Brathay Windermere Marathon

doing this for the 1st time

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28/07/2011 at 09:47

Doing this for the 1st time any tips and hints. Also does anyone have a copy of the route.

07/08/2011 at 14:38
I ran this in 2010 as a first marathon and really enjoyed it. It's hard work and hilly but don't let that put you off.

07/08/2011 at 22:26

Race route and profile from the event website

My favourite marathon - and not just because it's on my doorstep.  Not that hilly by Lake District standards but will catch out the underprepared - do you training on undulating routes and you'll be fine.

23/08/2011 at 20:05

I am a 10 in 10 runner 

As CA saidIt’s not so hilly for that part of the world but a real undulating course in places, has a great finish where you run up the hill towards the house (where is everyone you say?) over the hill wow hundreds of people cheering you home on a little downhill section and across the line you go. Incorporates the marathon with a little fun day as well to keep the family entertained whilst you run.


I am with CA, its one of my favourite UK marathons, very well organised, fantastic atmosphere, timing chip and not an expensive day, very friendly and good medal, no  shirt though unless you are 10 in 10 runner but you can purchase a very good WM tee from Pete Bland (£15 I think) on the day.

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16/09/2011 at 15:37
I'm going to do this as my first Marathon... looks like a great route, hard, but I figure the scenery should keep me going!
20/09/2011 at 22:09

B78- It’s a really good marathon and well done on choosing it for your first, very friendly marathon and I’m sure the other runners will keep you going, I don’t remember it being as hard as people make out and sure you will be ok if you put the training in.

22/09/2011 at 16:26

Hi All,

Sounds like a great event, would like to see if I can stay uninjured  before committing, but don't want to miss out - does it usually fill up?



23/09/2011 at 09:41
Hi Rob,

We usually have entries available right up to the closing date a week before the event however it is growing more popular each year. I would suggest you check back with us in January/February just to be sure.

Best Wishes,

Ali Harris
Brathay Trust
23/09/2011 at 11:14
Thanks Ali, refreshingly earnest. I'll hopefully be straining at the bit by then.
27/09/2011 at 20:17
Rob- I would just book it , why not raise some £££'s for the Brathay Trust as well along the way
14/10/2011 at 15:23
I've entered, so need to get some "undulating" practice in before May.

If the start's only about a mile from Ambleside, do most people walk there? I'm guessing that'll be the best place to find somewhere to stay.
15/10/2011 at 15:42
I've just looked at the route as a spectator I would either see the start and the finish with the way the route goes, although if i took my bike, i could cycle on ahead mmmmmm, has a think , how hilly is it lol
12/12/2011 at 11:52
b78 I'm a newb too. Only been running since May but I'm up for the challenge
20/12/2011 at 11:52
This will be my second marathon I've done the London 10000, Derby Kilomathon, Brighton Marathon and Robin Hood Half Marathon, so can't wait for this will be something completely different. I need some hills to train on though!
24/01/2012 at 11:44

I'm back again! Was here last year to seek revenge on the evil short steep climb at Bowness around 20.5 miles. It made me stop and was worried that I weren't gonna finish the race as i'd totally hit the wall. Fortunately I found the energy to finish so I'm back this year to set things right. I stopped for 8 minutes to recompose myself again and those 8 minutes meant I missed out on a 3:30 with a 3:38.

 Mie 7 is the worst hill up there but at least it's early. The worst of it's over after 20.5 so save yourself till then is my advice. Then it's flat / downhill until the last mile when it slightly goes up again.

It's a beautiful course, best i've seen from any HM / FM ever! I met the legendary Steve  from Coventry (500 Marathon Man) who gave me some great advice.

For accomodation there's a few b and b's in Lake Road  Ambleside only just over a mile from the start so go there if you're not local.

It's all about subbing 3:30 this year; doing everything in my power to ensure this will be the case.

Thanks Ste

31/01/2012 at 06:18
Does anyone know what gels will be available at water stations? Would like to give them a try in training first so I can decide if I need to bring my own or not.
31/01/2012 at 08:44
Hi Chris (Charles) I have run Brathay for the last four years, there has never been gels at the water stations, just Kendal mint cake! They have had a sports drink in the past (I seem to remember SIS one year) but I have only ever taken water on at the drinks stations. It is a nice run, think you will enjoy it!!
31/01/2012 at 11:27

Thanks for the info Richard, will take my own gels then as I don't like Kendal Mint Cake! Will probably stick with the ones I used last year for the Great Langdale marathon (Lucozade), they kept me going a treat.

Chis (not Chris ha). Charles on Sunday's of course, ha!

01/02/2012 at 10:18
Are there any 12 in 12 runners that are doing this marathon?
22/02/2012 at 11:38
Hello, can I do a bit of cheeky promotion for the race I organise - the South Cheshire 20, a low-key but very well reviewed event. I mention it here because it's on April 29th so potentially (I realise three weeks is a bit close in some people's books) a useful test/last long run before Windermere. (And only a tenner if you're a club runner and enter in advance.)

Good luck everybody with your marathon training and race, and if promoting another race here is poor forum etiquette, will happily remove.
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