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Filling up fast!

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17/01/2003 at 17:33
Hi all

If you are thinking of entering this...

I've just had a e-mail confirming my entry, but also noting that this event is already filling up fast and the organisers are advising people to enter before the end of January to be sure of a place. They may be going a little overboard with their estimate of when the race will be full, but would you risk it?

I thought it was worth mentioning to you all.

17/01/2003 at 18:57
Posted mine this morning. So hopefully I'm ok.
17/01/2003 at 19:00
Am really interested in this one, and have done the 8 the last few years, but isn't 14 quid a bit steep for such a short distance? I think the only thing that is making me do it is that it's a good race.
17/01/2003 at 22:42
It's £12 for 8. Yes it is a bit steep. I've entered the 8 and will race the 8 and then jog the 16. I'll get me peneths worth if it kills me.
22/01/2003 at 13:50
Sent mine off today thanks for the warning Alfie..even flying back from my skiing hols a day early for this one. Thought it was £13 for the 16 Miles??
22/01/2003 at 14:32
I think you'll find the organiser's threat of filling up fast and possibly full by January is just propaganda on their part.

It's never been full before until a few days before the day, and this is an end of March event!
22/01/2003 at 14:35
I guess that this is a way of getting me organised though!! Will be entering the 16 as I love running that far that early in the morning!!!!
22/01/2003 at 14:39
Spans I really hope that is sarcasm I detect. I have never even tried running 16 miles so this is going to be new territory for me and yer I am such a big fan of running early in the morning...NOT
10/02/2003 at 18:33
Guys thanks for the feedback on race.
to answer some questions;
A)propoganda- well we had 3,500 last year, so far 2,800 are in. will take up to 4000- we are around a month ahead of last year.
there is a massive running boom going on at the moment, races are filling far quicker than previous years.
B)its £13 to enter not £14...! we keep the price for the 8 close to the 16 because so many people move between races. ie swap distances.
C) if you start in the 8 and then run 16 then you will completely cock the results up for everyone. your time will be half an hour quicker as you will have started half and earlier. dont suppose the rest of the group will mind too much if their results and positions are wrong so you can save a £1 ???
remember- get there early.....
11/02/2003 at 09:48
Nice response Human Race, I have to admit I thought it was really tight to hear that some people are entering the 8 miler race but will run the full 16 just to save a £1!! What is the world coming too?
11/02/2003 at 14:10
Oooh, I'm gonna enter this one too - will post the form tomorrow....should be ok for a place...

Is there a particular reason why it's called the breakfast run? Hopefully it's coz we get a free fry up afterwards, rather than the fact that we get to run through our partially digested offerings!!!!!

Ahem. Sorry about that. Honest Guv. ;)
14/02/2003 at 15:13
Freakette, hello!

Its called the breakfast run because it starts so darn early! 8 am if I remember right, 8.25 for the 8 miler.

Ive entered the 16 miler...! but Ive always done the 8 miler and quite fancy giving the extra lap a go. Im going to treat it as a long run.

As for the breakfast afterwards, you wish we get freebies! no, its definitely something to do with the partially digested offerings from the night before! but if you want to join me and slippery for breakfast in the town centre, we can go somewhere that does a nice and greasy fry up! Anyone else doing the race fancy joining us?

Actually when I finish races or long runs, I always feel like healthy food for some reason, wish that worked all the time! Slippery however is not affected by such afflictions"
14/02/2003 at 16:02
Greetings Annajo!!

I agree about the eating healthy thing after runs. I've had that many injuries that I now do everything by the book, so I have a heap of carbs with a little protein after running - it's later on I turn into a junkie!! Eg. last night I had Lucozade Sport and joosters during my post-run stretch, followed by a low-fat chicken salad sarnie and a bowl of cereal. But later, the junkie in me raided the biscuit barrel (eek!), so I may be persuaded to partake in a little post-race fry-up eating!!!!

8am!!! At the minute my legs only know one 8 o'clock in a day, so I'll have to train them to work at all at that time, let alone to run 16M. Don't s'pose they'd consider calling next year's the Adidas Lunch-time Dash?!!

We'll see each other this Sunday too at the Chessington 10K, which - thankfully - has a much more reasonable start time. I'm just praying I'll get through it ok, as I have yet more nagging niggles this week and have had to miss two runs:(

42hrs to go.....
14/02/2003 at 16:22
Freakette dont you dare go and get injured again! especially with London coming up.

looking forward to this weekends 10k, I am well up for it and also the breakfast run, as they are both on regular training routes of mine. its my territory, maaaan!

14/02/2003 at 16:47
I expect you'll whiz round then! I, one the other hand, am shaking like a leaf at the thought of Sunday. Anyone'd think it was the world champs by the amount of time I've ALREADY spent on the loo!!!

Have spent the day resting (when it's a lovely day and I coulda been out in it!), stretching and icing, but even a walk to lectures made me aware:( Taking it reeeeeeeeeaaally easy though till Sunday, and will pamper the pins afterwards so will hopefully be ok
14/02/2003 at 17:26
Hello freakette- slippery here!! Annajo is currently working hard at her computer(!!! hey, it's a first!!) so I'm here to reply for her. Keep your stretching and icing up and I hope you feel better tomorrow. Don't worry about the race, as it really is just smething to enjoy, but if you look after yourself tonight and tomorrow you will absolutely cane your pb on sunday.
Take care

Slippery (on behalf of Annajo)
14/02/2003 at 17:45
Awww, thanks for your support you guys - what would I do without you?! We really should take a leaf outta the GRIM team's book and get some piccies on Sunday. And next week at the RW training run. And this one. Does anyone get the feeling we're following each other round the racing circuit or wot?!

Right, I'm gonna take a leaf outta Annajo's book and get back to work on this contraption. I'm supposed to be studying biomechanics. Lovely.

Catch ya later!
14/02/2003 at 18:26
finished my work, woo hoo! wont moan about it, because freakette knows who Ill be moaning about! (not phil or ruth or any of that lot though, freakette!)

I wish I was following you to the london marathon - actually maybe not! are you doing reading? it will be cool.

weekend! whoopee, im fed up with work. had a bad week, and have a feeling I will be phoned this weekend to be called into work on sunday morning, but DEFINITELY not going, I have a race on! Priorities, priorities!
14/02/2003 at 18:29
I got my entry in the post the other day, fingers crossed....
14/02/2003 at 21:00
You 'wish you were following me to the FLM'?! I thought you were!!

Reading - that's on March 16th innit? I may do then; it'll either be this one or the Finchley 20, as that's right on my doorstep. All depends how the pins are shaping up by then, but it'll be a laugh if we go together!!

As for work, Wednesday was busy, and there were only three of us to handle everything - you and slippery should pop by again tomorrow because it'll be even worse, and it was quite a laugh last time! As for being roped - I think I'll be working after the RW 15M training run, as we're one down that day. It'll be interesting trying to stand for the rest of the day after that.

Seriously though, take it easy - that way at least one of us'll be fit for the race! Having said that, slippery claimed to have an excellent run midweekish so you never know...

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