Dublin Marathon 2006

Sure it's gonna be grand!

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09/11/2005 at 12:02
Great news SJ, best of luck with it and keep us updated, you should be entitled to a few funded trips back to the old sod to meet with coaches and such and such...
09/11/2005 at 12:11
Jo -- Yes, it would be great if you could email the sub 3:15 plan (Naughty me. No subscription. er.."I buy it on the newstand!")

SJ -- Yes, not expecting to leap from 3:56 to 3:15. I think I'd probably get dope tested! Perhaps 3:39-something or 3:40-something, though.

09/11/2005 at 12:15
All --

Yesterday I received my acceptance to the London Marathon. It came in a 3 dimensional package along with a souvenir, a letter of congratulations and details of my husband's acceptance, too . Which is odd, as he didn't apply.

Sound weird? It was a DREAM I had last night.
(Don't worry. I've ordered myself a life from sad.com for Christmas)
09/11/2005 at 12:18
Hi Rory -

No apology needed.

Firstly, I'd take it easy for another week or so. Let those micro-tears heal properly and make sure you eat and drink well to assist the process.

For a sub-3 attempt in Paris in April I'd recommend a 3 month / 14 week preparatory plan starting off a base of lets say 30mpw?

In summary, it would involve the following:

Week 1 = 40m
Week 2 = 45m
Week 3 = 50m
Week 4 = 55m
Week 5 = 60m
Week 6 = 65m
Week 7 = 35m
Week 8 = 35m
Week 9 = 70m
Week 10 = 70m
Week 11 = 70m
Week 12 = 70m
Week 13 = 35m (Taper)
Week 14 = 20m (Taper)

Each week in 3-6 should include one long run (2hrs), one rest day (probably best after long run) and an interval/speed session. These sessions should either increase in frequency of reps or decrease in recovery time over subsequent weeks.

For weeks 9-12 inclusive the long run becomes 2h30m and the number of sessions increases to two (or a race and a session).

No races beyond 10k in last month and no speed work in taper. Suggest a half marathon at the end of weeks 7&10 if possible.

Dietary supplements recommended and don't forget your PSP22 rocket fuel for the big day!

Hope this helps.


Iron Tractor Boy    pirate
09/11/2005 at 12:31
SJ, I suspect you may get a lot more requests for training plans (a sub 3:45 plan would be good) :-)
It may be easier if you can get Mr H to add them to his web site, then people would not need to find them on this forum.
Which I suspect this race will beat last years amount of messages and there is only about 50 weeks to go!
09/11/2005 at 12:38

That's very helpful. It's similar to what I did for Dublin but with more mileage which seems to be the key.

Thank you.

09/11/2005 at 13:06
Hi all.

Congrats SJ on your place. I assume you're going to accept ?

Been offline for a while. Got back to work on wed following the race and felt pretty good. Thursday took a downturn....felt like i'd been hit be a steam roller. Got home thursday night, had a hot bath and went straight to bed. Very unpleaseant sweaty nights non-sleep. The sheets and duvet were damp to the touch in the moring (not nice) Took friday off hoping ity would pass quickly....and then spent saturday, sunday and monday wondering when i'd start to feel even marginally better. Felt a bit better on monday night but by now Ben was on the downward slope (day off school Tue) All in all not a pleaseant few days in the Landon household.

Aspirations....short term are just to get better and get out for a run. Longer term i'd like to aim for a sub 3 hour time. Not sure if that's my next target though or to take an intermediate step along the way.
09/11/2005 at 13:07
no-one did get back to me with ideas for an alternative forum name by the way....any suggestions ?...

New thread new name !!
09/11/2005 at 13:12

Can you remember whatI said to you in Kennedys about getting an Irish vest!

Accept it and be proud to wear it, well done.

It would be useful for you to chat to someone who has run that Marathon in Mumbai, I will make enquiries.
09/11/2005 at 13:15

Looking at your picture....i would suggest a Bond like appearance


Mine's a Stella
09/11/2005 at 13:26

Hugh Jones is the race Director. If you want any advice about the race you can contact him via the AIMS website.
Association of International Marathons
09/11/2005 at 13:31
Mark L -

Good to hear from you and sorry about the lurgy. Lot of it about as they say. I think you owe Doylie a drink.

Pam -

You were absolutely right. If you have any contacts who could tell me what to expect I'd be very grateful. Suffice to say my expectation is for heat, humidity and dubious sanitation. Not like those lovely (?) loos we were all so lucky (??) to have access to in Dublin last week.


09/11/2005 at 13:33
Pam -

Excellent. I know where he lives in Camden Town. I'm due to head down to the start of FLM with himself and some visiting Africans although I've never actualy met the guy. An old school friend of mine is his next door neighbour.

I'll get him to pop round with a list of questions.

Thanks a million.

09/11/2005 at 13:41
I have met Hugh many times and he even has time to chat to and old jogger like me!
I'm sure I heard of someone who has run that race so will make enquiries for you.
He measured a course for us (100 Marathon Club) in the Greenwich foot tunnel and asked if he could take part in the race. He won it by miles!
09/11/2005 at 13:49
His 50th birthday party is any day now Pam.

Think I'll send him a card just to keep in his good books.

09/11/2005 at 13:55
sj - congrats. well done.
09/11/2005 at 14:01
Thanks Giller.

Treadmill now a distress purchase (together with a turbo heater).

Looks like SJ is about to get even thinner.

09/11/2005 at 14:15

Sounds like good advice, i am attempting sub-3:15 in Paris and my programme will be mostly along the grounds you suggest.

I am working on the theory of an interval session once a week, temp run once a week and a long run once a week with the rest at easy run/recovery pace, with a couple of half marathons chucked in along the way.

The way races get full these days it does pay to sort your schedule out well in advance, book into the races and then stick as much as you can to your schedule.

I have written marathon schedules for a number of people at the slower end of the scale and build them up using the persons ability, number of times they can sensibly run a week, factor in which days they can run and what races they want to do.

This is then reviewed on a regular basis should any circumstances change (work, injuries etc)

I have found people tend to stick more to a personal schedule rather than a bespoke one


09/11/2005 at 14:31
I agree Doylie.

I have often found myself running at teh strangest of hours in wierd and wonderful locations* due to the old work/home imbalance.

Pam -

eMail Hugh via the AIMS site. Full course description and likely conditions received within 15 minutes.

Now that's impressive!


* Laps of an airport car park anyone? No?
What about a 4am sortie the day after the Xmas party then? (I kid you not)
09/11/2005 at 14:36
Congrats SJ. We're all (especially the paddies amongst us) very proud of you. It's so much better when good thinks happen to someone you like

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