Edinburgh Marathon

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10/06/2005 at 08:27
Feeling a bit strange as I'm not in the remotest bit nervous!

This does not mean, in any way whatsoever, that I'm a super cool customer - it just means the I could probably have chosen a better weekend to move house!

My head is up my preverbial (_¦_) at the moment, I've even forgot my bloody letter to pick up my number today.

Which means a lovely trip from Glasgow to Edinburgh on Saturday. What an idiot!
10/06/2005 at 08:28
K9 - I've not ran since London which was 8 weeks ago. Like I said above my training has been severely disrupted with work but I've put a lot of mileage in on my road bike since February (approx 700 miles mainly hard & fast)

My level of fitness is good, its the mental motivation that I've struggled with since London for some reason my hearts not in it, but I've never been a quitter and this is giving me the glimmer of hope that I will go & register tonight.
10/06/2005 at 08:41
Anyone got any good advice on what to eat and when on Sunday morning.

As far as I'm aware my stomach is lined with lead as nothing has ever upset it in the past, so suggest away.

"nothing has ever upset it in the past" with the notable exception of a bottle of Talisker, but not planning that on Sunday, morning at least :-)
10/06/2005 at 09:33
K9 - 3.07 would be fantastic, but don't have the confidence to run out at that speed (7.2 minute miles!). Will see how the first half goes and if feeling strong will push harder in the second half and see. My target is sub four hours, the closer to 3:45 I get the better and if I hit 3:30 or below drinks will be on me!

Just don't want to do a strong 20 miles and then limp in at the end - had a friend that could do a 1:20 half and in his first marathon was on target for sub 3 up to the last 6 miles, then went from 7 minute miles to 12 minute miles and ended up over four hours :-(

Thanks for the encouragement however :-)
10/06/2005 at 09:59
Darren - I would go for sub 3.30 - you sound at a similar level to when I did my first marathon - mmy half pb was around 1.27 if I remember rightly and I did the marathon in a comfortable 3.26. I would aim for first half in 1.45 then see where it goes from there.

BHA Bob - pub is on George St, parallel to Princes Street (two behind, in the direction away from the castle and Waverley). Quite nr. St. Andrews square with big statue.

Carpet - thanks a lot mate. Hope all is well over in Oz. Will you see any Collingwood games?

Got my Paris marathon certificate through last night which was quite inspirational - toying with the idea of ignoring training feedback and going for a sub 3 h run now! Bit of a catch 22, as I really don't want to suffer having starting too fast.

Stalkerman - my standard pre-marathon breakie is 3 bananas and 1 L isotonic drink. A lot of folk have porridge.
10/06/2005 at 10:00

I am not nervous either. I am worried that I am going to mess this up cos I was like a tightly wound spring for FLM.


Would you not be thiking 'what if' if you don't run? If you live locally then I'd say go for it but have no goal other than to get round and just enjoy the day. Good luck whatever you decide.
10/06/2005 at 10:12

Without wanting to put a dampener on this, I think it's out of order to have someone joining you to pace the last 6 miles.

If everyone did that, there would be thousands of extra people running. This is a licensed race and you might well be thrown out for having a pacer.

Also, according to final instructions, anyone running without a number will be hauled off by marshals - I would be less than happy if that was happening in front of me at 22 miles.
10/06/2005 at 10:20
Pseudo / RB

Thanks for the advice, might revise race plan and be a bit more positive from the start.
10/06/2005 at 10:26

It's only a 30 minute drive for me after work to get to registration, at least if I pick up my number then I'm half way there to starting on Sunday morning.

My workm8's are giving me a lot of encouragement to do it so its looking favourable just now. Its hard not to set any goals even saying just to complete the course, but I'm sure under 5 hrs is do-able. BTW Every marathon I've ran I've always enjoyed the day.

PS - My number is 5018
10/06/2005 at 10:27
dw3 - looks like the consensus of opinion on here (me included) think you really should be going for a faster pace than my old legs will go - y not join up with 'k9' + 'peaceman' who seem to be planning to run together? - u will probably still find a sub 3:45 pace too easy & end up a comfortable sub 3:30 (even at a 7:30 min mile pace u can get under 3:20)...

10/06/2005 at 10:30
Must be in grumpy mode this am. I'm with Footsoldier on the pacing issue. Drove me bamy last year (And I was only doing the relay 9 mile section) the number of pacers and people on bikes joining in, leaping about generally getting in the way and not giving a S***e about anything or any one except their buddy.

Caz 1562 unless you have to travel miles I'd be tempted to give it a go. You won't be last (not that that matters) and you might be amazed at how much you enjoy a marathon when you aren't expecting great things from your-self.

And I'm not nervous either. Looking forward to it all. Thats probablly cause its my first so I don't know what I'm talking about !!
10/06/2005 at 10:40
footsoldier + gg - point taken - i have already asked my mate to just be a 'refuel stop' (no way am i touching the locuzade) - i feel fairly confident as i have now run practically every inch of the course whilst training...
10/06/2005 at 10:50

Go for it and good luck. Sounds like we are similar pace I'm 5625 blue nike vest with KATE on it.

I have to agree re bikes, my BF with the best of intentions was on bike to support me and in Porty I told him in no uncertain terms to beat it (and god that is being polite). He was getting in my way so must have p'd off others.
10/06/2005 at 11:27
Cheers Kate,

I'll keep an eye out for you. Not decided in my kit yet, mind you if I'm doubting my participation then deciding what kit I wear is lower down the line in priorities just now...lol

So what time you after ?
10/06/2005 at 11:57
a quick good luck to all of you but especially to Glor. Good luck girl, although don't be too disappointed if you don't win :)
10/06/2005 at 12:26
HB - Fair point, so will try and join up with K9 / Peaceman. Goodluck with the race and hope you hit 3:45. If I blow up, you could be passing me about the 22 mile mark !

K9 / Peaceman
Any chance of running with you guys. Looks like a 3:30 is where I should be heading.
10/06/2005 at 12:34
dw3 - ta for that - may still c u at start line???
10/06/2005 at 13:34
This is my last time on here before driving up on Saturday am.

Just wanted to say THANX to everyone for a good laff the last few months - GOOD LUCK TO US ALL!!!!!!

See you in the Standing Order.

10/06/2005 at 13:41
guys - just heading off to the expo now to try and get my number (without my letter!)

Next time I speak to you all hopefully I'll be saying "My Round"

Thanks for all the support, laughs, tears, snotters, panics, fights, etc over the past couple of months. When you train completely on your own this has been a godsend.

It's been emotional.

Lets get ready to amble.

As we say in Glasgow 'awrabest'
10/06/2005 at 13:51
I'll sign off too folks. I've lurked a lot and posted a little, but have found the thread really useful. Really nervous about this one now. There'll be six of us from Athenry AC (Galway, Ireland) there on Sunday, hopefully wearing the same maroon and white singlets. If you spot one of them on the road shout "Move your arse Mick!" and you'll have a one-in-six chance of getting the right 'Paddy'.

Positive vibes to all...
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