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Sun. 2nd Aug 2009

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31/07/2009 at 22:21
it's all Matlock +/- a bit, isn't it. I reckon that you would beat me now ... I'm on a go slow. Think of it as a work to rule.
01/08/2009 at 06:47
I emailed the organisers yesterday BW and they said should be OK to enter on day as lots of spaces. They emailed me the route direction so if you want it this morning let me know.
01/08/2009 at 10:49
thanks daymion, but Mrs Wombat says "no"
02/08/2009 at 22:29

Lived up to its name, took in Dovedale and a few dips in and out of valleys, up hills. Bit muddy with the recent "summer" conditions. As per my typical marathon performance I started to unravel after 20m and broke the tape in 5:09 - happy enough with that. Also managed not to get lost and only one slight detour so ran a fairly accurate to description 26.4m

Didn't catch up with anyone on here, how'd it go?

02/08/2009 at 22:38
Hi DE, I must have been running with you at some point, finished in 5.03 (black helly Hansen t shirt with stripes on shoulder). I kept an eye out for the pink/green lurid vests you and Daz mentioned but didn't spot.

Bit more of a cross country marathon than the hill challenge I was expecting, but a nice morning out.

Back in S Wales enjoying a glass of red, so good day in all.
Edited: 02/08/2009 at 22:40
02/08/2009 at 22:45
Hi Daymion, just realised I was running with you - more small world - didn't exchange names, but I'm Danny from Hull and we chatted for a while before last CP.
03/08/2009 at 09:07
Ah, the little detour over the wall and the rugby league chat. I assume that's not a picture of you in the avatar then.

I'll know who to keep an eye out for next time, small world this long distance off road stuff.
03/08/2009 at 12:54

No, thats not me, though I bet a lot of people assume it is  It is quite a small world in these events, nature of the beast that most people are scared to do it and numbers are low I suppose.

Whats up next everyone?

03/08/2009 at 13:21
My short term memory is getting worse DE!

Couple of long fell races and then the snowdonia marathon for me, with the brecon beacons ultra to finish the year off.
03/08/2009 at 16:19

Sorry, that was a bit confusing. Above I meant the avatar was not me. It was me who took you on the detour and rugby chat

Remind me how long Brecon Beacons is? Might have a look at that, if not this year then soon, part of the world I've wanted to see.

04/08/2009 at 01:53

(Daz here)

Lady Slugge & I started well enough, and early doors were on course for about 7 hours, but LS's dismal lack of training started to take effect, with her knees seizing up, so we were mostly walking from about 12 Miles - she bravely soldiered on til the Castern checkpoint at 20 Miles, but was in danger of doing herself a permanent mischief so sensibly retired
I carried on though , overtaking 8 walkers in the last 6 Miles, and finished in 8:55

It was a beautiful route though, and ideal weather on the day - we both enjoyed it, and Lady Slugge is already planning a victorious return next year...

Euph - not quite sure how I missed you at registration, although I only donned my fluo-green vest just before the off - 5:09 was Good Running especially under the underfoot conditions, where water-wings and ice-skates would've come in handy at various points!
next up for me is 3 Shires on Sept. 19th - my first Lakeland Classic fell race

04/08/2009 at 10:47
Sounds like lady slugg did well to stick at it for 20m Daz. And a PB for you as a first 26 miler?

It's 5th December DE. Have a look on the likeys website, all the details on there. They are running a seminar on multi stage events on the Sunday morning (the seem to supply most of the kit for MDS type events) so should be interesting
04/08/2009 at 13:49

Daz - Well done on the new mileage benchmark. Under the conditions Mrs Slug did very well to get to twenty. Also the posting as lady slug, is that allowed I thought that might be the forum equivelent of getting dressed up in the missus dresses when shes out for the night  Good luck with the lakeland classic, no doubt the hills will be real monsters!

Daymion - I'll look it up. If all goes to plan I should have got my first multistager in bag by then, 3 marathons in 3 days for the Atlantic Coast Challenge, down in Cornwall in September. I think same group - Votwo - do a similar 3 in 3 challenge in Pembrokeshire which also looks a good challenge.

Did anybody see winning time??? 3:33, yikes  I don't recall seeing any specially designed running robots there, must have been cleverly disguised.

Edited: 04/08/2009 at 13:50
04/08/2009 at 15:24

yep, mileage and time-on-feet benchmark

so that's a sub-9 marathon to my name!

sub-8 next time...

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