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04/06/2010 at 22:33

Whoopeee.... we've finally ran Ayr to Oban!

I'm resting tonight in Oban and Coasters are planning a relentless weekend of running to make to best of the weather while it's good going...

So if you would excuse me, I'm off to has been a loooong day....

05/06/2010 at 07:51

Congratulations all on here that have run and got Barry to the next stretch on time.


05/06/2010 at 08:15
well done all. reports in and contacts please
06/06/2010 at 08:46
I am doing my usual requests for reports and details. I will also ask if anybody would be interested in doing a podcast, something that a lot of people have a natural allergy to. Believe me, when I did mine it was not that bad although I naturally felt awkward.
I do not think that the coasters spirit should end after you have ran.

I did go out of my way to set podcast and devise a personal thankyou card from Barry. I want all to be recognised.

07/06/2010 at 17:31
Well done again everyone, time seems to be whizzing by and Barry will be on the South Coast in no time!
08/06/2010 at 09:47


I have put in a starter review of the event on this site. Please if you want, say a little something of your experience to help attract interest. Photo thing was not working but if it works for you


16/06/2010 at 18:47
Stu wrote (see)


I have put in a starter review of the event on this site. Please if you want, say a little something of your experience to help attract interest. Photo thing was not working but if it works for you


16/06/2010 at 21:03

Well done, Stu...that was a great write-up..

Come on Coasters...we've had a great time together and there are many stories to tell...Stu doesn't believe me  so you'll have to do it.

30/06/2010 at 20:12

Hello all you lovely coasters,

I am trying to collect all the reports to be in one place and foolishly thought that I could just plough through all the treads to find them but this has proved to be bigger task than I anticipated. I have managed to find following reports for this stretch:

Ayr - Irvine

Irvine - Ardrossan

Brodick - Lochranza (Isle of Arran) 

Lochranza - Tarbert

Jura Fell Race

If you know that I have missed your report or a report could you please email it to me to THANK YOU!
Edited: 30/06/2010 at 21:05
02/07/2010 at 21:27

I have put all the reports that I have received on Coasters Facebook page. LINK IS HERE.

  It might look a bit funny as there are lots of reports that only say "No report". I have done this in a hope that some of these reports might still appear and then can be added afterwards keeping the order correct and also so that it can be seen where Barry has been and when. 

 If you have still a report knocking about that is not appearing on the page then please do send it to me to

Thank you!
12/07/2010 at 17:10

Hi folks,

This is my  weekly call for support for the present stretch Edinburgh to South Shields. Please pop in and show you are behind them.

This is absolutely crucial, in that, for coasters to be a success, all stretches have to complete.  The coasters spirit is partly about realizing how inter-dependent we are. Look at where Barry is now and feel proud. Look where he has been and look where he is heading!!

What an event we have!

15/07/2010 at 22:38
Hi Coasters! I'm having a wee rest at the mo and thought I pop in to see how everyone is doing.. I've been logging the miles down in Edinburgh-South Shields stretch.  I would like to show you around there so do pop round soon and introduce yourselves to the runners there.  They are very friendly so come join in the party there...
27/08/2010 at 19:24

Call for some housekeeping

Could those coordinators whose stretches have finished please make sure that website has the correct: runners, mileages, maps?

If you don't know how to get access to the website admin section do give a shout and that can be sorted.

 It would be great if we have the information about who ran and for how long and which route they took as accurately as possible. 

Thank you!

13/09/2010 at 18:22

************ Calling all coasters**********

Stu has tried to get publicity for Barrys BIG RUN IN and as mentioned earlier in the forum coverage by the press has been scarce. i beleive if we bombard the news channels with the same format e-mail we can get their attention.

after discussing it with Stu

i've put together an e-mail format and posted it here, copy and paste the relevent sections as described

please mail it out to as many people as possible and get them to mail the TV stations on the links 

Copy these into the “To” box of your e-mail

Copy this into the Subject Matter

Coasters GB "Just a bunch of people running round the Great British coastline ..."

Copy the text below into the body box of your e-mail

I am writing to let you know that since May 9th a rather special event has been taking place.

 Highly influenced by Eddie Izzard's fantastic feat of 43 marathons in 52 days, and one man's innate desire to "do something a bit different", the question "would it be possible to run a relay around the Coast of Great Britain?" was posed. The departure of a baton named Barry from Blackpool Tower on the 9th May gave us part of the answer. By following our Barry Tracker you can see the full answer unveil itself

 This is a relay around the coast of Great Britain. This is not your usual charity run at all. We are not tackling this task for a charity nor do we have any big sponsors. We started as a simple idea voiced on the internet in December last year.

The way we evolved and the spirit that has arisen is a story in itself, I feel. A story that your viewers and listeners would find entertaining and inspiring I am certain. Where has an event of such a scale been organized via the internet involving people who are largely strangers and in just 6 months moved from idea to reality?

Barry The Baton has touched the hearts of all who have met him, whether runners or kindly Hotel Managers who have looked after him before the next runner came to pick him up. All have wanted to “Do it for Barry” .The event has evolved into more than a relay, more than we ever could have predicted or imagined. It is an expression of British eccentricity and it embodies a spirit of pulling together reminiscent of the blitz years.

We are now almost 80% of the way around the coast as I write and looking to finish on Sunday 24th  October with Barrys “BIG RUN IN” supported by hundreds of Coasters who took part.

Simply by clicking onto , finding where Barry is and contacting us. It is free to take part and open to all abilities. From our website you can also view the wonderful pictures taken as Barry bounds around the coast.

Thanking you

A CoasterGB

19/09/2010 at 20:24

well folks. As we have an extra bit of time due to NI doing their bit sometime after the full circuit, we can consolidate a suitable finish time (either 23rd/24th). Would be great now if you could have your say on the main thread we can all cheer on the last 3 stretches

Of course you can all pop over for the finish once sorted

your opinion counts

04/10/2010 at 11:50
Rockhopper Penguin wrote (see)

Get voting people!

Everyone chooses three titles. We then take the top 5 choices and have a second round of voting to select our favourite.

Can everyone and anyone share the link:

22/10/2010 at 16:44
Stu wrote (see)
Stu wrote (see)




17/11/2010 at 08:45

Those of you that expressed an interest in taking part in in some form of an event next year please vote now.

Vote here

Many Thanks

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