Amsterdam - Marathon, Half n 10K

Beans Abroad :-)~ 16.10.05

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18/10/2005 at 16:47
Think paper bag would be best for me!
18/10/2005 at 16:56
Ooh Multi is there something you want to tell us;-)

I had a rather nice looking chap first time until I realised I was looking at 2004 results;-)
Not been critical did you get race number right?
Hope they find you soon:-)
18/10/2005 at 17:00
Ooh I will see you a paper bag and raise you a............paper potato sack for myself.
18/10/2005 at 17:19
WP, thanks for the feedback!! Found meself now! (Wrong year!!)

I'd still prefer to be that brunette though!
18/10/2005 at 17:59
Really good to hear everyones stories, obviously some good, some bad, but then it would be a very boring sport if we could all accurately predict how we would run, wouldn't it ?

For me, I ran 4:40 which was quicker than I had run in Paris but not by as much as I had hoped.

I ran with the 4:15 pacer until about 25k when I started to really struggle just before we came off the Amstel. I stopped at the 26K water station for a full 2 minutes to take on liquid.Then during the section through the Business Park I wanted nothing more in the world than to stop. Could they have picked a more boring part of Amsterdam if they had tried ? Absolutely no crowd support there as well. I stopped for a further 4 minutes at the 30K point to take on more liquid. From about 35k I picked up again, roused by more crowd support and passed quite a lot of people in the last 7K. However the damage had been done as far as my time was concerned.

It was a pity that the course couldn't have been a bit more central and taken in a few more of the sights. The support wasn't great in number, but what support there was was very enthusiastic, particularly from the children.

I'm not too disheartened though and am already making tentative plans (injuries permitting) for next year.

Plan A- London
Plan B- Rome ?



Not quite in the Pseudo league, but that would be plenty for me.

Good to meet you all before and afterwards (notpete, DG,CC & Slowcoach Bill), though I was struggling in the Tara Bar towards the end of the evening-the race had clearly taken it out of me.

notpete- congratulations again on achieving the time you set out to achieve. I know that you were on cloud nine with that time

DG- you must be classed as elite now surely ? Nice to meet you and the lovely Chubby Cheeks too. CC- see if you can find the time to get the long runs in. I know FLM 2006 is so tempting, isn't it ?

Pseudo-good luck with Washington & New York. You can then turn your thoughts to the golf course for next year! 4 marathons in 7 weeks, and a Newcastle supporter as well- now that's what I call a masochist!

18/10/2005 at 18:29
I have to say I am impressed with the results service, having mats every 5km really allows an anorak like me to analyse where I lost all the time.
I went round with a forerunner and to be honest it was a waste of time given all the splits that were provided.
It was especially good that they even E-Mailed the individual results to everyone.
Other bigger marathons could learn from this.
18/10/2005 at 18:39
I seem to have some sort of partial memory block - I don't remember the business park!! In fact I don't feel like I remember much after coming off the Amstel. And we even ran straight past where our hotel was and I didn't even notice - though by then I don't think I was aware of anything except the 4.15 pacer's orange balloon!! :-)

Nigel, how many of you started with the 4.15 pacer? There were only a handful by the time i tagged onto him around 36k.

Good to read that lots of you had good races :-) Though its put paid to my theory that there was something 'wrong' with the course.
18/10/2005 at 19:30
Anyone found the results online yet ?
I received all the other marathon news emails, but haven't received results yet. Should I have done something to get results emailed ?
18/10/2005 at 19:36
I got mine automatically, somehow; I don't remember ever asking to get them. You can get them directly from (with bonus graphs, too) - just click 'Results' on the left hand side (the word, not the little arrow next to it), and stick your bib number on the next page that comes up.
18/10/2005 at 20:19
Thanks - missed that somehow. That's a really useful graph.

How is this for an exactly equal split - my 2 1/2 marathon times are EXACTLY the same to the second 1:57:52 + 1:57:52 = 3:55:44. Could never do that again if I tried ! (#8091)
18/10/2005 at 20:21
Very bad Capricorn - you should be looking at negative splits :-)
18/10/2005 at 20:22
Capricorn well done on your race and absolutely spot pacing. How did you find it or did I miss your report somehow?

18/10/2005 at 20:23
Apparently Haile had troubles with wind in the second half of the race too (off the Amstel, I mean). He reached halfway in a mere 62.03, a full minute ahead of Paul Tergat's Berlin WR pace, and was still ahead of schedule when pulling away at 30K and also at 35K, but the wind had taken too much out of him. Typical runner-full of excuses!

He also suggested the race would be better to be run at 9.00 rather than 11.00.

Still ran the fastest time in the world this year though.
18/10/2005 at 22:07
9:00 start, that's what I said from the beginning!! 11:00 is much too late, causes food concerns/problems for me and it gets too WARM!! Obviously all US elite athletes think in the same way ;-)

Well done, some cracking runs, glad it's not all disappointment :-)
18/10/2005 at 22:08
18/10/2005 at 22:16
Thanks Jane. I had a very good run (my report a few pages back) and thoroughly enjoyed the whole event - route (some of the long stretches of road were a bit boring), crowds, stadium, weather, the lot.
My first visit to Amsterdam too - a great city.
We saw Sue Harrison (who came 3rd) on the same flight as us last night and the pilot congratulated her during the flight.

Very Cheeky Spider - I'll try harder next time :-)
19/10/2005 at 07:38
Pleased to hear it Capricorn :-) Seriously though, well done on your split times-amazing to hit them spot on.Even the elite runners don't manage that!
19/10/2005 at 09:26
What i could not understand was that the half had to start at 2.30pm, yet all other races were in the morning. In fact Haille nearly finished his marathon with the last 10k runner. How is it they allow a 10k runner over 2 hours to complete, yet half marathoners have limit of 2 and half?! Surely they could cap the 10k time and start the half in morning.
There was shambles when kids race and 10k runners were finishing same time, but different funnels too!
19/10/2005 at 10:08
Hi guys .What a great weekend .well done to those running the marathon.
Bit of a poor performance running wise by myself and shame about the flight being cancelled on the way home ,but the rest of the weekend was fabulous.Thought everyone was so friendly and the races seemed well organised.I have been sent my results through for the half already.
Nice to see some of you in the restaurant and afterwards at the Tara bar.
Hope that you have recovered well Nigel,sorry you didn't get the time you were after but best of luck with your future marathons.
Cracking time notpete,are you still grinning??
Nice to meet you slow coach bill,hope you got back safely,I think you vanished somewhere on route.
19/10/2005 at 10:23
what a great race. fantastic organisation.
Does anyone know of any other European city that hosts a marathon and half on the same day?
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