Brighton Marathon 2015

here we go again

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28/02/2015 at 04:04

That has been my theory and hope it rings true.  3 hours on the feet, 20 miles in training building up to 3:15 on the feet 22 miles is hopefully good training for 3:30 on the feet 26.2 miles on the day so only 15 miles of no mans land which seems more preferable to 3.5 miles of no mans land.

28/02/2015 at 16:39
3 hour run completed. Certainly not enjoyable as it was cold, wet and windy plus there were some seriously dangerous drivers out; one nearly clipped me on a quiet road (I was facing oncoming traffic) as he didn't budge one bit over to the right so left me with about a foot to squeeze through. Then shortly after another nearly clipped me who was going in the same direction as me so was clearly well over the right hand side of the road. Anyway, it's by far my longest duration training run and made sure I kept it at a slower pace than the 20 miler a few weeks ago. Managed just over 23 miles at 7:46 mm.

I hope everyone else has had better weather for their runs. Not too long to go now!
28/02/2015 at 16:48

Great running Lombster!! 23 miles is a serious effort, fair play.

Had a 10 mile race this morning which went pretty well but i went off far too slowly so gave myself too much to do but happy to finish strong with a couple of sub 6 minute miles for miles 9 and 10. Downside was that i got lapped!!

28/02/2015 at 17:55
Cheers J Swizzle. Better to have a strong finish with more in the tank than blow up from going out too quick. I assume the laps were only a short distance? One of my 1 min reps yesterday was at 4:41 pace which for me was going some. Really puts things into perspective when elite marathoners can do that kind of pace for just over two hours and I can't manage two minutes!
28/02/2015 at 19:56

Doing 18 mile run tomorrow Not looking forward to it.

28/02/2015 at 20:19

Lombster you are right about pacing but almost felt a little guilty finishing with so much left. Legs thanked me, although they don't know that i may be doing a 20 mile run in the morning with the wife as we have childcare.

Laps were pretty short just over a 1.5 miles and winner was only one to pass me and he finished in 51:40.

4:41 is flying!! elite's are something else keeping that kind of pace for 2 hours blows my mind.

Tracey, good luck in the morning. Bet the worst part will be thinking about the run once you get going sure you will enjoy it.

01/03/2015 at 15:40

Afternoon all

well Bath H/M for me to day did it in 1:46:09 which is about 4 minutes slower than last year and over 5 minutes outside my PB i have to admit I've been playing with the training for Brighton this year just can't seem to find the enthusiasm I've had in previous years

Well it showed today as i started off at 7:25m/m with ever mile getting gradually slow by the 13th mile it was down to 8:33m/m

so i think it's going to be just get around this year at Brighton will sign up for next year but I'm going to have to see how i feel when December comes as to whether i can be bothered to train for another one

but this year I’m going to go back to the approach i adopted after Brighton 2013 and only run the training distances  i need for the race I’m training for and not keep up the heavy mileage i did this year




01/03/2015 at 16:34

Sorry to hear that Al

01/03/2015 at 16:39
20 miles for me today my first run ever at that distance 2hr 41 felt ok all the way round but my calves where on fire once I'd finished spent the rest of the day on the sofa watching all three games
Yesterday at 09:25

Ran 18 miles yesterday 

Yesterday at 10:18

As BM is only next month now  I'll check in here now and then and let you know if I hear any useful news and can answer questions about local knowledge - I live in Brighton and volunteer for BM every year.

If you're making a weekend of it, parkrun will still be going ahead in Preston Park (and Hove Park) on the Saturday, including going under the marathon start line if you want a leg loosener or your  support team want a run and this is followed by the kids MiniMile races in the park, so it's a busy day as a warm up for your run and my 4.30am start on Sunday .

Yesterday at 11:01

20 miles on Saturday and feeling good 2hrs56mins (could a sub 4 may be in reach for brighton who knows Im still aiming for the finish line first and foremost!) - this was my longest ever run and whilst I felt pretty achy at 17 miles but 1 mile later i had a bizarre rush/ high and felt invincible for the last couple of miles and the last mile was the fastest- i was not expecting that!

Hope everyone else had a good weekend


Yesterday at 11:40

Great long runs people!!

Giles Sub 4 is well on, with a little fresher legs and a few more 20 milers under your belt you may really surprize yourself with your time.

Great work Marshy, first 20m in 2:41 is very impressive! hope the calves feel good today.

Toby, sorry to hear it is not all going to plan hope the miles in the bank can come through for you on race day. 1 bad race is not the end of the world.


33 total miles for me for the weekend including a lovely 20miler with the wife along the river. A bit slower than normal for the 20m but may allow me to recover enough to run another 20 on Thursday before a cut  back week.

Yesterday at 11:47

Toby I know how you feel. Same for me, I have no enthusiasm this year and think it might be my last, all my times this year have been slower than for last 3 years as i really cant be bothered anymore.

As with you toby, I might sign up for it and see how it goes around december time.

managed 20 miles in the wind and rain on saturday morning - oh what fun!

Yesterday at 15:13

1.43 for the half yesterday Rob? Pleased with that? 

Yesterday at 16:07

Steyning Stinger yesterday, a VERY muddy 26 miles on the South Downs. Absolutely love this race 

Yesterday at 16:08

Lombster if you can do training runs of 23 miles in 3 hrs thats seriously good and must be close to sub 3 territory!

which half was that Phil / Rob?

Yesterday at 16:55

Eastbourne, as stated by Rob last week.


Today at 00:29

Did get my bum out the door today 10 miles never bothered about the time i think i need to go back to basics and just run for fun

Today at 08:08
1:42:40 for Eastbourne some killer hills meant I averaged over 8:30 for first four miles but then 7:30 last nine would do 1:38 on a flat course
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