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24/10/2007 at 14:34

Well done everyone, some fantastic times.  I was so pleased with my time as i have had a virus and thoughtt hat i would not be able to run, my time was 3.51, so well pleased and will put in for next year as the route was so nice.

24/10/2007 at 17:07
Nice to be reading of lots of folk pleased with their times - I'm not so pleased with mine but it's the best I could do in the circumstances – I have something to aim for now and will be trying to better it next year.SilkTork - I did sympathise with some of the marathoners who ended up swamped by those who had opted to run only half the distance - well done and respect on completing 26.2 miles in not the easiest of circumstances. After finishing we went and stood outside a bar near to the “final 1km” banner – there was a very loud band playing there – made a point of picking out and trying to encourage the marathoners amongst the ever increasing number of runners. some did look very tired indeed.

I have to say that never within the space of four days have I eaten so much pasta (the Italian on the Leidseplein invaded on Saturday by hordes of runners), gulped so much Gatorade, drunk so much Guinness (Mulligan’s – where else) consumed such big steaks (the Argentinean off Dam Square Sunday night full to bursting), viewed so many galleries, visited so many cafes and slept so much sleep and somewhere in the midst of all of that there was 26.2 miles of marathon mayhem – absolutely bl00dy brilliant and can hardly wait to go back.

24/10/2007 at 18:00

I peglegged over the line in 3.55.26, (number 2545). I was aiming for a bit less, but the whole of my right leg seized up at the final drinks station, where I lay on the deck caterwauling,  wishing the pain away.

Everyone seems to have had a magical weekend. It was brilliant.

24/10/2007 at 19:58

I was very grateful for the support of those who picked out the marathoners, and yes, "legs in threads", I do remember a small group of people on the last K - on my left I think, by the tram stop - who leaned over and gave some very strong encouragement. If that was you, you might remember a very tired middle-aged guy in blue cap and top and baggy beige shorts who would likely have said thank you and given a grim but polite thumbs up. I tried to acknowledge everyone who clapped and cheered. If that was you - I was VERY grateful!

Also, not all the half marathoners simply pushed past. There were a few who made a point of  saying something positive as they went past.

24/10/2007 at 20:13

I just looked back at the Paris figures and realised the difference. In Amsterdam there were 6,490 finishers. In Paris last year there were 30,772 finishers. It's a different scale. Amsterdam was more intimate. In Paris the pasta party was all buzz and excitement - in Amsterdam it was about chilling out and having decent food. Different place, different experience.

24/10/2007 at 21:49

Silk Tork

I ran in the half on Sunday (don't think I'm capable of a marathon), just managing to break two hours.  I think I must have caught up with half a dozen or so marathoners and I tried to make a point of supporting them, as did many of the folks round about me, 'cos I have the utmost respect for anybody who finishes that distance, irrespective of the time.

There did seem to be quite a few people in  the half who wouldn't have looked out of place in a fun run and were all over the place so maybe it was some of those guys who didn't know any better who barged their way through.

I agree with the comments about lack of vocal crowd support, however, this was my first ever race abroad and I loved every minute of it, both cheering on the marathoners beforehand and also doing the half.  The finish in the stadium was the dogs dangly bits -my Chariots of Fire moment  !!!

This was my first trip to Amsterdam for over thirty years and I thought that the place was brilliant, all in all, a wonderful weekend.

25/10/2007 at 09:15

I'm late coming into this got 4.14 so got qualifying place for age for London so happy with that.  Thought conditions were perfect but not happy with lack of water stations and thought support a bit sparce I know that the last few miles are really hard and the support really helps me through but the down side is the reason I am only getting back now is on Monday morning went for coffee after queue for Ann Frank House too long and was only in cafe about 20 minutes when got up bag had been stolen so had no ticket, passport, money or anything fortunately my mobile phone was in pocket so cancelled all credit cards within about 10 mins but took the rest of the day to sort out getting back to England and then when I did had to have locks changed cos I didnt realise but the police over there said they sell your house keys and address to accomplices in England.

So only back in work today.  Looking back though still good weekend lots of laughs and finished the marathon so not the end  of the world

25/10/2007 at 11:23

That's too bad Pat, what a nightmare!

Were you by any chance in the group of what sounded like North Westerners staying at the Hem hotel?

25/10/2007 at 16:54

That's tough Pat.

How did you manage to get back without your passport and ticket? 

25/10/2007 at 22:00
So sorry to hear that Pat. My OH had the same in Barcelona last year - distraction burglary. Still, congrats on your good-for-age for FLM!
25/10/2007 at 22:01

Yes stayed at the Hem but there was another group from the North West who did a lot of drinking in the bar that wasnt us.  Our group was all women except for two three of us did the marathon and the rest did the half.

 The police were brilliant said it is very common in Amsterdam gave me a police report and I had to go to the airport and show to Jet2 who we flew with and they telephoned Immigration at Manchester and asked if they would admit me to country without passport they just asked a couple of security questions and said yes somebody would meet me at other end.  They gave me form to fill in and that was that very painless really fortunately I was with three friends and they paid for my meals and train fares etc. just have the nightmare now of getting everything replaced.But not letting it spoil my weekend which was really enjoyable

26/10/2007 at 10:52


So somebody had to meet you to verify that you were who you said you were?

26/10/2007 at 13:10
Yes but quite how they verified it I am not sure as didnt have anything left !!!!!!!!!
26/10/2007 at 13:22
I was in a group from Derby at the HEM hotel, does that count as north-west? I'm from Larndan meself.
26/10/2007 at 16:09


I've got a feeling we were on the same tram as you on the way back to the hotel on Saturday afternoon. We were chatting to one of (your) party who was doing the half while walking back to the hotel.

We got stuck in a not too pleasant room in the annex, thankfully, we were only staying one night.

27/10/2007 at 09:44
Yes that was probably us we ended up upgrading to the hotel for 25 euros a night it was well worth it when I told the Manager the rooms in the annex were inadequate he said "yes they are inadequate we say that on our website"  I somehow think he missed something in the translation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
27/10/2007 at 13:28

Oooh you speedy lot.  I did 5.21 which was 16 mins FASTER than Paris and managed a sprint into the stadium and pass a woman who was hounding me all the way round and then thought she'd lost me......the roar was great and I burst into tears. 

I thought it was great, much better than Paris, given the weather, and there were drinks a plenty for me, plus my hubby was on a bike and was with me quite a lot of the time, shouting at me and topping up my bottle - so that was a huge boost for me.

The spectators were nice, and the 1/2 marathon lot that suddenly snuck up on me (and some other ladies who were stragglers) was a shock to say the least....but it kept me going too.

The videos are scary, well I am - and I must lose weight...!

It's the Toulouse marathon tomorrow - will give it a miss, but I won't be hanging up the trainers as I'm into it now and given I did very very little training and felt good after this one, I think there's hope for me for under 5 hours.......

05/11/2007 at 13:19

hi guys and girls

I am looking at returning to Amsterdam again next year.

This year a group of us stayed at the Holiday Inn in Rai, it was a good Hotel and I would recomend it but I am looking an alternative for next year

Could any of you recomend any other Hotels based on your expeirence from this year

many thanks

05/11/2007 at 16:03

Best Western Delphi on Appollaan. About a mile`s walk from the start-finish. 15 mins walk from town centre (or a 2 min tram ride).


1) staff very friendly and helpful

2) close to start finish

3) easy to reach from airport

4) easy to reach town centre

5) location: quiet smart residential area

6) 3-4 v good restaurants within 5 mins walk

7) cheap if booked in advance (go through Best Western site)

8) clean 


1) breakfast is ok but not especially inspiring

2) no evening meals - no lunchtime meals

3) bar is very quiet 

4) the single runs are quite pokey (only one has a bath) - the double rooms were fine. 

05/11/2007 at 16:47
Banks Mansion (on Herengracht) is gorgeous but quite expensive. Free minibar and snacks!
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