Edinburgh Marathon 2012

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21/05/2012 at 17:11

I've been reading other threads where this question has descended into rather violent debate so I don't want to open up a can of worms. I get that alot of people don't like them, but to me running without music is like watching the TV with no sound. It's just not worth it!

As for the safety issue, I have the volume down low and ipod headphones are rubbish at blocking out other sound anyway so I've never found that to be an issue.

I spectated at this marathon a couple of years ago and 1000s of people were wearing them so I never gave it a second thought when I entered- now I'm having a mini-breakdown

21/05/2012 at 17:20

Lottylou - really wouldn't worry about using an ipod. Technically it's against the rules but the consensus is that people are going to use them anyway - so the rules aren't enforced. That said - I could be wrong - but I'll be using headphones in the second half anyway and so will lots of others. If you're worried about it maybe keep it in your pocket for the first couple of miles, which is when it is most congested, and then put it on.

I'm thinking about using a camelbak too, PW but took it out today with my sleeveless t-shirt and found that it rubbed a bit against my shoulders, so I might give it a miss and just take a 500ml energy drink with me and use the water stations later on.

Lots of speculation about the weather - could be quite warm but as Fraser says it'll be a few degrees cooler on the coast than in town and that'll probably be welcome. Ran in 17c in Cardiff this afternoon and you can really notice the extra sweat...

21/05/2012 at 18:59

Did I read correctly that there won't be any pacers?  Seems a bit strange for a field this big, has there been them before?  Mate ran Manchester marathon said they were a godsend.  I'm truly rubbish at pacing, even with a watch so was hoping for one.  

Fingers crossed back is holding up, even with rubbish last month of training i'm hoping/aiming for sub 4.   Ran 49.39 at Manchester 10k yesterday and felt pretty good just concerned i#ve had to sacrifice a few long runs cos of back trouble, but nothing i can do now.

21/05/2012 at 20:14

lottylou and ro616 - I'm with you guys, i'll have my headphones and will be putting them on for the 2nd half.  it'll be a bit quieter for large parts of the 2nd half support-wise as we head further out of the city.  Haven't used them in a race before, but i've not had the best of times mentally in my marathons so far, and never have a problem when i wear them in training, so i'm hoping they'll see me through with a sub 4 finish.

21/05/2012 at 20:38

Evening all, I will also have headphones on for the race. I did the marathon last year and 2010 and wore headphones for both runs previously and never had an issue - as long as you can hear the marshalls instructions and people around you. 

Not enjoying taper week - one day out the gym and already bored and eating everything in the house. Still not long to go...enjoying the sun in the meantime. 

21/05/2012 at 21:54
I have to say I'm more concerned about fully replacing energ drinks with energy gels. I use them personally but they are not to everyone's taste and you really need to train your body to get used to them. Possibly a judgment error?
21/05/2012 at 22:05

yep I will have my ipod ready for mile 20 onwards!! I like to enjoy a race without it mostly, but when the legs are screaming, I need something to distract me.

Pacers would be good, I'm aiming at 3.30 and although I know what that means minute-miling wise and will have a paceband, it's easier following people.

I'm taking gels and some energy drinks on a belt. I know there's gel stations and water stations, but I heard of some chaos in previous years?


21/05/2012 at 22:47

I'll be wearing my ipod as well.

Tim, there isn't much you can do now is there?  I train with the gels that I will be carrying with me, but I am rubbish at forcing myself to take them as they taste like cr*p.  I would much sooner they had sports drink.  I will be giving my OH sports drink and flat coke in the hope that I see him and can grab a drink.

21/05/2012 at 23:01
I did a 10 miler today and averaged 6:18 comfortably and feel raring to go. Spoke to the person I'm getting entry off today and she should be posting it out to me tomorrow.... Fingers crossed it arrives!

I'll be staying at RAF Leuchars Saturday night and getting the train over Sunday morning... Not sure which start line I'm in yet but I have the persons log in details so I'll have a look on the PDF.

She put down 4:30 So I may have to try and either sneak into a pack nearer the front or treat the first 3 miles as interval training dodging all the giraffes and bananas haha

Really looking forward to this!! Let's hope the weather holds out!!

If I don't get to look on here before Sunday then good luck everyone! Hope you all have a good one and above all else enjoy yourselves
21/05/2012 at 23:16

woh 6.18s? sub 3 probably if you can maintain that. you'd be in the elite section. Says they're strict on the pens, so you'll have to charm someone.

21/05/2012 at 23:42
I 'only' have to average 6:51s for a sub 3 which is in theory easily maintainable for me.

My longest run has been 20miles and I averaged 6:31 for them but it all comes down to what happens on the day!

I'll see what I can do but I'm sure I'll find gaps too squeeze through whilst running or get in my start pen and crawl through the middle and get as far forward as poss haha
22/05/2012 at 00:12
Ro616. I run with a hand water bottle, 500ml one.

Works for me.less bulky than camelback.
22/05/2012 at 06:45
I run with a 500ml run of the mill Evian/buxton or whoever bottle no probs. tried camelback in the past, heavy and rubs eventually.

I do occasionally run with music, I'm still debating whether to run with music here or not or will the crowds/spectators provide me enough entertainment to keep me going??

Gels for me on the nutrition front prob around 3 maybe 4 gels. Only water to drink though. Don't take gels with energy drink, you will over carb your body and you will feel like your running out of energy, however, the problem is that you have actually saturated your body with energy and it can't absorb it so creates a bottleneck around the receptor sites because there isn't enough water there to bind with to help absorption. You become dehydrated as the glucose/fructose etc sucks all the water from your cells This creates a feeling of low energy/hitting the wall.... So what will you do?? That's right take more energy on board... Only adding to the problem.

By separating hydration and energy, (gels&water or alternating energy drink/water), you are providing a water rich environment and the glucose/fructose etc will digest quickly and give you constant energy. That's why manufacturers point out 'take with 300ml of water'.

The same also applies to isotonic gels, but to a lesser extent, you still need water to digest them just not as much.
22/05/2012 at 08:38
I can't wait now will be a fantastic day, my only concern at the moment though is finding a nearby bar afterwards to watch the RaboDIrect Pro12 rugby final. anyone know any bars close to the finish line area that are likely to be showing it? The thoughts of beer and later on fried food will be my primary motivation going round
22/05/2012 at 09:20

Whats the best place for spectators to try and see you whilst running?

Mile 9-10 and then the finish or nip on train and get to 13 miles maybe then walk / jog  back to the finishing area? Haven't ordered bus tickets yet.. undecided.

Fraser you are the course expert.

22/05/2012 at 10:01

That's interesting Jason. Whilst I've been doing my long training runs I've usually had gels, and water with an electrolyte dissolved in (High 5 zero tabs). Would that combination work better than energy drink and gels? Or should I just use plain water and gels?

22/05/2012 at 10:43
Electrolyte and gels are best combo in my opinion. I use the high 5 zero too. Great stuff. I race Ironman triathlons mostly so the thing of mixing energy drink with gels really causes you problems during that.

I'll make do with the water from the feed stations as I don't want to carry excess stuff.
22/05/2012 at 10:45

FRC there are trains but they are only once an hour and i have no idea how busy they are.  I have ordered bus tickets for my OH in case he can't get on the train (he has our 1 year old with him so it's not so easy)

22/05/2012 at 10:47
I'm sleeping in my vw camper down some street somewhere near Waverley train station then after I finish I'll jump on the train and head back to the start as its only ??1.45 for a single ticket with my armed forces rail card

I was staying at RAF Leuchars and getting the train in the morning but the earliest train doesn't get me to Waverley until 9:10... Don't want to risk missing the start lol
22/05/2012 at 11:03

My family are unsure about ordering bus tickets so hopefully they can be brought on the bus on the day? I'm staying at the Masson hotel which looks near enough to the start to walk/jog. Hope we don't get the promised heat wave on the day! Good luck everyone. Is anyone else having tapering issues? My tapering seems to be complete fizzle out after 2/3 miles...hopefully not a sign of things to come!

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