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07/01/2012 at 19:29

Evening everybody,

Hope the chocolate and crisps are still going down well and that you have managed to resist the temptation of that 13 mile run.

Well how nice is it to have a saturday off for the 1st time in aaaaaaaaaagggggggeeeeeeeessssssss.

Still rediculously windy today and headed for the gym today for a long run on the dreadmill,  13.1 miles in 1:29 and could have gone for a lot longer.  Given my lack of running due to work and illness recently I was pretty pleased with it.  Ideally I would have gone an extra couple of miles further but the joys of 12:30 kick-offs at the footie meant I was really pushed for time to get to the match.  i could have just gone home and watched it on the tele (that must have been a feast of football for all you armchair fans today).  I can't believe we didn't win today having had a weird disallowed goal in the 1st half, a missed penalty in the 2nd and a great save from their goalie with a few minutes to go.  We now have the joy of about the longest away trip we can find for the midweek replay.

Away to look at the iplayer and try to work out what the hell happened at that goal that never was. It looked miles offside but the ref never blew his whistle and the linesman never put up his flag for about two minutes after the ball hit the back of the net definition I'd say that was a goal.

08/01/2012 at 17:03
Went up the WHW intending to put my new head torch to good use this morning at 0700 from Drymen to Conic Hill. Should have taken a chainsaw as so many tree down had to abandon the run after a couple of miles. More like an assault course than a trail run. Do hope they get it cleared soon. Torch was good though.
08/01/2012 at 20:38
I've got an image of markk with a head torch on doing his bit with a chainsaw like the real slim shadey

Tarmac is great hardly even a lampy down near me
09/01/2012 at 22:26

Thank god for dark nights.  Did a bit of a bizarre training session tonight which should really be reserved for a running track because doing it in public just looks weird.  Unfortunately there is only one running track in all of Tayside, its 15 miles from home and unless you are in the hawkhill harriers you have diddley squat chance of ever getting on it.  If it is not a club night its all locked up.  Thankfully with most folk having their curtains closed on a cold winter night I only looked like a fanny to a handful of doag walkers.

My legs are properly buggered after that run.  After lots of sprints my leggies have turned to jelly.

Just watching the news can you believe Tom Daly has just missed the opportunity to push Borris Johnstone off the top diving board. Tut tut the youth of today.

11/01/2012 at 22:08
Two days into marathon training and my legs are absolutely fecked already. Starting night one with sprints wasn't maybe the most subtle way to break myself in. Night three was a rest night
12/01/2012 at 21:59


tee hee sorry smiffie couldn't resist it  

Edited: 12/01/2012 at 22:00
12/01/2012 at 22:10
8 miles on dreadmill in 50 minutes.  Legs are now hanging off and my arms don't feel much better.  Think that was about as ill considered as Paul jewall's comments about the refereeing officials at Portman Road. Andy Gray is evans favourite to replace him in the morning.
17/01/2012 at 21:49

 out of the scottish cup in an early round again.

On the upside I am running not too bad.  Had 16 miles on the dreadmill on sunday as the roads were like glass on sunday and had 4.25 miles tonight on 6:30 average pace which isn't too bad after a pretty hard day, in winter and 2 days after a long run.  So far so good this year.

26/01/2012 at 18:02
Roll Up Roll Up for the Caniggia33 thread x
26/01/2012 at 20:18

Never before has the loneliness of the long distance runner been used to describe a sad b&stard posting to himself in an imaginary house on a t'internet forum.

Lovely for you to pop in smiffie

Well I settled for 4 and a bit miles tonight but tried to do on the gas and give it a bit of welly.  Managed an average pace of 6:24/mile.  Had 7 miles on Tuesday not pushing as hard at average pace of 6:36.  Think I went out a bit too fast tonight and was really on the red in the last mile but worst mile was still only 6:42 tonight.  Things still going reasonably well he says expecting some unexpected nastiness to throw a spanner in the works any minute.

Away to have my tea and then attack the remnants of my Christmas chocolate.  I wonder if anybody else get a selection box like this one..

27/01/2012 at 22:18

For anybody with a bit of time on their hands this weekend.

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