Edinburgh Marathon

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14/06/2005 at 15:47
Hi Gillian

could u look up my time please. I came in around 4.59 on clock, my race number was 6108.
Angela R

PS. Does anyone know when the results go on the official edinburgh marathon website?
14/06/2005 at 15:50
I totally agree with Mick there, it is exceedingly frustrating knowing that the results are out there, but because I live 400 miles away from Edinburgh, I can't see them until they finally put them on the website. My time may be rubbish, but I really would like to know what it is.

The FLM system was much better, my brother was able to get his confirmed time on the evening of the race even though the full results weren't released in the press until a couple of days later.
14/06/2005 at 15:53
Hi Gillian or Katypie (or anyone else who has the paper), if you get the chance, could you please check Emma Fair number 3918 I crossed about 4hrs 30 mins according to my watch.

Thanks very much
14/06/2005 at 16:16
Angela je1 sorry can't find you but fear not on web tomorrow

Steven Rogers 6 20 12 placed 4363
Emma Fair 4 30 00 placed 2958

and this is my biggest grip about the whole experience. Very happy to do this but what a way to run a results service for GB's most expensive marathon !!

Away home now so sorry can't do any more looking.
14/06/2005 at 16:16
Thanks Gillian.
14/06/2005 at 16:18
Thanks a lot Gillian - totally agree about the results service - appalling given the entry fee. If you ever need any glasgow run results give me a shout!
14/06/2005 at 16:20
Sorry guys I have been off line for a bit, did everyone get results?

dark winter 6.20.12
Mick Rice 2.48.12
14/06/2005 at 16:21
gg + katypie - u should both get a discount on next year's edin marathon entry...

14/06/2005 at 16:23
JE1 - 4.32.34 :)
14/06/2005 at 16:23
Angela - 4.46.44
14/06/2005 at 16:24
You know it's disappointing, I REALLY, REALLY want Edinburgh to work and be a big success, I live here and I run and I want it to be great but although it addressed some issues it's quite disappointing in others
14/06/2005 at 16:26
Hi Katypie

please please can u put me out of my misery and find my time.
I think I came in around 4.54, my number was 6108.

I'll be eternally grateful.

Thanks Angela R
14/06/2005 at 16:34
Hail Hail

Katypie - please look for Gavin Harvie # 1589, approx 2.57.40. Mucho appreciated.
14/06/2005 at 16:35
Angela I got you, you are above - do you want your place too?
14/06/2005 at 16:35
On the website, it says, "Full results will be posted on the web site and in the local press within 2 days of the race."
Well, bearing in mind that the last runner had to complete in 6.5 hours, their "within 2 days" is officially over.
Reading through this thread I know I'm not the only one to be seething about the rubbish results service. It's not even as though there were that many competitors.
14/06/2005 at 16:36
RB - 2.57.38 81st place!
14/06/2005 at 16:37
Katypie - Was there a place for me ?

If you ever run Dublin I'll buy you a pint !

14/06/2005 at 16:37
Katypie my place would be great...............you'll get ur reward in heaven for all this!!!

Thanks again.
14/06/2005 at 16:38
Och Mick yes it's

Good lord


I am not worthy to type at you
14/06/2005 at 16:39
Angela you came 3449

There were 4406 runners in the full marathon

I have to say if I were not local this would pi$$ me off immensely, I hate not knowing. Happy to look anyone up, sorry to keep you hanging this afternoon
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