Amsterdam - Marathon, Half n 10K

Beans Abroad :-)~ 16.10.05

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19/10/2005 at 18:07
Hi Nigel,Notpete,DG & CC had a great time at Taras bar.
Have decided to enter Majorca marathon on Dec 11 to try and get under 4.30 ,dont want to let all the training go to waste.
19/10/2005 at 19:26
Was it just me or did anyone else think it was a bit odd that so many people ran in their new orange Mizuno Marathon T-Shirt given that you are normally advised to wear and wash your race kit at least 3 times prior to your "proper" run?
Surely, most people wouldn't have had time or chance to wash it at least once.

19/10/2005 at 20:16
Hey, loosen up Sean, I wore my shirt straight out of the bag, without noticing any problems. It's man-made fibre (100% polyester) so there's no starch or treatment which would affect the feel or stiffness of the shirt.

Anyway, good race.
19/10/2005 at 21:08
Thank you for the kind wishes Jane. You did very well especially such a short time after Loch ness.

19/10/2005 at 21:41
Mudlark - sounds like you're tempted too :-)

Majorca marathon mentioned above <<???>>

What d'ya think?
19/10/2005 at 21:48
Hi Mudlark

this is Prue, well just looked up\flights to Majorca and they are £64 frm sat - Tue... R U tempted.....?

Surely this is only slightly more than travelling within the U.K.......?
19/10/2005 at 22:29
The only alternative would seem to be Luton on the 4th December.

Or Snowdonia, eek!!
20/10/2005 at 01:09
Prue/Juicer/SC Bill: Good luck with the upcoming marathons, if you go for them. Definitely seems worthwhile tacking them onto the end of an existing training base, if you can. I was tempted to do so, too - I really don't feel as if I've run a marathon, and figured I could run another sometime soon. Post Amsterdam, the motivation is certainly there, but common sense says I should be a little more patient.

CC: Still grinning, yes. Very fidgety too; having to fight urge to get out there racing again too soon. Decided fight urge and just live like a monk for 6 months with intent of a sub-3 at some point.

DG: London next year for me. Ordered Advanced Marathoning on your recommendation - sure one of the schedules should suit me. But still going to be giving ice baths a very wide berth for a long, long time. Most definitely no fun.
20/10/2005 at 01:39
Completed Amsterdam marathon... Next one is Benidorm at end of November but wish I had chosen Majorca instead as Benidorm is only 5 weeks away this weekend! I have a feeling that this might be my last marathon (if I don't get in London) as my legs killed after 20 miles (completed Blackpool in June and can't remember them hurting as much). Would like to thank Mick The Runner for a brilliant trip away.
20/10/2005 at 06:02
Donna MG, have you seen the photo's of the trip on I agree Donna, brilliant trip Mick.
20/10/2005 at 07:08
Hmmm, might be persuaded into Luton!?!?! Oh how the tide is turning with me now!!! :-/
20/10/2005 at 08:00
I believe if you have had a bad marathon (world expert) once recovered from the emotional trauma you cant wait to get back at one again and put the demons to rest.

So good luck to all doing Luton......but 3 laps!!!

Well done to everyone you are all heroes for putting ypourself on the start line and giving it all you had.
20/10/2005 at 08:30
Ha ha Caz!! This does indeed seem to be the most catching form of insanity.
20/10/2005 at 11:00
Hi All,

Amsterdam was my first marathon. It was a bit slower than I had hoped (seems like I'm not alone on that one though!) partly due to a mild chest infection which I really thought was going to put paid to the whole thing. I did 5:15 and was aiming for sub-5, but heh there's always next time. And yes that river did go on for ever!

Legs felt like lead for 48 hours after, but more or less back to normal now.

Can't wait to do my next one though and get that sub-5. Have applied for London, we shall see.

Well done to everyone who finished.
20/10/2005 at 13:49
Juicer - sorry haven't got around to forwarding schedule to you yet - will do tonight.

Wow Slow-coach bill that's enthusiam! - I've never been to Majorca - but from what I've heard it's beautiful - do you know how hilly /flat the course is?

Not Pete - glad your legs have recovered so quickly - mine too -makes me wonder if I didn't give it all I should have on the day - but it was probably the free massage after - did anyone else have one?
Hope the advanced marathoning book helps - I'm going to follow one of the up to 70 miles/week schedules from it beginning mid December - the most I've done to date is 55 miles/week.At the momment I'm having a couple of weeks off - - but can't wait to get out there again!
20/10/2005 at 14:44
Hey Jill, seems we have something in common! Good luck getting into London!

Juicer/Prue - you didn't notice the slight sarcasm/jokiness of that posting then?

I did look at Luton but decided that 3 laps would just be ......... nasty and demoralising. And I think there's a time limit on it. So I'll be in the Lakes that weekend - I'll think about you! Might have been tempted by Majorca ......... maybe. But would have to check it out first.

Will probably do something next year .....
20/10/2005 at 14:55
Thanks Mudlark - not very hopeful to be honest but will do something next year. Maybe Edinburgh if London doesn't come off...?
20/10/2005 at 16:55
Hi DG all details can be found on website,all i know about it that it is a 2 lap course.
I have been to Majorca many times on hols mainly to Alcudia great place.
20/10/2005 at 18:09

photos from amsterdam on this page if anyone sees themselves let us know
21/10/2005 at 11:59
Hi all

Sorry its taken so long to report back but I have been having internet problems.

I had a great race finishing in 3.58.07, a PB by 43 minutes! My only complaint was there didn't seem to be enough drink stations, I try to drink every two miles normally.

Nevertheless, a great race in a great city. Sorry I couldn't meet up with anybody but was with non-running friends and thought they had enough running stuff for one weekend.

Well done to those who achieved their goals and keep trying to those who didn't, eventually all will come right, I'm proof of that.

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