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19/05/2004 at 02:44

just got back on plane from mini-hol in glasgow and read the paper on the plane - page 3(?) big story ........FR Services (who run the chip thing for have admitted they **cocked up the times** - they sent the total race times to the paper ie that don't account for the difference in starting times of runners - instead of the chip times ie true times for from going over the line

EVENING TIMES is being republished tomorrow with correct times and website has correct times now appararently

Apparentlyl the last runner crossed the start line 34mins after the race start - so her time will be 34mins better than the official one published at first !!!

bet she'll be pleased.....
19/05/2004 at 02:47
Geordie girl - sorry we couldn't meet up - bit of a nightmare with illness - horrendous cold and then little bloke had the runs

we were never getting out of that hotel room at breakfast !!

we did see the race though

standing near the finish looked out for everyone's number but didn't see a single soul (:-((

so so many people

agree about that final bit not being clear what was the finish - even as a spectator it wasn't obvious where the finish was

19/05/2004 at 02:48
correction - paper TODAY 19th has times (i didn't realise it's past midnight....)
19/05/2004 at 08:12
LOK - Thnaks for the tip about the paper. I do not normally buy it, and had a discussion with my husband as to whether or not they would re-print and he though not.

Will pick one up.

Sorry we did not see you. It was strange cos when i can into the park at the finish I did think about you. I saw someone with a small child on their shoulders roundabout the 9k marker, but they did not shout my number so i knoew that it was not you.

I did not see my family at the finish, although I did hear them shouting which was good.

My daughter had my mobile during the race - had I passed my number to you? I think I will use that ploy int he future - it worked quite well. Left my phone on for the whole event, but handed to the munchkin as I went to th start. A couple of people who were trying meet up with us phoned and spoke to briony and so were able to find them/us.
19/05/2004 at 11:01
LOK - sorry not to have caught up with you. Hope that you and the little one are getting better now. Do you have another race planned ?

Thanks for the the news about the paper - will pick up another on tonight. For those out of town, drop me an eMail if you want me to mail one to you.
19/05/2004 at 11:27
I've just phoned my sister to ask her to get me an Evening Times because I'm in Perth and don't get it here. Problem is my sis is a bit forgetful so there's every possibility she'll forget. If anyone gets a few copies for others and has one spare, I'll happily cover all costs for it to be sent to me!
19/05/2004 at 11:33
Debstir - no problems.........I am in Perth too !! Drop me an eMail and I'll drop it off for you run in Perth ?
19/05/2004 at 11:41
Geordie girl, no way!! Can you get the Evening Times here? I thought they stopped selling it about Stirling!! I do run in Perth, ran to, then round the North Inch this morning (I'm the other side of the South Inch). I'm moving to Bridge of Earn next month, so it'll be good to have all the surrounding countryside to run in!
19/05/2004 at 11:53
Just up from the Fire Station !! I work in Livingston thou (don't ask !!) so pick can pick the paper up from the service station before heading onto the motorway.

I've not been running on the Inch yet - hopefully heading out tomorrow night and then doing the Race for Life there on Sunday - you doing that one ?

Bridge of Earn is beautiful - lucky you ! Just trying to get a permenant job (contracting at mo) and then I can find my idyllic shack in the middle of field somewhere.....

What distances/races do you run ?
19/05/2004 at 12:12
That's a fair ol' trek every day! I thought I was bad when I stayed in Stirling and travelled to Perth every day. I'm not doing the Perth Race for Life on Sunday, I'm travelling to Aberdeen for the 10k as our work club is using it as the European x-country qualifier, as we are dotted around all over Scotland! If I come in the first 4 or 5 from our club I'm going to Sweden in August! So keep your fingers crossed for me!I'm going to do the Dundee Race for Life in July. Don't know what it'll be like as I've never done it before (flat hopefully!!). Oops, better go and get ready for work!!
19/05/2004 at 17:17
Thanks for all your support girls - it is only 10 months since Eilidh was born so I shouldn't feel too bad. I did the GNR 12 weeks after she was born - although someone had told me that I wouldn't manage it so that was enough for me!!
19/05/2004 at 17:44
Mum on the run - hope to meet up with you at the next event we do whatever that may be.
20/05/2004 at 08:59
I've picked up a couple of extra copies of the updated results paper - drop me an eMail if you want me to send on a copy.
20/05/2004 at 14:12
Geordie Girl, if you've got an extra copy can I claim one please? My sister hasn't got back in touch so I can only imagine she's forgotten to get me one!!

Did you go for a run round the North Inch last night? I think it's a great setting, as long as you don't get hit by a golf ball! I might go there later, don't know whether to go out for a run this afternoon or tonight, I've got loads to do! Still, I'm sure I'll find a wee gap in my busy schedule to make time for a run!
20/05/2004 at 20:14
No need for a copy of the paper; my sis texted me and she's got one! Thanx anyway!

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