Forest Of Dean Duathlon

Crazy but true........

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25/07/2005 at 13:17
I've put my name down!
25/07/2005 at 13:23
So has this guy...!
27/07/2005 at 21:56
28/07/2005 at 13:25
am in!
28/07/2005 at 15:42
Greeny sweetheart are you sure you can cope with this event?
10/08/2005 at 08:50
Good to see some of you entering - you are all nuts, but hey who cares.

(race director)
10/08/2005 at 09:49
Something we should know Trevor??

Barkles lives on the route and has warned me about the last few miles. ;-)
10/08/2005 at 10:07
Slight uphill section !!!!!

Basically the course goes down for the first half of the course.

(the runs flat though)
10/08/2005 at 10:19
Ah good at least I can 'wobble' (wibble!) on flat ground when I get off the bike.
Crash Hamster    pirate
10/08/2005 at 12:31

You nver saw me, right?
10/08/2005 at 12:33
Is it a bird?

Is it a plane?

In that case it must have been a 'Crash Hamster'!
10/08/2005 at 12:33
Beside CH you're the one training every second Dog gave you!
10/08/2005 at 12:52
Just to let you know that if you painfull limbs need a rub at the end then I have got some lovely ladies comming to massage them after. Will only be couple of quid.

Crash Hamster    pirate
10/08/2005 at 12:56
Quality resting, mostly kk...

But beware, my Raleigh Shopper will be burning up the tarmac on the big day...

Trevor, just asking for a mate of course, but is there a cut-off? ;o)
10/08/2005 at 12:59

I read that!!
10/08/2005 at 13:03
Crashie I read that Trevor :-

'will work with any level of ability'.!

I think he'll draw the line with us two! ;-)
10/08/2005 at 13:24
No - there wont be a cut off. If it has gone dark when you get back you probably took a wrong turn, but if you leave you name and number and finish time we will include you in the results.

Seriously though you will be fine. The course although tough isn't so terrible.

And as I said there isn't a cut off time.

10/08/2005 at 13:29
Can't be late, want to be in the Saracens Head for lunch!
Crash Hamster    pirate
10/08/2005 at 13:34
Quiet riot, can't cock up lunch twice in a row :o)

And how d'you know I was talking about you? I've got other friends; there's...erm...well, the bloke in the chip shop says hello, sometimes :o)

Thanks Trevor, I'll fit lights*, just in case...

*to my mate's bike, obviously :o)
15/08/2005 at 22:44
Trevor you Liar!

This has given me the impetus to great training again...

and for that I am grateful, Trevor, but one has to say...

yes the first half of the course is downhill, so what, the uphill is serious stuff...

No cut off is good news tho.

pity I have been doing so much swim training in Portugal!!!!

ah well...
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