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welcome to wor new hoose!!!!!!

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01/12/2011 at 18:17

No complaints here if there is a bit more Totti in the hoose.

01/12/2011 at 22:42
Can it's a COALITION government not a Tory one, though to be fair the Limp Dicks will be as popular as the Tories when this is all said and done...Still convinced that somewhere there is a six form school master asking "has anyone seen Miliband? He's been off for months and I've not heard a peep from his mother"...

Public sector strikers? Shoot them... Oh hang on the MOD budget has been cut to banana republic levels to we can't afford the bullets anymore. Typical eh?

With appologies to J. clarkson....
02/12/2011 at 14:14
OK on a serious running rekated matter, anyone here run New York? What's the process for applying as a non-US citizen? Website indicates a ballot process but I seem to recall there was a different route when I last looked for Johny Foreigners like myself...
03/12/2011 at 21:55

Hello everybody,

Hamilton 1 Dundee 6 (SIX)   Trust me to watch all the pish as we sat at the bottom of the league for the first 10 games and then work every saturday in December when they hit top form and tank their second team in a week.  The 10 goals we have scored in 2 games has doubled our tally for the season!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been to Noo Yoik Noo Yoik and ran the marathon Markk (I may have mentioned it once or twice).  The ballot is about as easy to get through as London's i.e. somewhere between zero and none so don't hold your breath unless you like turning a funny purple colour.  When I went I went with 2:09 events and spent fairly silly money to take one of their packages which included a very nice hotel in Noo Yoik Noo Yoik.  I have to say that I didn't get all that much out of travelling with them other than a flight, a wee run on the Friday morning, my race place and my flight home.  I took the flights from Glasgow rather than Heathrow, had to make my own way to my hotel from Newark, didn't catch their 4am courtesy bus to the start designed for stupid foreign people and caught staten island ferry instead which gave me a spare couple of hours of sleep in a nice warm bedroom rather than a freezing cold start village and they didn't have any organised get together after the event for the folk that had travelled with 2:09.  If I did it again I would take their flight and race place only entry.  You will pay a premium for the flight and the race entry where you are pretty much buying a charity golden bond place for yourself with no requirement to raise any cash.  You can then book a hotel in Wall St area at south end of manhatten a few minutes walk from staten island ferry and avoid the worry of having to find your own way to the start and catching corporation busses at 6am or sitting about for 5 hours in the freezing cold at the start.   The hotels near Wall St are much cheaper than the ones near times square or beside the UN where I stayed, handier for the start, as close to most touristy stuff as the others and only a few stops on the underground or a few bucks in a big yellow cab from the night life and the finish in central park. 

Other than that there is the charity option for New York which is a bit different from London in that the more you raise the more you get paid for you by the charity.  Not sure of exact figures but its something like if you raise a grand you get your race fee paid for you, £2000 you get your hotel and £3000 you get the flights as well.  If you raise enough the charity will basically pay for your holiday.  Its an option (not one I would like to explore) but if you want to do it that way and save your pennies you can.

03/12/2011 at 22:00

Just to get you in the mood markk.

03/12/2011 at 22:57

Shocking news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The edinburgh half marathon next year is going to be held in EDINBURGH.


When do you think the marathon will catch onto this weird concept???

05/12/2011 at 13:25
Cann you are BS'ing us with such statements. What next, Edinburgh marathon finishes. In Edinburgh???!!!

I've been a very stupid boy and been granted a start for the West Highland Way 96 mile ultra next year. I feel better knowing that Bedshaped is equally as daft and will be joining me for the start (and hopefully the finish 35 hours later......)
05/12/2011 at 13:36

I don't like to boast about it but I'm also a NY veteran.

I got in through the ballot on my second attempt and my friend, out of jealousy, went with 2:09 events on a race and flight only package that came in about £1,000. We stayed at the Gershwin Hotel on East 27th Street which cost about £100 per night and which was close enough to all the main attractions but it's easy enough to get around on the subway.  To put the 2:09 costs in perspective I paid £330 for flights and about £120 for race entry.

05/12/2011 at 19:58

I'm in for WHW too......................

05/12/2011 at 22:22

God a lot of you are fond of a treat.

Markk its amazing when a big company like Great Run or Rock'n'roll comes to Edinburgh they seem to get to run in the city no bother at all.  For some reason (pocketing huge profits I'd suspect being the major one) the biggest race of them all can't take part in Edinburgh.  I really can't see the point of them engineering a course to finish at Musselburgh race course if you aren't going to be able to use the race course anymore and the finish of the marathon will be on a school playing field.  If you were coming for overseas to run the edinburgh marathon you would expect a finish a bit more impressive than a high school football pitch.

Did anybody see the scottish sports awards on the tele last night.  Can you believe that the team of the year wasn't Strathclyde Police's bomb disposal unit for their work at the San Giro and Lennoxtown.

07/12/2011 at 23:01
Evening all from. Londonshire and day two of a new Job

It costs money to close roads hence I think cash is very much the issue for the Edinburgh farce. Must look at NYC again as more exotic than Aberfeldy.

Nice one Sue W. Be a bit colder than Commrades I suspect
08/12/2011 at 21:50
Evening everybody

Hope you are all surviving hurricane bawbag.

Good luck with your new job markk.

I've been to aberfeldy and new york and would say in terms of interest, shops, tourist attractions and night life they are pretty similar. Just save your pennies and go to aberfeldy

Sue good to see you sharing your race plans for next year unlike your "I ran the comrades last week" post from a few weeks back as if the comrades was a leisuely jog round the block

Kiwi did I mention we have appointed martin o'neil

Hope you are all well.

C yoll later byeeeeeeeeeeee
10/12/2011 at 16:00

Hi everyone. As usual I have not been on the thread for a bit and have not read back, so what's been happenning. Have just got back in from a 10k threshold run. Ran 17.5 miles last weekend and it felt pretty good. Building up for the Gloucester Marathon in January, however I am not running this competitively. I'm pacing a coaching colleague of mine who is a 1.17 half marathoner and for some reason can not nail the right pace for marathons. He ran London this year in 3.36 and he is far quicker than that. His pacing is all over the place and too quick so he does himself in. Hopefully we can get him round in sub 3 . This is the catalyst he needs to kick on and run something quicker.

Catch you all later.

13/12/2011 at 15:37

Take it easy Kiwi with that sub 3 hour marathon.

God how tired am I.  Having fallen asleep watching the tele last night and sleeping for the best part of 13 hours I had a wee trip to the gym and had to hit the stop button after 3 miles as I felt absolutely awful.  Came home and had another half hour snooze.   Its all a bit strange seeing I haven't actuallty done very much to justify being sooooo tired.

Looks like another stormy night is about to hit following hurricane Bawbag last week.  I bet Jackie Bird and Catrina Shearer are worried about what they are going to call the next one seeing as hurricanes are named in alphabetical order.  Anybody know any words starting with the letter C?

13/12/2011 at 17:45

Yeah , will do Caniggia. Easy to get cocky, he may run me off my feet and end up pacing me .

Like Dundee, Ipswich had a freak result on Saturday. 3-5 away to Barnsley. They still conceded that last minute goal though because that's what Ipswich do. However that did  not matter this time. Crazy result. Oh by the way, we also won the 2nd test in Aus. I can't remember the last time we did this. Did you get to see the IRB sevens in S Africa. What a cracking final. A good day for Kiwi sport. Don't get too many of them !!

I know a few words starting with 'C'


13/12/2011 at 21:09

Right thats me bit the bullet and booked my flights for marathon number 3 while they are cheap.  Manchester, Stockholm Jubilee marathon and Munich it is.  Any company would be greatly accepted.

Munich looks good!!!! 

Kiwi do you ever get the feeling when you watch Ipswich that when your team is 2 or 3-0 up at half time and cruising that you are still anxious and think that the next goal will probably be the winner?

Edited: 13/12/2011 at 21:10
15/12/2011 at 18:24
Yep !!
16/12/2011 at 11:49

Another ghost of christmas past here. How are we all? 

 Can i'm signed up for the Stockholm Jubilee Marathon for next year. Have you got flights booked yet? I'm not sure what my plans for it will be yet. I'll try and keep in contact with you and see what your plans are for it.

16/12/2011 at 21:05

Hello stranger.  Not too bad ta very much.

I was wondering if you were still going to the home of stalking for this one.  I failed miserably to talk other folk into joining me.  Smiffie was almost up for it until she found out the one she was trying to enter was the wrong one and soph thought she had entered it until I searched the runners list and found she wasn't on it and had actually entered the other stalk home marathon that smiffie had just tried to enter lol

I know this one is complete lunacy as I just can't run in the sun when its hot so a saturday afternoon run in 30C of sun in the middle of July is just the sort of thing that dreams are made of.  It really is a once in a lifetime chance to run it though so there is no point thinking if only in the summer of 2013 and having to wait until 2112 for the next time it is run.

I've got everything booked for this one.  I'm flying SAS from Auld Reekie on the Thursday to the proper airport in Stalk home.  I was struggling to find cheap hotels though when I was going as all the budget ones seemed to be full or twice the price they were last year when I went.  I'm staying in some hotel boat bobbing about in gamla stan.  I am staying until the Monday and then catching a Ryanair flight back to Edinburgh from that sh!te wee airport in the middle of nowhere which is nowhere near stalk home.

21/12/2011 at 17:14

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