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11/07/2011 at 11:01

11/07/2011 at 11:24

Nice one.  Very well done

This was the best I could do afterwards!

11/07/2011 at 18:43
18/07/2011 at 18:25

I would like to thank all of the Forumites for your lovely, lovely comments about this year's Bewl 15. We are knocked out by the fabulous reviews, so far. I am already taking notes from runners with any new ideas as I am determined to produce the best race we can, so keep the comments and suggestions coming. I tyhink it is paramount to listen to the entrants.

 If you would like to give us your vote on the Runner's World Ratings then please use this link, if you have not done so already:

Thanks for the fantastic support,


18/07/2011 at 18:32

Hi Albert

 It is exceedingly well deserved!  Take a mega gold medal for yourself!  (Not like at the end of the Brighton Half where the tubby Mayor and his wife were walking along all suited up displaying finishers medals along with the rest of their bling!).

 Unfortunately the link isn't working for me.  Is it for everybody else?

18/07/2011 at 20:13

Hi Albert, I enjoyed race day so much I reviewed the race as soon as I got home, that was my first Bewl experince but I am hoping to be back next year.

Grandadnohair I love the photo, it really sums up the day so well . I have entered a couple of the Bexhill races on the recommendations of the cakes, I seem to have taken a liking to a slice of cake!

18/07/2011 at 23:07

yeah - one small comment - ginger cake - i didn't find any this year.

Oh and thank you very much for my trophy. Now that was unexpected. Next year I'm going to try for a gold medal.

Typo - which made what I posted sound strange.

Edited: 18/07/2011 at 23:08
20/07/2011 at 12:46

Congrats to grandnohair for the double whammy of a grandchild and finishing this year's Bewl 15. Well done to everybody.

Also to -...-- for the trophy. I passionately believe every 5 year race category should have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd trophy.This rewards those nearer the back who have still put in an enormous effort to finish. Being a V6 myself I get annoyed when some organisers are mean and have just 1 trophy for every 10 year bands.

I have analysed over 200 comments from the runners. Only 2 sugestions for chamge so far:

) We cannot eliminate the 3 styles between miles 8 and 9 as otherwise we would lose the beutiful views of Bewl Water and lose the full 15 mile distance. 2) The route cannot be reversed either as the drinks logistics would be impossible due to a lack of access. Course records would be nullified too.

Not sure why the RW Ratings link did not work as I have tested and found OK.

Next year's race is 1st july 2012, so I hope to see Forumites there. Thanks for your support.

27/07/2011 at 21:48

Thanks Plodder K (and everybody for their congrats).   For those who are interested, here is the little laddie after a tough 3 hour's kip!

Back to Bewl: I hope nobody seriously suggested deleting the stiles?  They were a killer for me (and probably for the queue that grew behind me as I struggled to get over!! ), but this being my first Bewl, they added to the uniqueness and the agony; and to the story I had to tell afterwards!  But three stiles?  I'm sure I only went over 2?  Maybe I crawled under the third so didn't notice it!!

Well done for the trophy -...--.  Nice one!  I believe one trophy was missing though. The one for the 'Person-Who-Finished-37th-From-Last'.  It would be interesting to see who would have won that?  Oh..!  Wow, thank you!!!

Hi ho. As we keep saying, it was great day. Here's to next year; may the fear keep building!  Who knows, 2012 being my 60th year, maybe I'll go for a gold medal... I can always dream

27/07/2011 at 22:11

Geandadnohair - thank you for sharing the photo of grandsonohair - he looks just like you.

Edited: 27/07/2011 at 22:14

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