Cardiff Half-Marathon

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ImRio    pirate
09/09/2009 at 08:59
Oooh great!  TOTP!  Lol
09/09/2009 at 09:21

Look out - Grandma's arrived

09/09/2009 at 09:23
Ooooops, meant to say Spike, Miss Jenkins apparently didn't look too shabby in lycra.  I got a few pictures, for the club website obviously 
09/09/2009 at 09:56
I didn't realise that Dirtymac Runners was still in existance!
ImRio    pirate
09/09/2009 at 10:47
Of course it is Daz is the main organiser
09/09/2009 at 12:01
And there I was thinking Daz was whiter than white........(crap gag but it is half past week!!)
ImRio    pirate
09/09/2009 at 12:15
Only his running kit!  And god help if you splash it!
09/09/2009 at 12:27
There's a challenge! A Daz challenge even....gosh they get worse as they get older!
ImRio    pirate
09/09/2009 at 13:19
Le Kit even gets ironed!!!!  rofl
09/09/2009 at 13:47
Ironed? What's that?
ImRio    pirate
09/09/2009 at 13:56
I don't know!!  He had army style creases down the sleeves and everything when I used to run with him! lol
09/09/2009 at 13:58

Hello all

Getting closer, Looking at going under 2Hours 10 here hopefully 2 hours if the training goes well

09/09/2009 at 14:49

You may run quicker if you don't carry the fish....


09/09/2009 at 15:28
The fish goes back before each run
09/09/2009 at 15:46
The list grows as long as the jokes about Daz from Spike. Hope he's cleaned out  Any more for any more? DB9 1.27
kittenkat 1.27 (If I'm there at all, it depends on the next few weeks)
SteveG 1.27
Stray Celt 1.40
Spike sends Love light and peace 1.40
The Kings Shrew: 1.50
hovis 1.56
Pingu Pongu 1.52? you'l be fine by then and may adjust sub 1.50
Catoface 1.59.55...caution thrown for you
Dean Oram 2:00-2:10
Paul Bowen 4 2:10
Im Rio!
Don Kiddick
09/09/2009 at 16:19
Dean Oram wrote (see)
The fish goes back before each run

That's not that big famous Carp that died is it?!
09/09/2009 at 19:54
Daz ceratinly ain't no Fairy!  (although he does fly!)
09/09/2009 at 19:54

P.S. Lux like the last of the Daz gags.......

Edited: 09/09/2009 at 19:55
10/09/2009 at 00:52
Fairy Nuff...I wouldn't be so Bold to suggest you could Surf the net to find any more.  I'll keep my Ariel tuned in to see if anything else crops up, otherwise I'll take Comfort on knowing there's a lot of us ready for the HM nad in good condition..err or so I think
10/09/2009 at 07:32

Enought with the gags lol.

Pmsl at "creases down the sleeves " - yeah right, I only wear vests

81 to 100 of 511 messages
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