Florence Marathon 2013

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19/10/2013 at 21:59

Hi, how's training going for everyone?  Not long to go. Two more big runs  to go before race day for me then the welcome taper!

I hope I can help with a question about travelling from Pisa to Florence on the Sunday from Slinkz:

I'd be nervous about doing this. Race starts at 9.15am, and train journey is at least 1 hour from Pisa and stops at every regional station, but having said that there are trains from Pisa from around 6am on Sunday 24th( https://www.lefrecce.it) so can be done but there are loads of hotels & apartments in Florence.

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22/11/2013 at 16:36

Hi Everyone

Thanks for responses re medical form/membership. I have a letter from the Dr which I hope will suffice for Sun...(!) I like the idea of a virtual running club, that would suit me much better so I'll sign up for membership to see me through next year. Flying out to Pisa in the morning, getting excited/nervous now. Have had a few last min hitches over past the few weeks which have weakened my resolve slightly -  tight IT band and associated sore knee, a hideous cold that is still lingering and to top it all I dropped a frozen chicken on my bare foot yesterday eve and it hurt!! Still looking forward to giving it a good go though.... LOL Now what on earth to wear?? I see the forecast is for rain and not warm....

Good Luck Everyone!!

25/11/2013 at 11:26
Hope all of you finished like me in good times yesterday. Nice course and the sun was great. The only disappointement was that they didn't have enough finisher medals for all runners. That' s a NoGo. My wife was very disappointed and we're both angry about that.
26/11/2013 at 09:25

That's a bugger about the medals MrZ - hope you'll get one eventually. 

I thought the race was good. A bit crowded for the first 2-3km, but running down the adjoining pavement helped that a bit. The water stations were well stocked, although I was a bit surprised to see them dishing out hot tea! The last 6-7km past the historic sights was excellent - even if my hamstrings weren't feeling their best! The noise past the Duomo was excellent, as was the finish in the Plaza del Croce.

Managed to to get myself round in a big PB though, taking it from 3h38 down to 3h24 so I am well chuffed.

Hope all other RW readers had a good time - where to next eh??

26/11/2013 at 10:33

Cracking race and we got lucky with the weather. What a day! I ran it in 3 hr 9 minutes so knocked 16 minutes off my PB, so very pleased. I thought the support around the course was brilliant and the cries of "Bravi!" were really encouraging. The drinks stations were brilliant - grab some "salts", grab some water, a cup of tea(?), banana and biscuits.  

Heard about the medals mess, no idea how they got that wrong. I read this morning on their website that those that did not get a medal are getting free entry to a future edition of the race?

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26/11/2013 at 23:26

That is shocking re medals running out, I would have been livid,  there really is no excuse for that is there given that we all pre-registered?! I'm sure they will sort everyone out in the end but it just isn't the same as being handed the medal as you cross the line.

It was also a little disappointing that they ran out of food at the Marathon Party, we arrived a bit late and there really wasn't much choice left but what we did have was great and the party with the MJ tribute band was a lot of fun so I would definitely go again but just make sure we are there when the doors open in future.

Otherwise it was an amazing experience, perfect running weather, really well organised fuel stations - that hot sweet lemon tea was surprisingly lovely and I really wish I could have stomached some of the tempting cakes on offer but I stuck with tried and tested banana. There was great camaraderie all round the route - I got a crippling cramp in my quad and stumbled at the 41km signpost which was frustrating so close to the finish and several other runners cheered me on to keep going and one Italian guy actually stopped to help me up. The crowds were fantastic and I loved the bands, lovely souvenir clothing, wonderful scenic route.....

Yes I thoroughly enjoyed my first ever marathon and once the aching subsides I'm really looking forward to getting my trainers on again to start training for another next year...! I am totally in awe of your amazing times - well done!! Not in your league but I am thrilled with my 4:07!

26/11/2013 at 23:33

Nice work on completing your first marathon Sharon - where do you think is next on your distance running travels?

James - great news on your 3:09, the course and weather was set up for fast times - even with the cobbles and hot tea! Well done 

27/11/2013 at 12:00

Not sure, I do quite fancy Athens which was the other choice I had to mark my 40th this month but  I read that it is quite a hilly course so Florence seemed a much more sensible choice for my first time plus my husband is Italian so it was nice to plan another trip to Italy. I'd actually love to just do Florence again... Any recommendations??

28/11/2013 at 11:13

I had to pull out at 10 miles but my friend did it and just before she rounded the finishing corner they announced that they had run out of medals which I think is pretty disgusting. Not the same getting it in the post and she doesn't want a free entry for another year either. Great support though and the weather changed last minute from all the rain they've had.

28/11/2013 at 23:32

I agree, in her position I would be inclined to kick up a fuss and push for a full refund...!

Such a shame that the event will be clouded by this major cock up, it was otherwise a fantastic experience and until I heard about the lack of medals I had been very impressed by the organisation eg bag drop/ start/ fuel stations/ party...The weather was a lovely surprise having felt a bit deflated by the forecast beforehand.


14/07/2014 at 13:53



I'm running florence this year, am really looking forward to it, but will be mad if I don't get a medal! Is anyone doing it again and also can you recommend the best locations to stay?



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