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02/07/2007 at 22:23
Didds - New Forest looks great, I entered the marathon last year, but had to pull out with a stomach problem a couple of weeks before. Very up-and-downy, a bit of a contrast to Amsterdam.
16 weeker started for me today, 4 miles in the rain. Felt quite good.
03/07/2007 at 07:54
Is it only 16 weeks? I better start my doughnut and beer training regime.

Do the Dutch have doughnuts?
03/07/2007 at 10:46
Newbie here (2nd post) - just back from the Isle of Arran. I thought my residual fitness (haven't done a long run for about 2 months) might get me through a half marathon. Managed 1.38, but haven't felt as sore and stiff after a race (marathons included) for ages. Time to knuckle down for 16 weeks methinks.
03/07/2007 at 11:19
1.38 after 2 months on the sofa watching Trisha & munching chocolates is pretty impressive. What are you aiming for when fit ?
03/07/2007 at 15:55
Half PB is 1.33 - but usually around 1.35-1.36. 2 marathons to date - Dublin 2005 and London 2006 (3.40 and 3.45 respectively). Happy to admit to munching too much chocolate but draw the line at being accused of watching Trisha - I do have some standards to maintain.
04/07/2007 at 18:08
Wow, you lot on this thread are mighty quick, I'm a bit of a slug along, personally, and if I can get under 5 hours in AMS that's it for me, will stick to plodding about my little backwater roads here, but then again.........

Back on the track for training now, done two runs this week, only 5km's but easing in gently and did one in under 30 mins (so not looking to break any speed records here), but I love it and it's good to be back in the trainers.

04/07/2007 at 21:48
It's official - 16 week FIRST programme started today - club session: 1x1 mile, 4x400 metres, 1x1 mile with 1 minute recoveries. First run for 10 days so felt good to be back.

Ken - seriously quick times! My Half PB is 1:43:59 and only Marathon was this year's FLM - 4:22.

Glad to see that this thread is picking up nicely.
05/07/2007 at 09:03
My 16 week plan has already gone out of the window. My Achilles swelled up again yesterday, although it has gone down again now I think I need a few weeks more rest so am now aiming to follow a 12 week get me round plan instead and just take it easy on the day.

As it's going to be my first marathon, I'm not at all upset by this as whatever time i get will be a PB!

Is 12 weeks feasible?
05/07/2007 at 09:12
Sorry to hear of injuries - they say getting to the start line in one piece is half the battle.

DD - I would have thought that 12 weeks should be OK as long as you get the long runs in, but don't try and cram too many miles in and don't expect too fast a time; you probably could also get away with a 2 week taper?
05/07/2007 at 10:55
It`s feasible depending on your Achilles. Achilles injuries can be/become chronic. I tried to run through an Achilles problem (picked up 3 weeks before FLM 2005) and ended up being off running for 7-8 months. I still have Achilles problems but - touch wood - they are manageable. Be careful. Don`t run until the pain/discomfort has disappeared and the tendon has stopped swelling and is no longer sore to touch. Good luck.
05/07/2007 at 13:08
thanks Ken & Beetle.

I've already had nearly 5 months of problems which are now subsiding quickly, I think 3 - 4 weeks of other exercise (walking, cycling & swimming) should see me ok.
06/07/2007 at 00:37
Ello all. Lots of new names on this I dont know. Me and 3 other lads from the club have entered this one, which will be our Pb attempts I suspect for the year. Had to pull out of Paris in April with foot problem, which had been earmarked as Pb attempt. Pity , as I had put in a lot of training.

Still since then have done White Peaks mara in May, South Downs mara last month and planning to do my first ever ultra mara in less than 2 days!! ARRGGHHH!! Thats why I'm posting - cant sleep. At least 42 miles across very wet yorkshire moor.

Suspect I will need a short break before turning to this one. Anyone any tips on where to stay? We are happy to go cheap and share.
06/07/2007 at 08:56
much more positive again today, my Achilles wasn't swollen when I woke up this morning, it was stiff at first, but it doesn't hurt at all at the moment. I don't feel confident enough with it to try and run again just yet, but I think after a few days it should be fine.

started taking glucosamine tablets yesterday so, fingers crossed, after a few months they may help me a lot.
06/07/2007 at 11:12
DD- A guy at my running club recommeneded the glucosamine tablets to me. Ive been on them about 4 weeks and I can feel some benfits. i.e my knees dont crack as much as they used to! I'm taking them along with cod liver oil for general maintainance.

I've had 3 days waay from running this week. I did back to back running days for the first time last Friday and Saturday for about 6 weeks. Bearing in mind up until 2 21/2 weeks ago I was injured I dont think that was a bright idea, espacially as the Saturday run was XC, which I find a lot harder than road. Anyway, went running on Monday and I think the 2 runs, mixed with the beer I'd had over the weekend, didnt do my legs any good. I was roadrunning which is my favourite surface, but could not get my oace up. I can usually average well over 9 mph on a road run, but only managed about 8.3, so I decided that I'd benfit from a couple of days of gentle walking, stretching etc.

Anyway, I feel good now. I'm on a night shift tonight, so I'm having a road run later and I think I'm gonna do between 7 and 9 miles, depending on how I feel when I get out and about.

My aim at the moment is to be up to half marathon distance in training by the end of the month then start putting in long runs after that. Hope to do at least 4 20+ milers before this one, as opposed to the 1 I managed before Windemere.
06/07/2007 at 12:08
aha I've entered this planning New Forest marathon as a warm-up...
07/07/2007 at 16:43
Not all of us are lightning quick, my target is to duck under 5hrs30.

I tried running against the clock last weekend in a 10km, it was the first time ive tried to actually run a time and i didnt enjoy it much so it'll be the last for a while too. I'll stick with plodding my lsr miles out.
07/07/2007 at 17:38
I managed 15.4 this morning, which I'm pretty happy with. My legs don't feel too tired which is also good!
08/07/2007 at 12:56
It's good to see there are some people on here with as little training as me!

I'm thinking about pulling out of amsterdam, I can't quite seem to heal a nagging lateral tendon pain in my left knee. No matter how long I leave it for it doesn't seem to heal completely, even after physio... I must admit I haven't left it for more that 5 weeks, but I didn't want to get too unfit.

I have started cycling a bit to take some of the impact off my knees whilst keeping the muscles working, anyone got any other advice?

Amsterdam Marathon Facebook Group
08/07/2007 at 14:06
Swimmings good for fitness. Supports body weight etc
08/07/2007 at 18:06
Stepping up the training now, just done 10km in 59 mins and might enter a 10km race next Sunday if I'm feeling brave.

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