if they gave me just days notive, i'd be there and hammer it

i would'nt need months of prep

So if any one else wishes to reignite the issue, lets do it

lets piss them off

Cos, they abused my phil's Human Rights

Blisters    pirate
26/10/2006 at 23:14
Liam, and Mick as well.

Be careful here.

It's all a bit political. FLM have a very very clear rule about No wheeled vehicles on the marathon course. Yes they do have a wheelchair race for hand propelled chairs. These used to start at the back of the pack, and have to work though. But the quickest are faster than the fastest elites. So they elected to start them off the front, with a bit of a lead, in their own race. OK so a few are overtaken by the sub 3:15s, but all have to have proven a competitive time before they can start.

If M&P were allowed (as I think they should be) then the organisers have a potential problem. This could open the flood gates to other chair pushers who don't have the same race craft.

Personally, I'd say yes, provided that the chair carried a warning flag, like a fishing rod or aerial above head height. And that they started at the correct marker: the same as the rest of us.

<<<Stands back for the "incoming".>>>
Blisters    pirate
26/10/2006 at 23:17
Now if the BBC got the story, wouldn't that be interesting?

One thing I've spotted about David Bedford and his organisation, is that they are flexible. If they stuck rigidly to their own rules then oooh I could list a few who wouldn't have got in.

Like P Radcliffe.....
26/10/2006 at 23:33
Hi Blisters,

The problem appears to be once again, " Rules " for rules sake. There should be NO flood gates. Take each case on its own merits, rather than apply a blanket one size fits all policy. If anyone else can provide the unassailable evidence of the track record of achievement that Mick and Phil can, then let 'em in. If they can not, then by all means exclude them until such a time as they can.
26/10/2006 at 23:35
Does anyone know if there were any official photographers there on the day?
26/10/2006 at 23:39

I am NOT feeling Nick L's bum.

No further comment as it would surely get someone into an emabarassing situation.

At least I would have looked as though I was enjoying it, though.

Opportunity wasted.
27/10/2006 at 00:04
Great pics, Rick.

If you do me a print of that one for the "office" wall I'll find you a thank you present.
27/10/2006 at 00:18

thanks K2 . . I'll see what I can do :)

glad you like them

over 450 visits to the Abingdon photos today, thanks :)

I've added photos from Mile 9 today . . but the rest will have to wait until next week I'm afraid . .

Gazza42 . . there's a reasonable photo of you amongst the Mile 9 set . .

shame Kevin H has signed off as there's another one of him, as well . .
27/10/2006 at 02:23

had a look at the photos the other night and was amazed to see me there in the mile 3 photos, never even saw you taking that.
Like always the photos are amazing and as good as those official ones taken if not better.

Can't wait to see me later on when I look like my legs have dropped off (they certainly felt like it at the end). All I know is that the cramp I got at 20 miles in the right calf was the worst I've ever had and hurt like hell, talk about 3 wheels on my wagon more like one wheel.

Just entered Barcelona marathon which is in March next year, fancy running a race together with some sight seeing on a long weekend. Talk about glutton for punishment I'm already looking for the marathons to run next year, I'm running Worksop half this Sunday as well.
27/10/2006 at 07:19

Checked out the photos and they are quite simply amazing... Clean, clear, sharp images even better than the offical 'crap out of focus' ones I'm used to receiving...

You even managed to get my brother on one of them.

Cheers. Many thanks... Excellent stuff.
27/10/2006 at 07:56
Rich, I'd better say this now before the pictures from later miles go up, but thanks for making me actually look like I'm running, rather than sinking into the ground, which is what all my usual race pictures look like!

27/10/2006 at 08:09

thanks again everyone :)

Darkman . . I ran Barcelona in the 90's when the course was different to nowadays . . it's on my list of races to return to some day . .

ST . . thanks . . quite a compliment!! From my point of view it could have been a brighter day but that would have made it less pleasant to run in . . and compared to the forecast and the weather elsewhere on Sunday morning we were very fortunate!

Kath . . I know just what you mean because so many running photos of me make me look as if one of my legs is kind of telescopic and has contracted down towards the ground!! And a big Mwaaaaaaaahhh back atcha ;)

27/10/2006 at 09:42
For those of you who have missed the points i'm making...Cos i know a lot more than you think

get hold of a copy of FLM 2006

And study it very carefully

I even got passed H&S chief Bill Reynolds


you all take care

Rich K

Wonderful photos,

many thanks to you
27/10/2006 at 10:39
Rich, your lovely cheery presence is entirely responsible for the fact that these are the only photos in existence of me running and smiling at the same time!

Thank you so much, and another big mwaaahh from me!
27/10/2006 at 10:49
Sorry peeps, but have I missed something about Mick & Phil and the FLM?

If a bloke in a diving suit can take a week to do it (FFS!), then why not a bloke pushing a chair?

Mick - where do you live? I ask because I work for a large broadcasting corporation. I'm not on the reporting side, but if you wish I can ask around and see if there's any interest in the story.

No promises, just an idea.

What do you think?
27/10/2006 at 10:50
RichK, great photo's I actually look like I'm running well, normally I look decieded dodgy! shame about my mate who looks a bit tired
27/10/2006 at 11:15
Richk-cracking pictures mate.Thank you very much.Its good to put faces to names.
27/10/2006 at 11:36
Mick - I definitely think you should be allowed to race FLM.

And I totally understand why their continuing refusal make your blood boil.

But playing as a gambler, I reckon your best bet at getting into FLM is to hide the boiling blood - it'll be better for you and us to keep asking nicely and for you to keep running just as you are!

Getting cross might work but it probably won't and it might have a negative effect...

I am confident that I will see you racing London one day soon - and I am sad that it's not happened already.

You guys are superb - 4:03 - MWAH!
27/10/2006 at 11:50
Thing is you see folkes

I know you all mean well

But my wife and i have spent 18 + of the best years of our life nursing Phillip's every need

My wife is a broken sick woman through it all

The Social Services, well, there just about us unreal as you can imagine

So please pardon me if i have no sympathy for FLM rules and managment

But i assure you we will march on 50 plus races a year

Ok, what's next, oh yes...

Worksop half in 48 hours time

27/10/2006 at 11:51
I have jsut read K2s comment about feeling my bum!????

And am off to try and find out what he is on about!!!!!!!!!!
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