Brass Monkey Half Marathon

18th Jan 2009

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25/10/2008 at 13:17
I'm in too
27/10/2008 at 23:35

Cheque returned today with a flyer stating that people were turning up at the home of the race organiser posting the entry forms personally. What chance do peoplehave who live away from York.

I posted my entry on the Saturday when the forms came out.

 Will not be wasting my time and stamp money next year though.

 Surely a ballot would be fairer ?

27/10/2008 at 23:59
ED.. we like to save the price of a stamp here in Yorkshire {O:

Seriously, there is nothing to stop anyone from self delivering an entry form for any race in the country if they live within reasonable distance. The postal service is not always reliable.

A ballot? Perhaps it is an option but there would still be hundreds of disappointed entrants - the race has been over subscribed for years.
28/10/2008 at 07:36
How about online entry on here?......Then everybody would have the same equal chance to get in!
Ellie.    pirate
28/10/2008 at 08:54

 I'm in

28/10/2008 at 09:45

Point for debate: Should Knavesmire harriers stop giving the entry forms a few days early to local clubs?

 Obviously the final decision belongs to Knavesmire but we can argue the merits either way. I can see advantages to both sidesof the debate (I think).

28/10/2008 at 22:48

I don't think Knavesmire are unusual in handing out entry forms to other local clubs and I bet it doesn't make that much of a dent in the 1500 places available. ......... clubs all over the country give out advance entry forms to other local clubs.  And it's very much a reciprocal thing:  Knavesmire Harriers have a robust presence in many local races in the North Yorkshire area and things hereabouts would be the poorer without them.  You can bet they get advance entry forms from race secretaries of other clubs.

Nepotism??  We couldn't exist without it

29/10/2008 at 19:31

I'm in too - hurrah!

Hi swittle, nsc, bunnyphobia, mick etc

29/10/2008 at 19:32
Podro - *hello* too!
29/10/2008 at 19:43

 I'll be there ... first HM since 1986  .... very glad it's flat!

29/10/2008 at 20:20
Hi, Tutu - gonna be quite a gathering of fetchies on the Knavesmire. And a v. good choice for your return to 13.1, Dr. Dan

30/10/2008 at 13:28

Hey Tutu! Long time no post

 Is this race over-hyped? I only have glowing memories, but that's just the shine of it being my first half? I suppose its one of the few 'old school' races with a PB course and non-extortionate fees.

 Anyone put together a training schedule yet? I'm currently drumming one up; otherwise I'll just be wandering up on the day woefully underprepaired! Any secret key tips to divulge?

30/10/2008 at 13:31

I've only done it once (this year) and it was just completely flat and easy to get a PB at, think that's the general reason it's popular!  I also think it's nice having a half so soon after christmas period, gives you something to focus on and keep going through the festive season....

30/10/2008 at 13:39
and then there's the organisation and facilities...............
30/10/2008 at 13:56
Yes, too right! Just a fun race all round really.
31/10/2008 at 22:27

I'm in ! hiya Tutu, fancy meeting you here ! If you're trying for that sub 1.40 can you pull me round too ? I'm sticking to some easy running after the Abingdon marathon for another week or so but definitely want to get some speed work in soon, been trying for that sub 1.40 for 10 years, about time i got it.

Agree with some of the people it's a bit of a bummer getting the application on the saturday and still missing the cut, fraid it's the problem with popular races although i think this one must be one of the fastest filling 1000 + place races in the UK . Now that would be a good survey, what's the fastest filling race in the UK, not counting FLM and GNR ?? bet this one would be near or at the top !

anyone else aiming for that sub 1.40 ?



31/10/2008 at 22:29

doh !

 hi LMH was so excited seeing tutu's name didnt see you above her (snigger snigger) hows the legs after Abingdon? thanks for the company at the start, reckon you did a damm good time stosay how little recent running you'd done. How's the knee now ? hopefully ok for this one !

see ya there !

01/11/2008 at 08:39
Morning Beders. I'm off to the physio this morning as although I've been able to run since Abingdon the furthest I've managed is ten miles as the knee starts after about three and then the prirformis/hammy/glutes (not sure quite which bits or it could be all of them) join in and my leg feels as though it's about to fall off! Speed, flat, hills doesn't seem to make any difference and it's not going away on it's own despite only runing every other day, stretching etc. I'll let you know what she says. I'm sure I'll be fine for this one though - if about five minutes behind you!
01/11/2008 at 10:45

good luck at the fizz LMH

and hello everyone

really looking forward to this one and hoping to be around the 2 hr mark

01/11/2008 at 11:28

Hi all! I'm in too   Ran it in 2006 and had a great time. Was too slow off the mark to get in the last couple of years, so I'm really chuffed to get in this time.

nsc - I'm aiming for 2 hours too (well, hopefully just under!)

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