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11/04/2011 at 18:01

Hi everyone, I have just got back from Brighton (well about 2 hours ago) have flicked through the posts.

First of all well done to u all, not only the PB's but all who finished. U have achieved something amazing, b proud b very very proud.

As for my run. It was almost perfect. Set off good pace (wanted 3hr 45min finish) watched packed up at 4mile point (I know I couldnt believe it either). Saw the 3hr 40 min pacer so thought plan 2, stay with him for as long as u can and u will b close to time. Didnt mind hills in firsr section of race as felt in good nick. Saw wife and friends at planned points and still feeling good. Got to mile 16 and thinking this is bloody hot, half water drink half over my head and face to try and keep cool. Pacer is starting to pull away but Im still ok. Got to mile 18/19 and knew had to slow down a little bit otherwise it could all go wrong. Mile 19/22 my worst miles last yr were ok. Got to mile 23 OMG the pain, the heat it was starting to really hurt. Then saw mile 24 and thought must stop for a few strides. Saw wife at mile25 screaming at me (no change there then!!!) Then got to finish in  3hrs 51mins 5mins better than last yr but 6mins off target. However Im very pleased, I finshed another marathon and kept going when it got tough. Time is very good and who knows may b 3hr 45 later this yr in another event.

Ref to the course, please dont change it, the 18/22 is what its all about, u r tierd and this really tests how much u want it. I think its part of the Brighton marathon. Brighton crowds amazing yet again. Brighton beech was buzzing afterwards. Thank u to the Thistle hotel for a lovelly free lunch (my wife sorted that one out for me) and back to watch runners and have a beer on the beech.

Ref the amount of people not taking part. Its because they allow people to sign up now (who think easy I can do that) the organisers (like London) know how many runners they can accomidate and how many will drop out hence allowing 15k to enter and only 8k finishing. London always banks on a 35% drop out.

I wont b doing Brighton marathon next yr as I have other evens I want to enter. However Ive had a fantastic weekend and would like to thank u all for making this forum so intresting to read and motivating. 

11/04/2011 at 18:03
Didn't we all do well! PB's or not we are all MARATHONERS!

Anne well done for finishing, I passed you but didn't realise it was you at the time, I was devastated to see you as i passed, fantastic that you did it.

Jenny that's me next to Tracey B!

Dolphinfriendly the ibuprofen didn't help me - took 4 as well!

This will sound really awful now but the fact that so many of you seem to have suffered adn struggled has made me feel a bit better........... that it wasn't just me!

Don't run I love the comparison to malibu!

Dips it brought a lump to my throat too! I was also tempted to cheat......

IW I think i saw you out at Rottingdean end - were you wearing a bra type pirate top?

James sorry if i did not hear you. I spent a lot of time on out and backs looking for people and was in danger of falling and getting dizzy so had to stop!

Kevin i have run with Powerade in my hand on every long run i've done but i agree - i actually put the last one very neatly on the kerb as i just couldn't carry it anymore! Far too much effort!
11/04/2011 at 18:03

FB - on the water bottles, at some of the later stations and probably by the time the majority of runners had passed by, the volunteers were giving out small pouches of water with a little open bit for sipping from. Much more practical.

JuliaT - yes, that was me.

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11/04/2011 at 18:11
I didn't get his number but the thought crossed my mind to shout at him to come back and walk round with me. But it would only mean more time I would be losing on what I already thought was a terrible loss of time.
11/04/2011 at 18:13

   The 'Crowd control' guy at around Mile 25-26 said 'Runners can you wait a minute for the pedestrians to cross!'.

 Tracy B.. didn't get that sort of response when you came into my area.....  I was honoured to be a marshal at the junction of Kingsway and Grand Avenue .. you all did so well.

Right folks.... why are some of you beating yourselves up..... you are all stars and should be so proud . i have been very lucky to have completed 50 marathons and every one is different as the weather,course and your body can beat you at any time.that is why when you have completed your marathon you join the club..............if it was easy every one would be doing the distance and we wouldn't feel so special.

11/04/2011 at 18:16
the start gun has gone off

11/04/2011 at 18:18

What a fantastic day yesterday - weather aside of course! No PB for me, but given the weather and the fact I had a bit of a cold the week before I'm not going to complain.

It was without doubt the most well-organised mass participation event I have done. From the minute I got to the Mill Road park and ride and the guys directing us there, the coach driver that got us to the start, everyone at the start, around the course marshalling and handing out drinks, all the guys at the finish dishing out stuff, right up to the coach driver taking us back to the car park who stopped en-route to pick up an unused crate of water on the course! A big thank you to everyone involved.

Also a big thanks to the supporters on the course. I actually enjoyed the tranquility of the parts where there were no supporters - sometimes at London the wall to wall noise can be a bit too much, even though it is meant wth the best of intentions! So the early parts of yesterday's route where supporters were sparse were fine by me.

I know that it isn't the cheapest race to enter, but if it is that well organised again next year then I have no qualms with parting with £48 for next years race, which I've already done. At least I won't have the doubt of whether or not I'll be in for a marathon next spring, which I what I'd have if I applied for London.

11/04/2011 at 18:20
Those water pouches were great, I kept one with me for ages, might be because they were a bit of a puzzle to drink from. But that was good, frustrating but good because it took my mind off things (I must have the mind of a gorilla chucked a fag butt at the zoo) and I knew I could chuck the pouch to the side without fear of hurting a runner behind me.
11/04/2011 at 18:27

Well, my 19th marathon and although not a pw by the clock a pw in terms of having to walk. Like many others I had to walk the last 6 miles or so and even then had to keep stopping to rest my legs. I have never had to do that before even though I have had to take walking breaks. Came in in 5:22 even though I was hoping for 4:30.

The first half of the course was OK, a little hillier than I had anticipated. But the wheels started falling off at about mile 15, by mile 17 I was having to push on and by 18 I was taking walking breaks. At 20 my legs were more than empty and walked the rest of the way.

Saw three people take falls. One at mile 12 where she clipped the curb and then two by the power station where they come a cropper on the speed humps.

One amazing thing happened. At about mile 17 a grey haired lady ran up to me and gave me £20 for my sponsorship. I was so surprised and having to push hard that I did not stop to find out the reason: I am assuming that it was the lupus charity she was responding to. Even more amazing there is a photo of it on flicker:

lady making a donation

11/04/2011 at 18:30

 Well just got back from brighton and its feels like  i've just arrived home from a foreign holiday ( i'm in Wombourne near Wolverhampton  cloudy and cold )

This was my first marathon and it was fantastic

the weather was great

the support was brilliant and so was the coarse

i did it in 3.13 congratulations to everyone involed especially all the volenteers

see you all next year               CLIFF

11/04/2011 at 18:30 way would any one expect you to marshall the chap who took a short cut...sure that would have been frustrating to witness though...congrats on you finish...

re: water puches..very good idea but i too struggled intially with the opening and just squeezed it open!!!

11/04/2011 at 18:33

Right that's enough moping from me, time to list some random positives:

  • I made it to 17 miles before I took a walk break which is officially the longest distance I've run non-stop in a race
  • Thanks to all the supporters who shouted out my name, it was worth the effort putting it on my vest
  • I can walk a mile in 15:03 which isn't much slower than my slow run pace
  • I came pretty close to a DNF but I hung on and finished
  • It was great that there was loads of water left for us slower runners, even at the end
  • Can't describe how good a pack of ready salted crisps taste after 26 miles of jelly babies and Lucozade

I've already signed up for an Autumn Half to stop me looking at Marathons

11/04/2011 at 18:40

Julia T -  I was in a bit of a mess when you passed me but the SJA guys put me right. I was glad that they let me continue as by that stage I just wanted to ge my medal by any means necessary (without cheating!)

Lep Recorn - I the yellow guy with wings several times on the course but didn't realise it was you. Would've shouted if I had. That's great that the lady gave you some money!

When I crossed the line (with OH in tow) there were boxes & boxes of t-shirts & goodie bags still going spare. AND they still had small t-shirts so I have one that fits for once

11/04/2011 at 18:41
Gatton wrote (see)

  Right folks.... why are some of you beating yourselves up..... you are all stars and should be so proud . i have been very lucky to have completed 50 marathons and every one is different as the weather,course and your body can beat you at any time.that is why when you have completed your marathon you join the club..............if it was easy every one would be doing the distance and we wouldn't feel so special.

More wise words from Gatton.  On the last 6 miles I chanted to myself "I'm doing this because it is difficult" and that really got me pumped up and running again after walking quite a bit.

I actually like the course.  I'm another one that likes quiet stretches and the wall of sound when you get back to the crowds is much more special that having it all the way round.  I didn't even mind the power station this time but still don't like that long drag at mile 16ish. But everyone course has its good and bad bits (London included) and I also enjoy the loops and out and backs.  As a back of the pack runner it can get lonely I feel like I'm more part of the big event when I can see the more of the field.

Wolfie - sorry you had such a bad day but it was lovely to meet you at last.  I was surprised to see you so far back down the field so it clearly wasn't your day and I know you are capable of much better.

Congratulations to all finishers. See you all on the 2012 thread.

11/04/2011 at 18:44
Darris Blackford wrote (see)

Just a quick thank you and well done to all of the runners and walkers who joined in with the Clif Bar Pace Leaders yesterday! We brought over a group of 5 leaders from our U.S. team, and secured 6 leaders from the U.K., and all performed brilliantly, especially given the warm conditions!

Special thanks for our U.K. leaders: Mark Shepherd (3:10), Nick Gracie (3:20), Ian Berry (3:30), David Hegarty (4:00), Sandra Bowers (4:15), and our alternate Racheal Elliott, and our U.S. leaders: George Roulett (3:40), Star Blackford (4:30), Robin Roulett (5:00) and Sharon McNary (5:30).

These were among the warmest temperatures we have faced in the States in our 8+ years of pacing, and we were amazed by the strength of the Brighton field! And the spectators - in a word - SPLENDID!


Darris Blackford (3:50 Pace Leader)

Hi Darris

I'm really glad you posted & hope you see this as I ran with your pace group until 13m & then, sort of by accident/false optimism, drifted ahead of you guys so never really got to say "Goodbye" or "Thank you"!!

As it was, I think I was slightly optimistic to put my foot down so early, & once the heat really hit from about 20m on I struggled & found the last 3m very hard in particular. As I was approaching the finish line I saw you & the guy from Chichester runners (hello- I spoke to you at the end!!) just crossing the line about 1 second in front of me so maybe I should have just stuck with you   - especially as not realising how bleak the Shoreham power station bit would be on my own  I finished in 3:49:59 so had a second to spare!!!

I hope everyone else in our pace group finished & got the time they hoped for - the heat certainly made it hard work, especially from halfway. I'm sorry I don't  know your names, but thought we were a fun gang with good camaraderie - the 1st 13m passed far more quickly, & were much better fun, than the 2nd half on my own!

So a BIG  thank you to Darris & crew!!

Caroline (white baseball cap, annoyingly shouting out the split times every (almost) mile & nearly twisted my ankle tripping on a cateye!!!) 

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11/04/2011 at 18:50
My race review:
11/04/2011 at 18:59
Carlo, I was also confusing when I got given a water pouch. In fact I struggled to get any water out of it so swapped it for a water bottle at the end of the water station. I meant to throw the pouch between the water station voluteers, but actually chucked it straight into a poor girls stomach. Opps. Next time I got a pouch I sucked and squeezed (ahem) at the same time and ended up choking on the water. I stuck to bottles from then on...
11/04/2011 at 19:13
GATTON! Was so lovely to meet you finally, and such a friendly face! Sorry I threw myself at you for a hug but it was well needed and thank you for worrying about me, it made me blub once I left you You were doing a great job
11/04/2011 at 19:19
Glad to see I wasn't the only one with water pouch issues. I took one and then tried to drink it and nothing came out. So I gave it a squeeze and the whole lot sprayed into my mouth. I found myself gasping for air for a few seconds. This really wasn't what I needed after about 25 miles. The water was also really warm, I did actually start to wonder if it was actually water that I had just ingested and not some kind of bizarre sun application. A very unfortunate episode indeed.

11/04/2011 at 19:26

Hi all.  Well doen everyone.  it was way too hot.

anyone know where/if the split times can be found?


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