David Lloyd 5K

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02/01/2009 at 17:22
Anyone entered this before? My hubby and I are looking to give a shorter distance a go and were curious about this one.
03/01/2009 at 22:29
I'm looking at entering this for my first race as well. With my target set at 30mins I'm wondering if I'll be well off the pace in this race though. Does anyone know if it's mega serious or whether slower runners are stiill welcome?
03/01/2009 at 22:45

I'm unsure - the website doesn't have any previous race results so it's hard to tell.

There don't appear many other races taking place in Feb so I might give this one a try.

03/01/2009 at 22:50

I noticed that too Susan.

 I'm a member up at David Lloyd and the race organisers have left a stack of entry forms at reception. If they are that keen for entrants I'm hoping that it's not mega-serious.

As long as we get a load of human paced runners to enter, we should be ok right?

03/01/2009 at 22:53

Actually, I've just found last year's results at results

30mins wouuld be slow but not miles off the pace! I guess I need to get training harder and target 25mins!

04/01/2009 at 01:28
i don't usually do shorter distances and am a slow runner - would be happy to do it in 28mins but don't want to be trailing behind......
04/01/2009 at 09:50
I'm considering this one.  I don't have an official 5k time and it would be nice to get one.  I'm likely to take over 30 min, but hopefully not by much.
04/01/2009 at 13:23

Sounds like they'll be a few of us around the same pace then so we shouldn't have too much to worry about.

 I'm considering the Exbury Gardens 10k which is in the middle of March. I'll need to be able to target an hour in that though or I will again run the risk of being off the pace. I'll have to see how I feel over the next couple of weeks.

06/01/2009 at 16:46

Joe, there are a lot of people who take longer than 1 hr for 10k, me included, and I have yet to be last in a 10k.  So go on, enter Exbury.

Alternatively, enter Eastleigh 10k in March.  It's not as pretty as Exbury, but it's a bigger event with lots of slow runners so there is no way that you will be last.

06/01/2009 at 20:23

Thanks for that Caz. I did see the Eastleigh event on the listings as well, but, as you said yourself, it won't be as scenic a route and the idea of running round Exbury and Lepe was part of the attraction. I did email the organisers of the Exbury race though and they were perfectly happy to have people running at my pace. I think they're just keen to build the popularity of the event so I don't see why I shouldn't give it a go.

 I wish this ultra cold weather would disappear though as it's ruining my outdoor training plans at the moment.

08/01/2009 at 08:13
Most races are keen to accommodate the slower runner.  Running clubs organise these events to attract new blood and they can't do that if they put time restrictions on their races.  It's different with some of the very long races, because you get limitations such as lack of daylight, but I've never heard anyone complain about the slow runners at a 10k.
08/01/2009 at 11:33
nor me, though i'm not a very experienced racer. definitely always been a lot of people behind me in the 10k i've done, and my fastest time so far is 59:51
25/01/2009 at 16:00
My husband and I have entered the David Lloyd 5k and currently I'm running at 34mins... so better pick up the pace a little to make sure I won't be the last one....argghh my first race and I'm terrified about coming last, hey maybe that will make me run faster on the day.    Any suggestions on building up speed?
29/01/2009 at 15:14

i'm running the So'ton 5k as well - i'm not very good at running fast and this is the shortest race i'll have done but i'll be coming in at around the 30min mark. i don't care if i'm last - i just want to enjoy it. the adrenalin on the day does make you perform better than you would when you're training i think, so hopefully i'll be happy with my time.

 always00smiling - try adding some interval sessions to your training which should help you build up your speed.

enjoy the 5k everyone

31/01/2009 at 11:23

I ran the route this morning with a friend who only started training the week beginning the 3rd January 2009, the route is fine we were round in 30 minutes easy. The worst part is doing the same route twice to complete the course I always prefer going once round a course.

Also having entered this race I have the finish times for some of the runners and it is a real mixed bag from the speedy 15 minutes to 55 minutes. The average P.B is around 20-26 minutes.

It is the completing that counts and with the level of satisfaction will build your confidence for the next race so see you all there. I am number 154! So say hi and my running buddy is 152

03/02/2009 at 12:38
look forward to running for fun this weekend the time dosnt matter you only run against one person... your self
07/02/2009 at 09:01

My friend and I are running this one and will be around the 30min mark too - hopefully!

It's my first race since having my baby 9 weeks ago and it's her first race since a horrible knee injury from skiing so we're not worried about being near the back.

Red Devil 2, I completely agree with you!

Also, just to reassure everyone, coming last isn't always a bad thing. We ran the Amsterdam mara in 2007 not knowing how serious a race that was and there were 2 people behind us out of the thousands who ran it - we had a steel band playing us over the finish line and were greeted with so much support you wouldn't believe it. Honestly, coming last in that race made it all worthwhile so worry not!

07/02/2009 at 09:45

Good luck all first time racers.

Delia you go girl. Looking forward to your race report.

07/02/2009 at 17:42

Did this race last  year in 25.44.....hoping to improve on that this year.  As I remember it is two laps with an uphill on the way out and a downhill on the way back x 2.  Agree with Red Devil...I'm never going to win a race but I love to see my times improving...its a reward for running in the snow, ice, wind, rain

It is the only 5k I do so looking forward to it...Good luck everyone

07/02/2009 at 17:43

Ohhh good luck Delia....did you have your baby at St M's...I am a midwife there?

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