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03/09/2007 at 15:24

SFC I share your sentiments about the exploding white disc!

I finished in 1:58.48 which was not what I hoped for - mainly because of problems with Lucozade Gels, stomach cramps and more than anticipated time in the portaloos.  I'm hoping to get another half marathon in before the end of the year because I know I can run better.

03/09/2007 at 15:35
My official time was 1.06.54. Ten minutes faster than I first thought but I was in the last muster so that explains it. I'm really pleased with that time!

Well done everyone!
03/09/2007 at 15:37

Thanks G and D for the link.  Fascinating reading. 1 55 59 for me, tad faster than expected so that will do.  Glasgow half sorted.  My half marathon caravan now moves to Jedburgh and Fort William where I hope not to be the only green ribbon bod about.

SFC and Greg, yeh a frisbie ??  I'm 48.  Surely some mistake !!

03/09/2007 at 15:40
Gillian what half are you doing in Fort William? Is it Eddie's Half Marathon in November by any chance?
03/09/2007 at 15:57
Yes you doing it ?
03/09/2007 at 16:04

Hi Gillian

I think I will finish off this year with Jedburgh. It will be my 10th half and it would be nice to get into double figures.

When I did it last year it was my 2nd. The 11m hill is a killer eh!

So I'll green up for then! and see you there.

03/09/2007 at 16:09
I've just entered it today.  I was supposed to be doing it last year but didn't make it so I'm quite looking forward to it this year.  The fact that it's in November gives me extra motivation to keep running through the winter.
03/09/2007 at 16:41

I just entered today as well - though if I had known in advance about the killer hill at mile eleven I might have changed my mind!

Is the rest of it hilly as well?

03/09/2007 at 16:55

 Karen it was nice to see you even if it was after you had past

Looks like Foxxy got 1hr 50min 25sec which he is gutted about, he felt he ran a good race yet came in 3min slower than last year when he walked some of the course...but hey theres always next year !

My official time was exactly as my watch 2hrs 25min 1sec - every second counts !!

03/09/2007 at 17:51

Hi everyone!  Congratulations to everyone who got round!  Some really good times in there as well!  Weather seemed quite good for it up North, take it it was cloudy and cool in Glasgow too?

Sorry to hear you had to join the non-starters' club, Debstir and Mick, at least you were in good company!   You'll be super determined next year and I'll be there with you!  Leg coming along nicely, still strapped up for another few weeks yet but the pain's gone at least.

Gillian, no rest for some!  Impressive time and hope you do just as well at Jedburgh and Fort William!

03/09/2007 at 18:04
Crystal - No worries! the killer hill I was talking about is in the Jed half, not Eddie's
03/09/2007 at 19:13

Does anyone have any tips for when to start running again after the half marathon? i usually run Tuesday, Thursday and then a long run at the weekend...but not sure how much rest i should give my weary body (I worked quite hard yesterday!!)

Also, what is the fort William half like? is it quite hilly?

03/09/2007 at 19:26

Ahah that's what the white thingy is for. Sorry I didn't spot your green ribbon ladyfox - I was looking out for them. I'm 3 minutes slower this year but hurtling towards the dreaded 40 year old mark so that might by why!! Talking of age there is no way you are 48 Gillian.

Gayle you might find a "bimble" tomorrow will actually loosen your muscles if you're a bit sore.  Just go slow and see how you feel. I take a milk and egg protein shake after long runs now just to repair my muscles, not the type that turns you into "Arnie" tho - I did ask the guy in Health Food shop if he had female version as I didn't want to end up looking like the guy on the tub - he laughed and said it's unisex!!

03/09/2007 at 20:06
Hi everyone hope you are all feeling better. Im a bit sore today and taking it badly to be back at work so soon! I see a few are doing the fort William 1/2 in november, a couple of us up here in Glencoe are thinking of entering and wondered if there is an easier way of doing so rather than phoning?
Also entered the aviemore half so it will be nice to see some forumites there.I too was stuck in the loo cue so didnt get achance to show off my green ribbon !! Nice to see some highland cows in the park made me feel at home and run a bit faster until I saw they were safely fenced in. Tried to persuade a lady on horse to swap places but she wasnt having would have improved my time no end!
03/09/2007 at 20:22

StephenT Thanks I'll do any distance within travelling distance.  It's a day out with a purpose. Pleased your leg is doing ok.  We all get our share of it.

SFG and Greg that's good news.  We now have the beginning of a team for each event !! G and D Fort Williams flat and scenic.  Cracking wee race.

I'm on r and r till Wed when there's a 5k in the meadows Edinburgh. Will put my green ribbon on just in case.

Karen D tis true, didn't even start running till 2001.  I had a very debauched youth !

03/09/2007 at 20:35
You're like that ten years younger programme then Gillian without them having to knock the ten years off you - I'm still trying to hang on to my debauched youth albeit but a bit fitter and healthier!!
03/09/2007 at 20:42
Karen That's kind.  Thank you. I know just what you mean.  I still know how to handle a bottle of wine at very regular intervals !!  Hic hic !!
03/09/2007 at 20:53

You lot have got me looking at this Fort William race now. 12 o'clock start looks interesting. Checked how long would take me to get there and only 2 hours I'll ponder!

I drink more since I started running Gillian - helps stop the jumpy legs at night after a long run-me and wine don't get along too well tho!!

03/09/2007 at 21:07


It is actually the Jedburgh Half I've entered, seemed a lot easier to get to from Edinburgh.

Oh well, looks like some Arthur's Seat practice may be in order. 

03/09/2007 at 21:31

Hey Crystal

The Jed half is quite civilized till mile 11 then there is a mile long hill, not too steep, but seems to go on for ever!. Up and down the Seat once a week and you will bound up it!

Nice friendly race, plenty of convenient car parking, not crowded and a nice medal.

 I drove down from Bothwell in the morning, 8am start, and drove home afterwards, is nicely doable. Especially as the clocks change and you get an extra hours kip the night before.

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