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welcome to wor new hoose!!!!!!

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24/01/2013 at 14:49

Afternoon folks. It's been a long time but I thought I'd pop in and re-aquaint myself with my former running life! No talk of ultras from me (yet!) but it's good to get back to running regularly again. The focus for me is to get a few 5 and 10Ks under my belt early 2013 then maybe think about an autumn marathon. I had a few plans for some international adventures but I'm thinking it might be better to just concentrate on the running first rather that plan all these runs but not actually run them. 

25/01/2013 at 22:39

Hi greg nice to see you back.

Greg I'm the opposite to you if I didn't book the runs I wouldn't get off my arse.  I know that I will just be ruining my own holiday if I don't do the training and I certainly don't want to get to wherever I'm going and watch other folk run a marathon.

London still to come and just entered Frankfurt for October.  Don't really know why but the indoor finish in Frankfurt just looks like being a bit different.  Not sure whether the last 200m in a cattle shed will justify running 26.1 miles to get to it but I like races that are just a bit different!!!!

Don't worry Greg you can stay with me in the daylight I can't see myself disappearing to the dark side like the rest of them any time soon.  Did 39 miles over 2 days and it really really hurt I won't be making that mistake again any time soon.

Had a braw weekend last week.  1:32 for the half in 202nd place out of 21000, 3:19 for the full marathon in 226th place out of 20000 and 4:51 for the pair of them only 45 mins behind the combined goofy winner in 56th place out of 8500 runners who did both.  Not only that I got a hug from Minnie at the finish line or more correctly Minnie got a hug at the finish line.  I think in hindsight I may have thrown myself at her a bit.  She is lovely though she is probably used to it lol

26/01/2013 at 12:30

Last 10 mile run of the winter today. Starting to build up mileage towards Edinburgh in May. Feeling a bit nervous just thinking about it!

28/01/2013 at 13:54

Can that's some good running. I'm doing about 39 miles in 3 weeks at the moment! I've got a niggling injury which after a bit of googling seems to be peroneal tendonitis. I've had it since October but it's not clearing up. That's the main reason for keeping my runs short at the moment but I'm itching to start upping the distance again. The weather outside isn't exactly helping my motivation though.

28/01/2013 at 19:30
Have you tried using bing rather than google to see if it clears up???
30/01/2013 at 12:55

That bloody google! I knew I shouldn't trust it.

I've been out running regularly now since the New Year and the injury hasn't really changed much. It's not getting worse but not really getting any better. 

Anyway moaning about it won't help! I'm thinking it might be a good idea to start mixing up my training with more cross-training and maybe start running more trails. I suppose I could go and see a physio but I don't want to spend a fortune on their various psuedo-scientific treatments - shining a red light on the injury is my favourite but sticking tape on your leg is another good one.  [Apologies to anyone who uses these treatment methods!]


30/01/2013 at 16:16

Ladies and Gents


I hav a place on this years marathon that I wish to transfer if someone is interested. Due to unforeseen circumstances I am no longer able to run. If you are interested or know anyone who is interested please inbox me.



05/02/2013 at 13:21

Gavin I was toying with the idea of running Edinburgh this year but I'd be better sorting out my niggling injury first. I'm sure you'll get plenty of takers though.

11/02/2013 at 09:33

Another weekend over and back at work but at least it's dry. Running for me has been slowly getting better and I'm now starting week 6 of my transformation back to being a proper runner again. I'm finding that my short routes that used to take nearly 25 minutes are now over in less than 20 so there's a definite improvement there. I haven't run any longer runs recently so that's the next target but I'll probably wait until the nights are getting lighter before upping my training. No need to scunner myself at this stage. Plan for tomorrow is to get signed up for the gym at Scotstoun for a bit of cross-training and it's probably time to start thinking about spring races. 

11/02/2013 at 21:18

Good to see you are finding a bit of motivation.  The light nights can't come quick enough I can't wait to get some variety of runs at the moment I can have about 6 streets in carnoustie with lights or the dreadmill.  The army camp, golf course and countryside which are all within a mile of my house are all completely off limits at the moment.  I'm struggling to get going again.  Legs are still feeling a bit niggley after disney and motivation has sunk like a brick.  It is probably just as well the next one is London to give me a kick up the backside in the next few weeks I think if I'd entered a sort of nothing race there would have been a massive sense of anti-climax.

06/03/2013 at 13:52

Nearly a month since anyone's been in here.  Just gave the place a quick vacuum and dust, put the bins out, washed the cups and watered the plants.  Place looked a bit gloomy..........

So, any news/gossip.........or even running?!

07/03/2013 at 00:03

************STOP PRESS***********

Dundee actually won a game tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for watering the plants Jac.   Wow it looks fab in here and I can now see why women get such a good name for doing housework



I'm going to be a real let down for once after all that juicy stuff I gave you a few months back I have absolutely no gossip to share with you whatsoever.  Life is a bit dull this end.  

Running is also all a bit of a struggle with a capital S and TRUGGLE at the moment.  Still haven't really recovered from the high of disneyland in January and just so short of energy all the time at the moment.  Have already resigned myself to London being a just get round and tick it off the list race.  Not sure if its body, head or both that is a bit screwed up but can't really find any bounce at all at the moment.  Running lots of miles but every one feels like a tough one at the moment.  There is a serious risk of me losing to smiffie for the 3rd marathon running which is the only motivation that is keeping me going at the moment after my DNF and the disputed result in Berlin where the piccies and the chip time seemed to tell a different story about who was 1st.  Can't afford a 3rd loss on the bounce or I'll never here the end of it.

07/03/2013 at 12:21

I heard Can!!  That certainly is a cause for celebration!
Yeah, my plant nurturing abilities are just astounding huh?

I wish there was some juicy stuff................if only I could tell you I'm running away with a rich man because I'm pregnant with his triplets!  That would be gossip-worthy wouldn't it!
I know it's a rubbish thing to say, but you need the difficult runs to appreciate the good ones!  It's crap to hear though, I know.

07/03/2013 at 21:01



Training going well recently starting to increase the mileage for Edinburgh in May.


Whats happened to Spring though? Thought I'd soon be out of winter gear and into shorts and T shirt by now.

08/03/2013 at 20:47
Guten abend,

Good to hear that your training is going well grey giant and that you are doing well in your training again.

Well I've racked up 22 miles over the course of 4 runs this week. I think the term junk miles would be quite apt to describe this weeks progress.

Jac I've heard triplets are overrated and all that nappy changing etc would get in the way of your training unless the millionaire can also rustle up a nanny for you to allow you all the free time you need to get some running (and drinking time) for yourself. I hope colin has played the euromillions tonight so at least you can tick the millionaire part off the list of 'must do' life experiences

I really should be doing some work on this computer but really can't be arsed
10/03/2013 at 14:20

Long run from hell this morning! 


17 miles in sleat and snow. Hope spring arrives soon.

11/03/2013 at 21:12

I wimped it and went for the dreadmill option!!!!

16/03/2013 at 22:14

Hoovering is done Jac.  Can I talk about footie now???

27/03/2013 at 21:55

Haha!!  Yea, go on then........


27/03/2013 at 21:59
Thanks x
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