Abingdon Marathon

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31/10/2006 at 09:14
Rich, thanks for all the great pics.

I'm in a pic with four other guys, 22 rows down from the top / or 9 up from the bottom if you prefer.


31/10/2006 at 09:53
Thanks again Rich - I even look like I'm running this time.

Also can't quite believe how much of this race I spent virtually alongside Nick L without realising who he was. Must pay more attention at pre-start gatherings.
31/10/2006 at 10:26
Excellent stuff again Rich! Thanks!
31/10/2006 at 11:00

Boing ...

You good chap you !!

Phil say's hi


31/10/2006 at 11:30
Thanks Rich !!
31/10/2006 at 12:26
Tahnks Rich. Excellent.I have both feet off the ground and am looking happy!
31/10/2006 at 14:39
Hi Rich,

great photos. You got one of me. In the mile 18 pics, the section of "people who aren't forumites" (OK, so I do mostly lurk), 7th row down, last picture in the row, yellow Finch vest. The big version would be much appreciated, you're a star!

Is #769 in the picture above practicing shot-put?
31/10/2006 at 16:08
Thanks again Rich. Echoing the others here, but outstanding photography. Your unstinting and unselfish efforts have made everyone's experience of what was a great day even better. I'm really enjoying looking through the entire gallery.
31/10/2006 at 22:08

thanks everyone (again!) . .

Steve65 - I knew that! not sure how/why I missed you but you're restored to the Forum!

CumbriAndy . . pretty decent shot of you in Mile 25 too :-)

Mick . . hi to you . . and Phil too of course :-)

SteveX . . glad you like that one coz you're a bit fuzzy in Mile 25!! I think you accelerated to quickly for the camera ;-)

OMFA . . I've added you to the Forumites and linked to a larger shot . . can't find you anywhere else though . . talking of shots . . he probably is!!

LD . . thanks again . . I think you'll be pleased with your Mile 25 photo . . personally I think both feet off the ground less than 2 miles from home is showing off ;-)

anyway . . there's more . . . photos from Mile 25 . . a few taken at the track when I made it back there . . and a few taken in the bar afterwards . .

when you get your results you'll probably receive a photograph taken as you crossed the finish line. If anybody wants to scan theirs in and mail it to me I'll add it to my photos . .

still a few more photos to add . . those from Saturday night that eL Bee sent me . . Pit Stop Crew's photos from the start and some that Lurker sent . .

so keep watching this space!!
31/10/2006 at 22:11

sorry . . for Lurker read Limper . . ooops
31/10/2006 at 22:20
Oh jeez ... I was hurting at mile 25 and doesn't it just show.

I think it was mean and rotten to lurk round a corner ... no time to straighten up and smile and pretend not to be a shambling wreck.
31/10/2006 at 22:24
Perhaps, a bit like upcoming drinks stations, there ought to be a warning notice " Photographer 200m ahead. " Then it's head up, chest out, check stride and try to look like a runner again. A comb and face flannel on an adjacent table might not go amiss either.....
31/10/2006 at 22:54
Thankfully there is no pictures of me in bits at mile 25 so thats a relief.

Just seen the picture of Sams big toe, all I can say to that is ...... OOOOOWWWWCCCCHHH

bet that hurt, made me go all a quiver
31/10/2006 at 23:02
My wife has just seen the photos and said: how come you never look like you're moving anywhere?"


She's got a point though - at least one foot firmly on the ground in every photo!

Thanks so much Rich - and to everyone else for helpful comments, advice, encouragement etc. I've gone from swearing this would be my last marathon to planning my 2 spring ones!
01/11/2006 at 09:52
I can just about see myself on YouTube - I'm just in front of micknphil right at the back of the start (but it's a very dark video - not up to richk kwalitee)
01/11/2006 at 17:07
Rich, Many Thanks for the bigger picture and promotion up the page!
02/11/2006 at 15:32
Rich - you caught me about 6 photos down from the man running with the cyclist in the 18 mile pages - probably the moment it all started to go horribly wrong....

Legs still feeling tired - Marlow 1/2 is going to be tough this weekend.
02/11/2006 at 16:41
Hob Nob

You can bet your life Marlow is going to be a tough Half this weekend...

If as you say,
you legs are still feling tired !

But of course there is one consulation to it all

Marlow is only a half !!!

We are at Stevenage for a nice quiet run

We 've done Worksop last weekend
03/11/2006 at 08:10

You're welcome :)

Don't know how I missed you, Hob Nob, but you're restored to your rightful place now :)

You're right, Marlow will be hard!! Good luck with it . . although as Mick says, you're only running to the half way mark this time :)
03/11/2006 at 12:06
RichK - the girls in my WRN group wanted me to say a big thank you for the great photos you took of them - especially the 5 girls doing their first marathon were chuffed to have so many photos of the occasion.

They're all talking about the next marathon to do now....
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