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welcome to wor new hoose!!!!!!

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21/11/2011 at 23:02
Thats just weird just searched tinternet to see if I could find some piccies of the race I was at yesterday and one of me popped up on google piccies.  Bizarrely it was a picture of me running at templeton woods a fortnight ago not one of me running at glamis.  How the hell does that happen.
22/11/2011 at 20:32
Bored bored bored bored bored.
23/11/2011 at 10:28

Morning all..... very bored indeed..... .... pishing down and winter has truely arrived here on the West coast.....

23/11/2011 at 18:01

Bored here as well

Haven't run since Sunday, although I did tackle and manage 3 miles!  Woo hoo   How I long for the days when I could run 6 miles just for fun!  Ah well, perseverance I suppose, is what it's gonna take.  Wish there was a magic formula though that didin't involve hard and demotivating runs in amongst the good ones!

Anyway, hope everyone else is well.

 Happy running

23/11/2011 at 23:37

Winter arrived about mid march on the west coast markk if the sign for it is that you had a day of pissing rain. I went up to Forfar loch yesterday and couldn't blieve how squelchy it was underfoot given that it hasn't rained here for days other than a couple of hours on saturday night. I couldn't really work out where the 20 yard long puddles on the playing fields would come from if there had been no rain for 3 days.  Its fair to see my lovely trail shoes look more worn after a month than my last pair did after about 6 years.

Jac from little acorns great big feckin trees grow and all that.

The footie was fab tonight.  How good was Kevin Prince Boeteng's goal for Milan.  Best I have seen for a long time.  Watched it at mum and dads and am really starting to hate goal alert on sky which my dad seems to think is the badgers nadgers.  You spend half your time watching goals from games you didn't want to see in the 1st place and miss all the action in the game you wanted to see,  I'm going to sneak into their house when they aren't in and steal the red button from their remote control so they can't ruin perfectly good games any longer.

Nitey nite everybody.

25/11/2011 at 00:29

Ha Can, congratulations on formally christening yer trail shoes then!   Actually, I have a bone to pick with you while I'm at it - I clearly didn't properly read your comment the other day about me "bottling the ToF Up Hell Time Trial in 2009"   I assure you that was not the case - I was sitting at home with my knee elevated, strapped up and with an ice pack on it and chomping ibuprofen!  I was not bottling out - how very dare you indeed!
Right, now that's off my chest I shall tell you about my fantastic run tonight!   I did the same 3 mile route I tackled on Sunday.  Tonight I ran it in 27:23, whereas on Sunday I did it in.......31:06!!!  Now, tell me how that happens?  It was a lovely evening on Sunday and tonight was blowing a gale with horizontal rain!  There really is no logic with this running lark is there?!
Anyhoo, happy running!


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25/11/2011 at 21:49

Well done Jac,  Cold, wet and windy is great for running.  You want to get in the house as soon as humanly possible and you need to run faster just to stop hypothermia setting in.

How much more elevation did you want for your knee that night other that to take it from the falkland road all the way up to the TV mast at the top of east lomond hill.   All I know is I made my way across the Tay to Fife on a manky wet night to stand in a rain cloud at the car park at the top of east lomond hill to see my friend Jacasaurus with an assortment of chocolate to replenish the sugar you lost on the ascent and as the water penetrated my second jacket, jeans and t-shirt it soon became evident that you didn't appear at the top of the hill.  I had to eat your toffee crisp and/or mars bar myself as a form of comfort eating to get over the disappointment.  Still not really got over the disappointment.

25/11/2011 at 21:50
Did you not run it in 2010?   It wasn't raining that night but you still didn't come up the hill for your choccy bar lol
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26/11/2011 at 18:58
Dundee score 4 goals in a single game rather than a calender month.
27/11/2011 at 18:12

Hi all.

CANIGGIA, well done Dundee. The least said about Ipswich the better. Two games in a row now. What a spineless, pathetic defense they have. I don't blame Paul Jewell as I like him as a manager and he has to rely on his defenders to do their job, and if it wasn't for David Stockdale in goal it could have been so much worse. Although Richard  Wright was back in between the sticks yesterday. The standing joke at work is the amount of times they concede goals just before half time and then in injury time at the end. And yet again it has happened After yesterdays effort they should sack the whole defense and get in new guys. Just pathetic. I haven't talked about running either.

Hi JAC , good to see you out and about again. 

27/11/2011 at 23:57

Evening everybody.

Kiwi I did have a laugh when I saw your boys have signed Darryl Murphy to replace Jon Stead you lot do like a sunderland flop.  It is Sunderland's way of getting you back for selling them Marcus Stewart in the Howard Wilkinson relegation season.  Some grudges last long.  The thing Murphy is most famous for is the game where Roy Keane substituted him at half time in a game where he didn't seem to be involved that much.  In fairness I didn't realise how little he had been involved as I had been behind the goal at the other end of the ground.  When you looked at the opta stats for the match he had made no successful or unsuccessful passes, headers, dribbles, tackles or shots.  He hadn't actually touched the ball!!!!!!  I know sometimes folk come on as subs with a couple of minutes to go and never get a touch but to manage that for an entire half is a special skill.  He was a brave boy to go in and face Keane at half time or on Monday morning when he saw the stats.  At least the rest of his team knew the schoolboy 1st law of footie "if he's sh!t don't give him it!!!!!!!!!!!"

I'm not normally someone who gets caught up in the mass mourning, fake outrage etc that tends to afflict our PC nation for people I don't know or things that don't affect me in any way shape or form but I have to say the news about Gary Speed really upset me today.  In the mad world of football and their millionaire's life style he just always seemed like such a nice, normal bloke and an absolute gentleman.  If you were to tip the euromillions and be rich beyond your wildest dreams he's the kind of bloke I'd like to be in ten years time rather than the pretentious arsehole you fear you would become even though you would promise yourself that the cash would never change you.  What a strange world we live in when even the folk that seem to have everything you would dream of still seem to have so little.

Thats was very philisophical for one of my posts.  Normal service will resume soon no doubt.

Nitey nite

28/11/2011 at 13:59

Very philosophical but very true too. 

28/11/2011 at 14:04

Afternoon everyone. It's like a whole marathon running reunion in here just now. It's reminding what it was like when I actually dragged myself outside and went running. But not only that I actually enjoyed it. It's not all doom and gloom thankfully. These last few weeks have been ok and I'm slowly getting back in the zone by doing some shorter runs and more work in the gym.  I've spent today planning my marathon goals for the next year so it looks to be Rome in the spring then Berlin in the autumn. What was more concerning is that training week 1 of 16 for Rome begins today. At least I've now got a focus.

It's been a while since I've had to endure a winter training programme but I'm tentatively looking forward to some proper training again.

28/11/2011 at 17:39
Evening all. Isn't it a bit wet out there?

Foot pad injury is on the mend and I'm hopeful that another couple of days and all should be right in the world. I find out if I have made the ballot for the West Highland Way race next Monday so fingers x'd. I've started buying up the local supplies of brufen just in case I actually get in. I think it will be Glasgow Edinburgh double marathon to start the season of in 2012 so need to brave the elements for some long runs over the winter which is always a bit of a chore.....

Nice to see everyone here again.
30/11/2011 at 00:20

Lol lol lol!!!   Yes, it was 2010 Can!!  It's just this year has gone so fast it felt like 2 years ago.  And yes, fair point well made - that was a lot of elevation   See you at the top next year??  If I brink you chocolate will it help to heal the wounds that I have clearly inflicted  with my non-attendance?!

Hi Greg, Kiwi, Sue and Markk!! Glad to hear running is also getting better for you Greg, as is your foot Markk!

In agreement with you Can re. Gary Speed.  Very sad news indeed

30/11/2011 at 17:28
All you public sector folk have a nice day off today? Phoned to sign off at the dole to be told they were on strike.... Just me or is there a subtle irony in that statement....
30/11/2011 at 19:06
Would that be subtle like a baseball bat to the face Markk??!
30/11/2011 at 21:33

Guten Abend,

Markk I think you have mistaken the work "irony" with the words "tory spin" in your last post.  If there is  one scab in the building answering the phones and saying to folk on the front desk that appointments are cancelled or fully booked for the day the centre was open and the slimey arsehole England managed to elect as prime minister will tell you the job centres were all open and nobody was on strike. Alex Salmond must be doing cartwheels at the moment.  There is nothing more likely to result in a referendum vote for scottish independence than 4 years of a Tory government.

On the upside the recession must be over.  I worked somewhere yesterday where their in store radio has been filled with attrociously pish cover versions and they were actually playing proper tunes by the original artists for the 1st time since Lehman brothers collapsed.  As soon as the news hit the city of London the FTSE shot up by 100 points in the 1st hour of trading!!!!!!

Greg that is a pretty good pair of marathons to pick I like both of them.  Still a bit gutted that I got a migraine 12 hours to the minute before the start of Rome and had so little energy the next morning when the weather was perfect and I was running great but hey ho sh!t happens.  I know people talk about the cobbles a lot but I didn't think they were that bad.  Most of the roads you are running in see an unbelieveable amount of cars crossing them every day and the tyre pounded ones are almost as smooth as running on tarmac.  I strongly recommend changing your runners world screen name to the name of an AS Roma legend get it put on the back of your shirt and see the reaction of the people of Rome.  At one point I had 5 men in a car who didn't look like they had got home yet from the match the night before singing old party songs about Claudio Caniggia driving alongside me for the best part of a mile at a point where the runners were on one side of the road but still traffic on the other.  The cars behind the Roma fans all seemed to like my shirt too they were all tooting their horns (although that might be because the car was driving at about 8.5 mph rather than the 50mph that would have been the normal speed limit if such a thing exists in Italy)!!!!!

I might do the Tour of Fife next year.  Not done it for 4 years now.  Really should remind myself why I haven't done it for a while.  If I don't run I'll see you at the top of east lomond hill.  I'll be easy to spot as I'll be the one that people are gravitating towards as I have a pocket full of sweets.

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01/12/2011 at 08:58
From this day forth I shall now be known by the name of Francesco Totti. 
01/12/2011 at 09:02
I was thinking to myself yesterday - while stuck in an almighty gridlock at Braehead shopping centre - isn't it strange how busy it is on a Wednesday afternoon. It's usually so quiet because everyone is at work. It must have been a complete coincidence that there was a public sector strike on at the same time. Of course I'm sure all those striking public servants would have been on the picket line standing up for what they believe in and not treating the day as a holiday. Just a strange coincidence.
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