Crowborough 10K

Now how big is this hill ?

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23/11/2005 at 22:54
Ah, ok. Doesn't sound too bad. Count me in!!
26/11/2005 at 13:47
Anybody know of a half decent place to stay before the run. Preferably somewhere with gym and/or pool? Coming down from north of M25.
27/11/2005 at 15:20
Help and advice needed chaps - I have signed up for the race, bought some warmer running gear and even got new running shoes - now I have come down with a cold. I haven't run for a week and at best will get one 5 KM run in before next Sunday - Do I go even if I feel rough and haven't trained and see how I get on or do I only go if I know I am well enough to do it and finish. Personal bests are out the window for sure! I find this site and these conversations very helpful - thanks to all who take the time - it's much appreciated.

27/11/2005 at 16:31
Darren - it's a 2 lap race. So, if you're feeling rough after a lap you can always duck out then - at least you'll have fiven it a shot and if you don't finish, the 5K run you'll have done will help you get back/keep/improve your fitness.

I'd go for it.
27/11/2005 at 16:49
Thanks Martin - I said to the wife I could always do it as a 5K rather than a 10K if I was feeling rough - do I need to tell anyone if I pull out after 5K?
27/11/2005 at 18:25
Well you won't be the only one. Although you don't have to tell anybody, it might be coureous to let them know at the finish - just in case they've counted everybody out!
30/11/2005 at 16:16
Would anyone know if on the day entries will be accepted?
30/11/2005 at 17:02
Always have been in the past.
04/12/2005 at 17:31
That bloody hill!!
04/12/2005 at 17:44
Excellent challenge though. Definately want to do it next year to see if I can improve. Really proud that I did'nt stop on either ascent, wimped out of the ford though - did'nt want wet feet!
05/12/2005 at 09:23
That made the Brighton feel like a walk in the park!
... So I was fairly proud to do it only three seconds slower!
I'll be back!
05/12/2005 at 09:38
Well done all!

I did it as my first ever race (aged 51!)...... well since school anyway....and this is my first post too after lurking around for a couple of months. Hopefully my next race(Ashford 10k) will be easier!

I ran up the hill both times too but would surely have been quicker walking second time around.

I did go through the ford though -I thought what's a little water by comparison with what the people doing the GRIM are going through!

Quite pleased with 52.32 (by my watch) first time out - will go for sub 50 next year!
05/12/2005 at 15:09
Does anyone know when the results get posted online?
10/12/2005 at 22:27
they are online now.

I did a 44 min 10k on a flat course the week before, and 56min time for this. The downhill sections make me slow :( I can't run down hill for toffee!
13/12/2005 at 11:44
where do you find the results online? can't see them on the crowborough runners site!
13/12/2005 at 11:51,%20Provisional%20Results.htm
06/11/2011 at 21:27

Did this course for the first time today, not an experienced longer distance runner, but do lots sports. managed 52mins, good time for me, but hundreds in front!! The hill, well. i walked some of it, both times, but in all fairness, it wasn't that bad, i'm sure there are much much more wicked hills on some downs to be found. It was a good all round run, more down than up and levels. a Sneaky steep uphill finish thrown in at the end though!!! cheeky!!

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