Brathay Windermere Marathon Survivors Thread

For those mad enough to have taken part..

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29/08/2008 at 22:42
Always did have a soft spot for the older woman...............................but a fit old bird would be something else
30/08/2008 at 20:55

Oh I remember why I ended our friendship! Thanks for reminding me!!! 

Fart her if Millsy is in luff wit me he's sure got a right funny way o showin it!!!!!!!!!!!

30/08/2008 at 23:22
You always hurt............the ones you love
31/08/2008 at 10:21
He`s in denial meow cos he knows you are premiership stuff to his pathetic Sunday league pub team.
31/08/2008 at 19:29

Aye, but god loves a trier

Serious question time - I've looked at those pictures of Meow, and what a fine athlete she looks, but what I want to know is after you've done the swimming thing and before you get on the bike, presumably you can have a rub down with a towel, but do you have to carry on in your wet swimming gear?  Didn't look to me as though you had anywhere to change so what happens?  Doesn't really matter, cos' by the time I'd swallowed half the swimming pool and then fallen off my bike a couple of times, there wouldn't be much point in me trying to run, so don't think I'll ever have a go at one of these.  I'm sure Skipper might though.  Anything to prove he's better than me! 

31/08/2008 at 20:01
Millsy I think think they carry on in their wet gear cos I saw a reeeely sexy lady runnink past me up a farm track and she had a cozzy on.......god`s truth I was elated cos who expects that when ur takin` ur dog for a walk but I can still visualise it as and when the need arises.
31/08/2008 at 23:18
You didn't happen to have your instamatic with you at the time, did you?
01/09/2008 at 12:32
Only the one in my head millsy (if u know what i meanz?)....nudge nudge why do you think i wear these big thick glasses?`s true what they say.
02/09/2008 at 16:18
Millsy we got a bit out of line there and now u gone and scared the laydeeze off. And I should not talk rude like that as I have to remember my run ink door tour and me be ink a run ink fart hair.
I want no more off it.
02/09/2008 at 16:19
And we can`t keep this thread go ink all boy hours elves.
02/09/2008 at 20:20
To be honest, I've just been my normal charmimg self.  Those chat-up lines have always worked in the past so I'm sure I've done nothing wrong.  Maybe they're just playing hard to get.  I'm sure they'll be back.
02/09/2008 at 20:56
It could be my glasses that`s putting them off.
Did you upset Morgs millsy?
Well it is called survivors so maybe a certain trio dint have what it took to survive.
Well we can sulk too mate can`t we?
02/09/2008 at 22:51

Too right.

I don't recall upsetting Morgs, any more than I recall upsetting Meow.

I think they must be playing hard to get.  Fishing for compliments.  Expecting us to beg for forgiveness.  Well it aint happening girls so wise up!

There that's told them

02/09/2008 at 23:03

Fart hair please cold you tell Millsy that I ran in me wet gear but put t-shirt & shorts over the top. On this occasion, as it was quite a "friendly" tri, you could use the changing rooms if you wanted but the clock is always ticking.......which is why I opted to be 'ard & run in wet stuff. Some are 'arder still & dunt bover wit t-shirt & shorts but I's too shy 

Yeah where's Morgs n Janie???

03/09/2008 at 20:11

Ahem! 'didnt have what it took'!

Meow...I havent abandoned ship, I have just been lurking a bit recently. You certainly have been bitten by the old tri bug. Well done girlie!

03/09/2008 at 20:18
Hello Morgs...lurking eh? I should try that but i talks too much.
Meow i knows you don`t mean to offend but i am not sure i likes beink called Fart Hair.
Sorry Millsy I will sulk for a bit now.
03/09/2008 at 22:17
Keep you hair on!  (You might need some superglue)
03/09/2008 at 23:24

Sorry SM 

Thought you liked it??? You call yours elf that some times??? I'm con fused 

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