Chesterfield Spire 10

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21/06/2007 at 13:44
Me and a mate are planning to do this as training for the GNR at the end of Sept (fits in well as the mighty Morecambe are away at Notts County day before, so stopping the weekend).

Just wondering how beginer freindly this is as dont want to be too embarrased finished ages after everyone else ! I'm doing my 10k race's in just over 50mins
25/06/2007 at 18:20
Ditto! I'm doing this as it is the town in which I grew up and am doing my first half marathon (Kenilworth) in October.

I only did my first 10k two weeks ago in 51 mins. Yay! I looked at a predicted 10 mile time from my 10k time (90 mins ish) and checked against last years results. Should be firmly mid field I think so not too much embarassment. Last place last year was over 2.5 hours.

Although it is uphill - FOR THE FIRST FOUR MILES!!! Make sure you include some hill work!
25/06/2007 at 18:21
Proper Derbyshire hills as well!
11/07/2007 at 08:34
I believe that miles 2-4 are the worst with the biggest climb, then from 4-9 miles it's not to bad and actually quite a lot of downhill as you drop down out of the hills and down through Brampton but at 9 miles there is a half mile stretch past the Trading Post pub which is just on a slight incline and is a bit of a killer.
Does this sound about right?

11/07/2007 at 09:23
Sounds about right to me!
11/07/2007 at 19:01
Just realised that I now have this day free.

Should I or should I not enter??

There is also the added bonus of lunch at suzyqs' if she is not at work. Must check that before entering.
12/07/2007 at 21:30
Definitely uphill for first few miles . After a level bit its then very downhill for a good 3 miles . I almost prefer the uphill !
Farnie    pirate
12/07/2007 at 21:33
do you know what the route is?
12/07/2007 at 21:43
Out of Holmebrook Park up up and up through Cutthorpe . Left and flattish towards Eastmoor . Left and down , down , down through Brampton . Left through Holme Hall . Up a bit past Trading Post and left to Park Entrance .
13/07/2007 at 07:06
I have a very vague recollection of just stopping at the pub last time...
13/07/2007 at 15:26
Think a couple of pit stops at Three merry men and The Gate will be needed!!!
02/08/2007 at 16:54
Booked on now, hope it don't kill me before the GNR !

got down to 48mins on my last 10k so were see how I do....
07/08/2007 at 07:25
Entered this morning. Looking forward to this one.
07/08/2007 at 10:08
one of the toughest races in the area, first 4/5miles up hill to TV Spire, then 3 or so downhill and 1 or so slight uphill to finish.Great race though, do it every year.
09/08/2007 at 10:14
I am also not sure whether to do this for my gnr training. Sounds a little scary and my 10k time is only around an hour still but then again I'm not too bothered about being at the back. It's just the hills sound scary. Got quite a while till the race so I think I'll see how my training goes up to then!
09/08/2007 at 10:25
Think I will be doing this this year, I have wanted to for the last 3 years but have always had a half marathon either the week before or after so haven't done it.

Not so this year so will be filling out the form tonight.

09/08/2007 at 15:11
Don't worry Katie, you won't be at the back while I'm around :)
29/08/2007 at 15:08

I'm also doing this as part of my GNR training. Had a look at the results from last year and don't think I'll come last (!) but it's my first truly hilly race so I am a little nervous!!

29/08/2007 at 17:15

Same here Kate we have been doing some hilly 10 mile runs in training but still probably nothing like the hills over those first 4 miles in Chesterfield.

Just have to take it easy at first and then try and make up time from 5 miles onwards.

I am not really trying for a good time in this one just happy to get round as if we can do this then we will be ready for the GNR.

30/08/2007 at 00:36
OOOH EK !! someone said it was hilly for first two miles then flatish to 7 then down hill - they were having me on by the sounds of things - too late now, see you at the start on Sunday !!
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