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19/10/2006 at 22:21
Thinking of doing the Bramley 20 mile next year. Used to HM's but never raced further. I'm more interested to see if I can do it. Any tips on moving up to a 20 mile race?

Thanks in advance......
26/10/2006 at 10:29
Hello SpudSpud

Can't give you any definite training plans but you should be OK. You should probably build your long runs up to about 16-17 miles just to make sure you can do the distance. Although I have to say I did a half during my marathon build-up and then did a 20 mile race 4 weeks later and managed to get round OK with no longer runs at all!

So if I can do it, anyone can :-)

I'm definitely thinking of giving this a go next year so maybe see you there!
26/10/2006 at 21:49
Its a well organised event and I plan to enter.

Good advice from Little Nemo Spud Spud. When you say you used to run 1/2 Marathons does that suggest you have not ran that distance for a long time?
08/11/2006 at 21:46
If anyone would like to see if they are in the 20/10 2007 the following links will let you know and
JD.    pirate
17/11/2006 at 14:45
I'll be doing the 20 if my training goes to plan. It'll be my longest running race.

Plan to build slowly to 17 mile long runs. Perhaps a 20 mile training run. All depends how the training goes. My runs during the week are on treadmills to help avoid injury. Long run on the kennet canal at the weekends. I say long, but currently this stands at 6 miles.
19/11/2006 at 18:22
So we have 2.58 to crack on this ahh

Should be relatively easy

30/11/2006 at 13:50
thinking of doing this as training for flm, trouble is thanet 20 is next week and I always do that. Will it be too much do you reckon? Any advice welcome.
11/12/2006 at 16:09
i am looking at this as a warmup to rome mara in march, looks like a good race

Ratbag    pirate
12/12/2006 at 15:27
I've done this a couple of times and I'm doing it next year...well organised race and a good warm up for FLM...if a little early for some! ;-)
12/12/2006 at 22:30
Thanks for the thoughts. I've run a half dozen HM's this past year as well as a couple of Trailplus Adventure races & Hellrunner etc. I'm pretty confident I will be OK but due to fatherhood know I will find it difficult to do the training that I'd really like to do in preparation. So, say that I do no more distance training than I currently do and am normally running 7.45 miles for a HM, what should I be aiming for - 8.15 miles? Thanks and hope to see you there (just registered for the 20 myself).
20/12/2006 at 17:44
Bit of a late response for Wabo but hopefully it will still be helpful.

I did 2 20 milers a week apart last year when training for my marathon, Thanet and Finchley. It was certainly tough but it is possible. I suppose the thing to remember is that you're aiming to do these as training runs so don't try to race them. I found the up and down bits of Thanet really hard so I'm giving it a miss this year.
30/12/2006 at 19:10
See you there Ratty, hope you're keeping well matey!
30/12/2006 at 22:33
Wabo, I did 2 x 20 milers a week apart last year & am planning on doing it again this year (Essex & Bramley). I found it fine & actually felt it was very good training, just make sure you reast after the 1st one & maybe do a gentke run on the Weds/Thursday, dont over do it between the 2 races.
31/12/2006 at 16:19
Signed up - need to but some new trainers now.

HNY to you all.
No Way Out (M.)    pirate
05/01/2007 at 15:13
Does anyone have a route map or a route description? I have just moved to Bramely and would like to practise on the course?
JD.    pirate
05/01/2007 at 18:16
I was wondering about the route too. I cycle through Bramley most weekends so wouldn't mind cycling around the route quickly.

Another question - it doesn't look like I'll be doing the 20 miler now as I'm just coming back from a month of injury.

So, 10 miler it is. But will it be possible to run with the 20 milers? Do they start at the same place/time?
05/01/2007 at 19:18
Cant help with the route as Im not local but ye sthe 20 milers & 10 milers all start at the same time/place
06/01/2007 at 14:20
I'm planning on doing this one - I will build to 18 miles before it.
08/01/2007 at 08:51
Woj, what you aiming for this time?

It may be worth mailing the Reading Road Runners for a map. Its basically does a loop north and then west of Bramley on small country roads.
08/01/2007 at 14:41
just a word on the 20 milers in a row, i am doing the 3 x/ week program which is admittedly more intense than a normal 5 or 6 day/ week prog, but they never have 2 20 milers together. the 16 long runs go
13_15_17_20_18_20_13_18_20_15_20_15_20_13_8-10_26.2. whenever you drop back, you have to do that distance faster than before so there is never a letup in intensity. i did my second 20 miler so looking forward to 13 on sunday. anyone looking to do this around 2.30 or better?
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