"Down Tow, Up Flow" Thames Towpath Half-Marathon

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11/06/2007 at 18:47
That's really not likely Claire - just about to go on my first proper training run for this - but I do appreciate the encouragement!

11/06/2007 at 22:13
Claire, I see Purple Patch have entered a team for the Midsummer Monro, will you be there?
12/06/2007 at 10:15
I have entered. It looks like a lovely race.

I did Race 4 Home relay race last year from Henley to Sonning along the Thames path and it was really good running. This should be better as it is the other direction so downhill! yippeee!

How many people are expected to run? The Thames path does get narrow at times!!
12/06/2007 at 13:57
Yes - we have a team at the Midsummer. We won it last year but not looking so clever this year! Will have PP t-shirts on so if you see us come and say hello - I am the good looking one - the others are males! ;-)
12/06/2007 at 17:41
I think you should be in with a good chance of getting another win. I'm about to enter only the third team to enter this year. If I see you I will definatly come and say hello.
16/06/2007 at 09:35
This one looks interesting ... and do-able for a non-motorist.

Claire, if you're still around:

1. The first train from Reading arrives at Windsor Central Station at 8:30. Looking at the maps, am I right in thinking that it's a 10-min walk max to the Leisure Centre?

2. It says memento ... I like medals (hence my forum name, if you're familiar with the cartoons) ... ? Feel free to call me sad :-)
18/06/2007 at 10:05
Hi Muttley

Yes you're right, it should be approx 10-15 mins. You can either walk straight down Arthur Road, or follow the river until you get to the Leisure Centre.

The memento is a medal ..... just a slightly different type - I think you'll like it. Not sad at all - and I remember Muttley (and his laugh)!
18/06/2007 at 12:53

Another question if you don't mind. Will there be a way of getting bags from Marlow to Windsor? If not are there any lockers that we can use at the leisure centre in Windsor?


18/06/2007 at 13:34
Thanks Claire. I might well have a go at this one.
20/06/2007 at 16:09
I'm in! Looking forward to it as I used to live in Maidenhead. Love the idea of a run all the way down the river
20/06/2007 at 18:05
Mono - we will be taking bags from Marlow to Windsor for those parking in Marlow. You are welcome to leave your bag at that drop, however please be aware that it may be a bit tight on time - the coach leaves Windsor at 9am so should get to the start by 9.40. You can leave bags at the baggage drop in Windsor Leisure Centre if you prefer. It's up to you how you feel happiest .....

JohnB - good to see an ex-resident returning to his roots :-)!
21/06/2007 at 08:37

Thanks for that. Windsor will be fine for me as I just want something to change into for the train home.

24/06/2007 at 12:47
Dear Clare Mac,

How many water stations will there be? The race details just say occasional. It would be good to know in advance in case it is a hot day
24/06/2007 at 12:49
Dear Claire Mac,

How many water stations will there be? The race details just say occasional. It would be good to know in advance in case it is a hot day
24/06/2007 at 15:25
Clare, very well done on your win at the midsummer monro, and team win as well.
25/06/2007 at 09:07
Hi David, we are looking to have approx 7 water stations in all, so should be plenty for most people I think. If you drink more than that, probably best to take a water belt to be safe.

Cyberwebjaws - thanks very much, although I am suffering today - having to walk sideways down the stairs! Not as fit as last year because of injury, but glad to get the win :-). Were you there ..... how did you get on?
25/06/2007 at 19:53
I finished in 2.37. I made it 2.36 as another team mate and I were still sorting out the team at signing on when they started the race. A complete cock up over runners names. Not the organisers fault.
I walked up most of the hills apart from the really easy bits, I just wanted to finish. I would have liked to get under 2.30 but those steps just go on and on.

How far did you run up them?
27/06/2007 at 11:25
Well done! It is certainly a very 'steep' learning curve isn't it? Are you going to return next year?

I didn't run up the steps at all really this year - last year I did run up the first half of the not so steep steps. Mind you, I only have little legs so it's a bit like high jump for me! But I did run up all the hills without steps. I am already planning to go back next year and try to better my time from last year - we must be mad!!
27/06/2007 at 17:10
I might do it next year I'll see how things are going. The real nutters ran the Picnic 6000 feet of accent true madness.

If you fancy another half with 3000 feet of accent try the tough Challenge up Wendover Woods near Aylesbury in November. Organised by Ambition Events.

I was no where near as fit when I ran it in April and it took me 3.20, hopefully my only last place finish.
02/07/2007 at 00:50
do we run through the grave-yard church at Cookham,and how do we get over the bridge at Maidenhead?
Also,the footpath at the lock after the bridge has been closed for some time now.However there is a diversion around it.
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