Brighton Marathon 2013

Can't wait for this one!

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11/02/2013 at 10:15

Amazing runs from everyone. I managed my first ever 18 miles yesterday, it was very wet and bitterly cold, but I forced myself to keep running the whole way. The last 2 miles were very tough into a strong headwind, and I slowed considerably from 10:45 per mile to 11:45 per mile, but I was determined not to walk and that I did. In total I took around 3 hrs 18 mins. My previous longest without stopping was 15.25 miles. Keep it up everyone


11/02/2013 at 10:23
Good stuff Salisbury lad. There the runs you'll remember come race day when the going gets tough!

Pacers are ok but they are only human and can undergo the same problems we encounter. Personally stick to running to how you feel and use the harming to keep a check.

Mad snow here last night. High wycombe even been on bbc weather tv
Gonna enjoy my 8 mile recovery tonight
11/02/2013 at 10:26

Thanks Tenjiso and MarkD, that's kind of reinforced what I felt - I think I just need to learn not to race off in the first half of a race!

11/02/2013 at 13:12
MarkD wrote (see)
...stick to running to how you feel and use the harming to keep a check. 

That sounds a bit extreme   

I was initially disappointed with the arrival of yet more ankle-deep snow, as I had hoped to do a lactate threshold run today.  Then while walking the kids to school I thought, "You know what?  Today is a great day for a run!".  So shortly afterwards I headed out to just enjoy the run and do whatever I felt like.  I ran eight miles and averaged 9:05, which is my marathon pace, near as dammit. My fastest miles were 8:41, 8:39 and 8:36 which, given the conditions must have been close to lactate threshold anyway.

I was right.  It was a great day for a run.

11/02/2013 at 14:27

just a little 8 miles for me today boy has the temperature dropped again

11/02/2013 at 16:21

hi everyone i hope the training is going great!

does anyone know what kind packaging the water will come in in this year's event - i found the pouches last year a tad annoying!

11/02/2013 at 16:52

just had a quick dig around Brighton home page looks like it's the pouches again this year

11/02/2013 at 17:02

thanks Toby!

11/02/2013 at 19:51
Sorry not "harming"I meant garmin!!!!!

I'm not sure about those pouches either Luca 79

Tenjiso: pacers were the least of my worries at MK last year. Weather was worst ever!!!!!!

Definitely don't go off too fast at Brighton Barbie1976, the undulations out towards the marina will make you pay later

8 mile recovery run in a snow blizzard tonight, roll on spring!
11/02/2013 at 20:06

Great running, folks! I'm in awe.

I managed a 10k at the weekend - first run since the op on my leg last week. It went well enough and with no adverse effects, so it's back to marathon training with a vengeance this week: 4 miles tomorrow and Thursday, 9 miles Wednesday and Saturday, and 18 miles Sunday.


12/02/2013 at 07:19
MarkD wrote (see)
Tenjiso: pacers were the least of my worries at MK last year. Weather was worst ever!!!!!! 

The weather contributed to my pacing confusion.  To start with, one of the early mile markers seemed well out (though I had to assume it was the garmin), then at around 8 miles my Garmin was about 0.25 miles out   I lost all confidence in using the Garmin to pace myself, only to then be dragged along too fast by the 4:30 pacer until I let him go off somewhere around the halfway mark.  Of course, now I know that the course was amended due to flooding, which added the extra 0.2 miles, so I should have kept the faith with the garmin 

My pacing was all over the place on the day, but I've been more successful in subsequent 10k and HM races.  I put the latter success down to pacing the current mile, and not worrying over any (generally minor) pacing mistakes in previous miles.  This helps me settle into a rhythm, rather than speeding up or slowing down to try to get back "on track".  Hopefully I can keep my head and apply the same principle in Brighton!

Also, let's hope the weather is a significant improvement! 

Today I have a rest day.  Tomorrow is my first VO2max session of this marathon program.

12/02/2013 at 08:07
Water pouches sound awkward - presumably not the type of thing you can drop a 'salt' tablet in and carry with you then?

Snow was pretty coming down here yesterday, I dragged my son out on his bike to keep me company for 4 miles and it started whilst we were out. Extra harbour points for us! Didn't settle though. Still very cold out there again.

Wordslinger - glad your leg is okay and the opp went well.

Marked - I was laughing at 'harming' for garmin

Salisbury lad - great running! I've got my first 18 miles this week - actually feeling quite excited,as 18 sounds like 'proper' marathon training

8 for me today - just digesting my porridge and trying to work out a route. Don't think I've ever run 8 before - will no doubt involve running round and round the village and up and down our lane to make the miles up.
12/02/2013 at 14:17

afternoon all

well should have been doing 5 today but have over slept so as i have to be in work early today and Poohbear has the car I'm going to count the 3 walk to work and the 3 miles home again as my training for today

water pouches

for those interested these are the pouches we used last year and i assume will be using this year as well

Edited: 12/02/2013 at 14:21
12/02/2013 at 15:15
Ha, I'm pictured in the water pouch link (yellow afro!)

A slow 6 miles for me yesterday following the weekend's 20-miler. Was pleased with the time but I did get extremely bored!

I've got intervals tonight with the club (12x2 mins with 2 min recoveries) and will run the long way home to hopefully total around 10 miles.
12/02/2013 at 16:55

Hi everybody. Hopefully I'm not boring you with a question that has been asked many times, but I really want to run the Brighton Marathon this year and I don't have a place yet. Applying with certain charities not an option, I would give them money out of my pocket but I find it rather difficult to raise the hundrends of pounds they require. Is there any other way to register, maybe joining a team or something else? Thank you in advance!

12/02/2013 at 18:09
Why don't you get a charity place and then you could just give them a cheque for the minimum sponsorship out of your own pocket? As long as they get the money it doesn't matter who donates it.
12/02/2013 at 18:30

It is true they don't care how you raise the money, but they want a minimum of 420. If it was let's say 150 quid then sure, I would give out my pocket. If a running club that can put me in that race wants some money, I would like to be a part of that running club and benefit from their knowledge as well. As much as I would like to help charity organisations I think they set the bar too high.


12/02/2013 at 20:45

Lombster - love the picture! I'm still pondering over what to carry/use water wise. I hate carrying bottles and rarely use them, but I know I should over this distance. I just feel they put me off my stride in a way - I have tried bottles on a belt, but unless they are only about 100mls size they are too big and I find them uncomfortable.

Anyway, great running from everyone - shame about the snow although we've just had rain non stop so very soggy hill reps today! This morning I couldn't find my long running tights so decided to wear 3/4 length ones with compression socks. Normally I only put the socks on after a run, but they felt really comfy even during the run. Is anyone wearing them for Brighton? Most info I've read seems to imply that they are beneficial for after a run but not so much it then personal preference?

NIck S I had to pledge £450.00 for Oxfam which is very reasonable compared to some charities, have a hunt online thouhg or via the Brighton website.facebook there may be charities who only require a smaller amount. It is a problem though, I understand where you are coming from.

12/02/2013 at 20:57
Jelleybaby I'll be wearing my compression calf guards, I wore them in the off-road Beachy Head marathon and they really made a difference especially in those last few miles.
12/02/2013 at 21:06
Jelley. I now live in compression socks both during and after runs. As a result I have been able to up mileage without injury as it helps recovery and I think help training runs. I have no proof it does but it works for me .... Even if I look "different".
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