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here we go again

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Yesterday at 12:23

Andyp what was Bacchus like, I wanted to do it this year but due to my daughter being with child and nearing her drop date I couldn't, there would be no way I was or am allowed to do any planned races in September!!! No baby news yet, although she is having mild contractions ,has been since Monday, yikes, I hope it's soon cos all my runs are being done very close to home, the cows are now in the meadow where I've been running 5 miles most mornings with my dogs, this morning,however,was a 10 lap run of the smaller field next to the meadow without cows, my border collie does not like cows plus dogs have to be on leads and mine don't run with leads!!!! 

I'm birth partner along with my son in law so my phone is permanently stuck to me,hence I can't venture far from home running!!! I was thinking yesterday, apart from my two week holiday I've ran at least 5 days a week for well over a year now!!! Which is the longest I've ran without a" can't be bothered break!!! " I've been really enjoying my running ...andyp is thst the Portsmouth marathon where if you don't get through the first half in under 3 hours your not allowed to continue cos of the tides and you'll be cut off or swimming!! On the 21st December, yes I fancied that one too but daughter has asked for my undivided attention for first few months with  baby so no proper "training" I havnt told her I entered the ballot for London, so just not sure what to say if I actually by some miracle get a ballot place !!! But Portsmouth is still tempting me !! I'm running 10 miles on my long runs on a Saturday, yep that's lots of laps , which if nothing else mentally strengthens you eh ...

Poohbear, I too am now officially registered for brighton 10km  after running 4 out of the last 5 marathons in Brighton,I decided i still wanted to be a part of the weekend but I've never watched the marathon,so hopefully I'm aiming for 45-50 mins nearer 45 would be my dream time, (so like you I'm gonna be doing lots of speed work in the next few months) I can then get washed up when I'm done and meet up with my mum and daughter and actually watch and cheer all you marathoners....hotel is booked for my usual 3 night mini break ...

Happy running to everyone 

Yesterday at 20:42

Hi Yvonne Oooo exciting times in your family.  How did you train your dogs to run with you? I have tried with two of ours in the past, one wanted to stop and go home after a minute and the other was so excited he kept running in circles rather than going forwards.  

Another 5 miles for me tonight deliberately kept it slow and steady as my legs were tired from yesterday's efforts and it was really nice just plodding along enjoying the run without pushing the pace at all.

Yesterday at 20:43

PS. Swervin Mervin I am going to do the Tonbridge Half - see you there

Yesterday at 21:54

Tillstar, I didn't really have to train them, they just follow me where ever I go like two little shadows, I guess it helps that one is a shepherd cross so is protective and does not venture far from my side the other a very mad border collie who has just turned two and just runs for pleasure like me he also chases birds in the sky by sprinting across the field after them although I've already run 5 miles( or more on a Saturday )  !! He never stops and loves it , they ran the 9:61 miles I did on Saturday with me , this field has the river Thames running along side it so water for them isn't a problem and the meadow has the thames on one side and the river churn on the other ....ideal really .....I'm just lucky I guess they enjoy their running !! 

Yesterday at 23:33

You lot still 'ere then

Today at 00:48

Yep were still going

Yvonne thanks for the donation

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Today at 14:08
yvonne 2 wrote (see)

Andyp what was Bacchus like

Hi Yvonne - if you ran it as a straight race, I would put it in the very difficult category.  It's mainly off-road, through woods, with some tough uphill stretches.
The fact that there are 7 drink stations (14 on the marathon) with wine, food, etc, and everyone stops to chat and drink at each one, breaks the running up nicely.

Add to that the large majority of runners are in fancy dress creates a carnival atmosphere.  I've done it twice now and love it.

Good luck with your imminent delivery - hope all goes well



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