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26/08/2007 at 15:28

Well, 10K now for me! But like Stephen T big effort half mara next year.

A shuffle round Strathclyde Park yesterday, followed by karate for hour and a half, then sitting with leg scrunched up at footie - and calf feels fine this morning!

Just going to dawdle round (what's new I hear you ask!) 10K and enjoy the atmosphere.

 Good luck to you all next week.

26/08/2007 at 15:31

Sensible desicion Stephen but a shame. Enjoy Skye - lovely place.

LSR for me today in the sunny yet breezy weather - weird tan lines and even weirder thoughts(hope i'm not the only one who thinks odd stuff when out running by myself)

1 wonder how many bugs i've swallowed in my running jaunts

2 wonder how many gallons of perspiration you could gather from the folk doing GSR

3 wonder why they put those fancy modern art type statues in the middle of roundabouts these days - surely a driving hazard

4 wunder why farm animals all make different noises - if they all did the same noise they could talk to each other

26/08/2007 at 16:06
very wise stephen,live to run another day.If you are up in the skye area I think they have changed the date of the Ben Nevis race to next weekend.Always a good day out to show us that altho we may be slightly weird running about at least we aren't mad enough to run up Britains highest mountain for the hell of it when there is a perfectly good pub at the bottom!
26/08/2007 at 16:30

Shame Stephen It's disappointing but there are quite a few of us now pulled out or changed to 10k (me included) I  did a good 8miler today and no real calf pain so hopefully I'll have a good 10k race on Sunday and then train a bit for the GNR in 5wks.

Karen LOL at your thoughts! I sometimes talk to the farm animals on my runs and they too acknowledge that I'm a wee bit nutty.

26/08/2007 at 18:05

Karatecaro and alison s least you get to finish earlier - that's a consolation. No point pushing yourself into further injury just for the sake of an extra 6 miles - no fun in that!!

Had to buy new trainers today as my feet killing me after run. Not sensible to use them Sunday but I'll see how I go. 

I talk to the animals too Alison s. I shout "mint sauce" at the sheep on the hill as they scare me and wont run away. 

26/08/2007 at 20:43

Hiya folks

Stephen sorry to hear that you've pulled out BUT its the sensible thing to do, I didn't think you would be able to run with a fracture!! Enjoy Skye and get well soon.

Karen D I got new shoes about a couple of weeks before a half race and they were fine, I figured it was better to run in them then the old ones!! Got PB with them lol

Wee Col don't know about a sub 2 but am definately going for a PB  really depends on congestion and my legs if a sub 2 would be possible!!!!!

I hope we all get our race pack 2mro!!!!

Had a good 16 miler today, my LR's are really coming togther. I used to walk every now and then as I found it hard to keep the motivation you automatically get in a race. But whether its just a coincidence or not, since I got my nike+ (done 5 runs, 2 LR's with it now) I don't have the urge to walk now  

27/08/2007 at 09:07
Bungee I think congestion will be the big thing over the first few miles. Last year I was about 6 and a half minutes slower over the first 2 miles and it wasn't really until after Pollok Park that I really got some space to run my own pace.

I take it no one has had their race pack through yet?
27/08/2007 at 10:27

Got our race packs today - and the old nerves / excitment came with it.  Its amazing you know your racing on sunday but its only when you see the pack on the doorstep that it all becomes real that you actually have to get your butt off the sofa and run 13.2 miles (help !)

Im Green 16050 and Foxxy is Blue 12140 which he thinks is hysterical because we both put down the same estimated time and yet he is in the faster section.  Im taking it they must have looked at our previous finishing times instead. 

If anyone is updating the list can you stick us on too please or can you give me some advise on how to successfully cut and paste the list to my message section ?. sorry guys computers and I dont mix Im afraid, I just have to look at the things and they crash on me !!

27/08/2007 at 10:53

Hi guys!

Bungee,Gillian,Greg and Soph.......i know well from the Edinburgh mara/Lochness Thread x

Postman has not been here  yet but its good to hear race packs seem to be on there way now-quite late this year!

Silly question really but just out of interest as i have only done the Glasgow 10K in the past -is the route measured in miles or km?

have nice day all

27/08/2007 at 11:26

Karen, I often have weird thoughts while out running more so on LSR.  Yesterday I thought how does the havesting process work and why does a tractor follow the combine harvester while basically doing nothing also why do loads of flies swarm behind me when running in the forrest.

Yesterday's LSR of 10 miles was good but hot conditions

Updated list

Mick the mackem
Wee Col
Karen D and pal.
Bungee + Brother
Gillian D Grant
Nessie (and Mr Nessie supporting)
eL Bee!
Iron Swissbobby
Bryan the Snail


Lady Fox


The last two seem to be the only ones with race packs.

No race pack here in Tayport yet 

27/08/2007 at 13:02

You think we should bring traffic cones to cordon of the City Chambers and not let anyone withoug a green ribbon(neatly ironed) cause there are quite a lot of names above!!

You must be too fast Cameron cause the flies tend to swarm in front of me, not behind then I panic and think I'm seeing black spots before my eyes.

At work so don't know if my postie been yet.  

27/08/2007 at 13:25

I'm also at work so don't know if mine has arrived!!!

Amber its measured in miles

Karen now I've already said I don't do irons!!!!  my ribbon is still pinned to my Edin mara bib, all ready just to transfer when I eventually get my no!! lol

It was very warm at times yesterday Cameron, I was wishing I had put sun spray on cos it was cloudy when I set off!!! lol

debbo    pirate
27/08/2007 at 13:28

Race packs here this morning too.

Updated list

Mick the mackem
Wee Col
Karen D and pal.
Bungee + Brother
Gillian D Grant
Nessie (and Mr Nessie supporting)
eL Bee!
Iron Swissbobby
Debbo - green 16482
Bryan the Snail - yellow 18603
Lady Fox

27/08/2007 at 13:48

Well, I seem to be continuing this year's theme of "let's see how little training I can get away with", as I've run a total of 94 miles since the Mull of Kintyre half at the end of May!

Still, I managed 8 miles yesterday without killing myself, so I'll get round.  Not much chance of beating last year's PB though.

I'm more worried about Loch Ness................

27/08/2007 at 13:52

Afternoon all

As we're having a nice and easy day here in England(bank holiday),no post today.

27/08/2007 at 14:04

Bungee, I think part of my scalp got burnt it didn't help by getting hair cut on Saturday morning,  got in the shower after the run and when I put my head under the water it was painful.

Correction, I just phoned home at lunch time and I have received my race pack - I thought there was no post today, cause we never got any external post today - how bizzare!!

Just need to get my ribbon - task for tomorrow.

27/08/2007 at 14:27

Thanks bungee

I didn't get any post today-(Livingston)prob arrive tomoro.

I will prob have my RW name on my top - and i'll try and find my green ribbon which is prob still pinned to my race number from ed.

Nessie -you havn't joined us on the Loch ness thread in a while

27/08/2007 at 14:34

Amber -  I know.  I lurk quite often, but the lack of training makes me feel guilty........

Once I get Sunday out of the way, I'll reappear.

27/08/2007 at 15:14

Ahoy shipmates

I've been away for a while, training is non existant, getting fat and lazy.

Hopefully the race pack will be there when I get back tonight. Are we doing the predicted time thingy? Here's mine if there's already a list going. I've been back a couple of pages but couldn't see anything.

Captain Haddock 1.40

Is the meeting up place still in front of the City Chambers? What time?

You can tell I've been away for a while!

27/08/2007 at 16:31

My race pack is here eventually.  It is really late this year I would have been panicking if I hadn't known everyone was in the same boat.

Don't know where to put my ribbon as the hairdresser stole all my hair on Sarurday.

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