BUPA London 10,000

I know it's expensive but what a route!!

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03/06/2009 at 15:45

hellooooooooooo Tracy! 

Im gonna give the speed work a go- ive got up to about 40 miles pw now, so would be good focusing on my times now- i really need to get a hr monitor or watch that can help me plan...

So Schmunkee, can we enter the GCR yet then?


03/06/2009 at 16:19
5k.. is tempting for a PB... I'm doing the Adidas Womens 5K, was planned for a PB but now it's supporting friends who just starting running. 40 miles??!! Wow.. that would knock off some kitkats
03/06/2009 at 19:13
Hi Hummo - not yet, but keep an eye on the Great Run website.  You can register to be sent an e-mail when entries open tho
04/06/2009 at 07:47

Schmunkee thanks heaps for DVD.. I haven't watched it yet. Received it last night. What's the thing with the Great Run.. it's only 5K but is it a fab run or something?

Training update: Did 15 mins out, 13.37 back ! How did I do it? Did I cheat and run uphill out and downhill back? No! I pictured myself running after fit PT I have however, twinged something in right thigh Wonder if he does sport massge

Have a good day all

06/06/2009 at 08:35
Morning all,

had a small op at the docs yesterday so no training for a week or so . In a bad mood and weather has turned so no hammock.

TracyB whats it like being married to my pt? ....... ok but if I don't want to do something I tell him go jump lol!

Hope everyone is well

I'm off to sulk
06/06/2009 at 22:14

Aww Lisa, hope your days are sunny again soon, wishing u speedy recovery (no pun intended)

I am trying to get to grips with my shiny new HRM!!  My physio saw me out plodding on the street and thought I was struggling (well, I was, but no more than usual!)   So decided to buy a cheap HRM, got the Garmin 50 as the new replacement FR60 model costs almost 3 times as much(!!)so that I could plod along and monitor my heart rate etc.  Good idea??  Now trying to work out what zone I should program up so that I can get fitter whilst burning loads of fat (ie cakes consumed).  Gonna try a 10K tomorrow morning, see how slow I have to go before I could chat whilst plodding.

Anyone got any advice on this, all suggestions gratefully received.

07/06/2009 at 19:49

Hi Maggie

Really need to do a max test, don't worry it doesn't hurt  ... much , and a minimum test to assertain your working heart rate. You can then work out your training 'zones'.

There's a page on here somewhere that covers it all I'll try and find a link and post it 

edit ... TRY THIS

Edited: 07/06/2009 at 19:52
10/06/2009 at 17:28

Hi Mike

Thanks for the link, I have now read up on the heart rate stuff, there are quite a few varying theories out there!!  Anyway, I have programmed the Garmin with heart rate zones etc (haven't actually done the max test yet although min is around 60bpm) but I am not best friends with the darn watch!  My Sunday 10K was inadvertently wiped out before upload and I am finding it difficult to toggle thru the options on the watch.  Only now am I reading that lots of peeps have had probs setting up and using this particular model (guess u get what you pay for).

Working nights this week, may try a verrrry slow 5k tomorrow morning to trial the zones etc.

Tks again

29/07/2009 at 11:37

Hi everyone

 I'm thinking of entering and want to raise money for charity through my place but i have no idea if i'll be able to collect sponsorship for a 10k! Has anyone done the run for charity before? How much do you think i might be able to raise? Is £300 achievable?



29/07/2009 at 14:42

Hi Emma

yes, both my son and I did it and raised money for a local charity, we raised about £300 between us (but the same people sponsored us both so gave us each half the money they would have given if only one of us was doing it). I guess it depends on your circle of friends, people at work tend not to sponsor me but the people from the church are very generous. Also depends on if this is your first 10k or if you've done loads - if it is your first they will be more likely to sponsor you.

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