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10/05/2004 at 11:10
Has anyone here done the Amsterdam or Rotterdam marathons. what were they like? any stories/tips.

seems they're easier to get into than the flm. still, i'm getting a bit ahead of myself given i can't run but thought it's good to have a goal.
10/05/2004 at 11:24
having been rejected from flm this year i went and did rotterdam and it was fab!

the atmosphere was great, water and energy drink stations, bananas, choclate, and with the exception of one little bit in a park there were people lining the course everywhere.

championchips so you get an accurate time.

and i don't think you'd find a flatter course anywhere (highest point on the course is where you cross the bridge over the river!)

and actually the whole city was lovely too - i saw quite a bit of it while wandering around trying to recover the next day :-)

i'll definitely go back.
10/05/2004 at 11:30
wow that sounds great, like the flm in terms of atmosphere but with a good chance of getting a place to run. i'll put it in the diary for 2006!
11/05/2004 at 12:23
A lot of forumites running Amsterdam in October see thread for it in this section.

I'm doing it for the first time and have hear nothing but good things about it.
11/05/2004 at 12:33
amsterdam in october. that fits well. reckon i might be ready for a marathon possibly by october 2005. cheap flights as well by that time of year.

good luck for october
11/05/2004 at 13:47
I had a hard time at Rotterdam, due to my knees seizing up.

i didn't leave enough time to get to see Rotterdam properly, I thought teh city centre would be crowded with places to go, but not so. You have to go further afield I think.

I arrived Sturday morning and left Monday afternoon. This was probably the worst choice as it meant that I couldn't really go out Saturday night. And Rotterdam is d-e-a-d on a Monday morning! So it was a bit flat (no pun intended) for me.

I thought the course was good, just a bit uninspired, ie no sights other than cube houses. Some of teh runners were a bit rude (I got barged a couple of times), and the km markers could have been made a bit more obvious. I probably won't go back as I don't intend on running many more marathons. I will be going to Amsterdam in Oct though where I think I should have a much happier experience. :-)

Flying out Friday am and coming back Sunday pm is definitely the way to go I think.

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