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Wonderful Wonderful Copenhagen

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31/10/2003 at 09:22

I'm sure a Dannebrog hairstyle will catch the eye. Maybe you'll end up in the newspapers again!

BTW most Irish people thought I was Swiss!

We'll have to start practising the Danish thou, if you wanna go as a Dane...

Try this one:
"Rød grød med fløde" ;-o

I did not see Copenhagen on your list!?

31/10/2003 at 09:59
Thanks Eeyin - what with Paris sorted and Copenhagen close to being sorted, somehow I sense a 2004 grand tour of Europe beginning to take shape.
31/10/2003 at 10:06
Belfast is two weeks before and Prague is a week after Copenhagen ..... Oh gawd you trying to get me divorced ..... If its less than 300 miles from Praque to Copenhagen, I may cycle between the two.
31/10/2003 at 10:16
Sorry, a lot more than 300 miles!

Am sure you would have both divorce and very tired legs on the day!
31/10/2003 at 10:20
642 miles and a couple of ferries too ... maybe a tad adventurous.
31/10/2003 at 11:43
Hello CR, I believe I met you at the breakfast run in Dublin during the dancing. I've been to Copenhagen and thought it was wonderful wonderful (!) so am quite attracted by the thought of doing this marathon. The only problem is I'm still in deep trouble for having done Dublin! (the other problem is did I see that plummie might be doing it too?)
31/10/2003 at 14:07

Hi OB . . be great if you came along . . you could promise to do 30k again perhaps?

CR . . any chance of typing that our phonetically for me?

31/10/2003 at 14:18
rich - that way trouble lies. I think honesty will have to be the best policy!
31/10/2003 at 21:23
Old Bean,
Great Stuff! Will put you on the list.

Runners who might be interested:
Peppermint Hippo,
Ian Wood,

Am sure I would have remembered dancing with you! ;-)
31/10/2003 at 21:50

No chance, but here is how to make it:

Rød grød med fløde
Red fruit dessert with cream

1 lb. red currents
1 lb. raspberries
1 lb. black currants
3/4 cup cornstarch
blanched almonds
1 - 2 cups sugar

Rinse fruit and place in pot with cold water enough to cover berries.
Cook until fruit has no more color and place a cloth over a sieve and
pour juice and berries through. Squeeze all juice out of berries in cloth.
Pour juice into clean pot and bring to a boil with sugar. Mix cornstarch
with a little water and add to juice, stirring constantly. Let boil two minutes.
Remove from stove. 1 cinnamon stick may be added to berries when
they cook or 1/2 vanilla bean may be added after removed from stove.
When cold, ladle into individual plates, sprinkle with sugar and pour
cream on top to taste.

31/10/2003 at 22:04

Hi Charlotte, mmmmmmmmmmmmm - that sounds good.

I knew it was red and had cream in it but the grød beat me, and I should have known what med meant . . .

How much more would you need for two people then? And does it have to look like the Dannebrog when it's served?


Surprises me that the Irish thought your flag was Swiss. If you'd said that about us lot I wouldn't have been in the least bit surprised.

And now what have I let myself in for? I promised to learn Irish dancing for Connemara . . now I have to pick up some words of Danish.

When I spent a week in Sweden I got by with "Kan du taler Engelska?" (please excuse speeling AND no doubt pronunciation!!).

Still, takes your mind off the race eh?

31/10/2003 at 22:26
I have never run a marathon but would quite like to do one. I suppose the advantage here is that it will be flat.

Is it a race for serious athletes only ?

Mentioned it to a couple of friends but they were a bit negative.

31/10/2003 at 22:35

Surely, that portion is big enough to serve two people,- unless you're very greedy!

Swedish as well! Well done! Slightly different pronunciation in Danish and you will easily get by...

If I had to worry about spelling and pronunciation, I would not be on this forum!

Am surprised how patient you guys are, when I'm trying my best school English!

BTW LL is back from Grimsby on Sunday. Am beginning to miss her. She's an expert on Rødgrød med fløde!

01/11/2003 at 10:20
CR - we didn't dance! I should have used better English, we met at the music/dancing event after the brekkie run. I obviously made quite an impact!! :-)
01/11/2003 at 20:05
rødrrød isn`t that the really gelatinous stuff ?

Found your earlier post and I am not scandinavian but live in Norway.
01/11/2003 at 20:09

WW CPH is not only for serious athletes! I am not sure what the cut-off time is, but I will look into it... and the route is flat indeed.

If you want to run a marathon, then I think you should go for it. I ran my first in Dublin and I thought it was fantastic!

It takes a lot of hard work and training, determination and planning, but it is one of the best things I have ever done!

Never mind the negative friends. You will get a lot of new positive ones,- especially here at the forum! ;-))
01/11/2003 at 20:11

Well if you look a bit like your picture, then I think I know, who you are! Too bad we did not get to dance! ;-)
01/11/2003 at 20:13
Oh no, Hoover, not unless you put too much cornstarch in!
02/11/2003 at 16:19
I'm back from Grimsby!
Have missed you all! Glad to hear that Dublin went well.
Hoover, I have never done a marathon before either and if I dont get into FLM then Copenhagen will be my first. CR, have you discovered whether there is a cutoff time?
Just to add to the store of knowledge on red fruit pudding, let me say that Tesco has bags of frozen red fruit (strawberries,rasberries,redcurrants & cherries I think)so you can make the dish even when the fruit is not in season. My humble attempt passed the CR taste test and I am no Jamie Oliver!
02/11/2003 at 19:25
Come on, LL, you are being way too modest!!

Anyway, good to have you back! We have missed you too!

Will contact Sparta to ask about cutoff time.

Any other questions while I am at it?
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