Great Cumbrian Run Half-Marathon

New route but same magical race!!

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19/10/2008 at 17:15
Hi all,

Good race! I thought the start was a little odd, everyone milling around in the castle whilst everything was happening out of eye and earshot outside, no indication of what we should be doing. The route was great, not quite as flat as I'd thought, but as least the wind didn't gust up too much. Great support at most of the villages and a good atmosphere between competitors. I messed up my eating strategy and the half-digested curry from last night felt like a brick in my lower intestines for the second half of the race - thankfully didn't manifest into an out-and-out stitc, just uncomfortable. The groin injury was fine and I just managed to dip under 1h50m, I think was towards the quicker end of my expectations. Sorry I couldn't meet by the tree, I was trying to persuade my curry to part company wit me before the race.

Looking forward to next year...I have 1h45m in my sights...
19/10/2008 at 17:17

Afternoon all

Well Morgs and mygoodself went to the wrong tree before the start.There was a single tree inside the castle grounds!!!!!

Millsy spotted me just after the start and shouted over.

By lad what a course.First 5/6 miles I wasn't expecting those hills.Got to mile 7 feeling canny,nice bit of flat then another wee hill!!! Great bit of running past Carlisle football ground,thru the park,up the hill at 11.5 mile then downhill all the way to the finish.Loved the finish inside the stadium.Spotted Millsy again at the finish,had a wee bit crack.Went off and had a shower,waited for Morgs to finish.Had a wee chat with Millsy and SM.Spotted Boycs gliuding past.Morgs and myself then went back to the car and off back to Sunderland.

All in all a canny course.Wasn't expecting those hills.Got round in 1hr43mns21secs(my watch).

Hope everyone had a good day.See you all next year.

19/10/2008 at 17:38

Afternoon folks!

Well done to everyone today. Some fab times I see.

I can honestly say I think I have had my first 'bad' race. Proper rough! But that was down to my, if I'm honest, absolute dire preparation! I have learned a hard lesson today, but I think it was needed. First five miles were far too quick but time wise spot on for my 2:05 (if not slightly quicker!). Next three ish miles were decidedly ropier. I then completely lost the plot and more or less ran walked the rest of the way.

By my watch I did 2:21:49 which should be fairly close to my chip time I reckon.

The new course on reflection was excellent. A tad on the hilly side for me but a real 'tester' which isnt a bad thing really.

Roll on next year

Oh btw, Millsy, SM, it was lovely to see the pair of you again. Shame me and Mick went to the wrong tree  (d'oh!) at the start. But at least we know now for next year.

Mick, thanks for taking me across there today and putting up with my rather 'crumpled' self on the way back. I'm feeling just about human again now. I'm definitely doing Haweswater as well

19/10/2008 at 18:00
Morgs-Glad to see you're feeling canny now.Well done today.See you soon.
19/10/2008 at 18:46
I managed 1hr 59mins - YAY! Was my first half so dead chuffed! Have to say it wasn't totally un-eventful - nearly ran into a skip in Cumwhinton, then my Camelbak Flashflo had slackened up enough to start hitting me in the back in the last 5 miles, which I was somehow ignoring..... by the time I tightened it in Bitts Park it had battered me lol!

Great atmosphere, off to CFM Radio's charity champagne breakfast for the Robbie's Runners tomorrow, and have this week off to recover hehehe!

See everyone next year!
19/10/2008 at 19:48
One hour 46 for me!! yey!!!! I finished 15mins ahead and had to wait for ages for my family, who only went down to the finish at 2hours

did enjoy it, good mix of running through the town and then out to the villages , nice to run so close to home. liked the last 3 miles, really spurred me on

well done everyone
19/10/2008 at 20:05

I got stuck in the never ending toilet queue before the start, and had left home for my mucky weekend away before the "tree of friendship" was nominated so wouldn't have found you anyway. I must have been in the vicinty of some of you, crossed the line at 2.01 but as I was still sat on the throne when the cannon fired. I reckon about a 1.57 chip time, having started at the very back. I did say hello to you at about 5 miles SM, however the bloke in the black t-shirt who I thought was you was most put out when I tried to insist he had a secret internet life and a viking helmet at home. Some people!

A nice morale boost in the park too. I felt right at home, I even found one with a limp i could keep up with.

Course was a tad more testing than most City half marathons, very good course indeed. I also saw the fella collapsed, don't know how it turned out, there was a Police officer already there so didn't stop and get in the way, but there are no horror stories on the local news website so hopeully turned out not too bad.

"Goody" bag was a bit crap. My bin is full now. T-shirt is nice, enough on it's own.

19/10/2008 at 20:14
That sounds like a winge. Wasn't supposed to. Had a cracking day, even if I forgot to mention my wife and dog getting attacked by a stray wolf near the finish!
19/10/2008 at 21:06


Many congratulations folks. It sounds like the new course proved agreeable, if challenging.

Cheers, Morgs, Boycs and Mick - you can be sure I'l be there next year, but I'll be sure not to rely on Mick's tree-spotting ability

19/10/2008 at 23:05

Interesting observations!

Rob - Don't worry about missing all the action outside the castle - nothing happened - trust me!

Now, when I set up the meeting point I thought that I'd made it dead easy.  Big tree, outside the castle, in the middle of a huge lawn with no other trees for miles around.  Sadly that was clearly still too complicated for some but top marks to the wily old sage SM, who spotted me lurking furtively and spared my blushes by making an approach before the police came to question me about my suspicious activites.  Maybe I should start thinking now about where we can meet next year.

When I was standing at the finish line and the clock ticked past 1.08 without a runner in site, I came to the conclusion that the course might be a bit tricky, and subsequent conversations have confirmed this, but everyone that I have spoken to has been positive so hopefully next year's course will be the same.

Mick was the only member of the team whom I actually saw finish, although I did speak to both Morgs and of course SM afterwards.  As I sit here contemplating bedtime I'm still waiting for the call to invite me out for beer.  Some people, eh!  Best bit is I know he cannot respond to this anytime soon, so really I can say what I like.  

Not sure how I managed to miss Siobhan as I was standing freezing my thingies off right at the finish line from before the first runners arrived until around the 2 hour mark.  But you missed me as well, so I don't feel too bad.  And Boycs, what a pity I didn't see you. You've become a stalwart at this event, and this has become our annual rendezvous.  I think you'll need to sign up for the Windermere Marathon next year and that will double our chances of meeting.  Go on.................., you know you want to.

So as you all now tick this one off, for another year, I hope you all enjoyed it, and are planning to come back next year.  By then that tree will be even bigger, and if I speak nicely to Mike James he might be able to arrange for a huge arrow to be erected above it, for the benefit of those of you who got a bit confused earlier today.

Well done everyone.  If running half marathons was easy then every beggar would be at it, and we know that that's not the case.  Some just keep coming up with excuse after excuse like injuries or whatever.

Did I really say that?     

20/10/2008 at 00:35

Great day all round.

Hard work with a new route honestly it is - We will learn the following for next year.

Toilets should have been 30 not 10 at the start
I should try and arrange free car parking for all runners. The council should support this event.
The fun run time should be different to the main race - Not sure how to do this yet.
Drink options should have been accesible at the start.
The start speaker system should have extended to inside the castle.
The cars mainly from the cerebral palsy event should not have exited the stadium until 12.30pm.
The marshalling at the sands corner and car park should have been 2. it was meant to be.
Out of 2367 seperate jobs by 186 staff working to a 120 page event plan only a few minor problems.
I and my team are absolutely delighted with the feedback and most importantly that everyone got around safely.
I don't know how the GNR do it because 1840 is hard enough!!!!!
Well done all

20/10/2008 at 07:14

Can I add that you have some kind of retail outlet at the start to purchase those forgotten goodies like gels etc.

I'll write more when I find some time - when I get to work sounds best.

20/10/2008 at 08:44

Thansk for all you efforts and those of your helpers, I tried to thank as many as I could but inevitably not all. As you say, any hiccups were minor certainly compared to the thousands which went seemlessly.

Thanks again,

20/10/2008 at 08:51

Mike...HUGE thank you!  Was a brilliant event, both myself and my OH took part and we only have praise for you and everyone else who had a part in organising the GREAT Cumbrian Run!  We'll be back next year and every year after until our legs can take no more!!

20/10/2008 at 09:23

Right. I'm at work now and I've had my coffee.

I had a great time yesterday. I always feel that half maras are tough cookies and you can't really blag your way round. I had to keep focussed all the way round to make sure that I finished in good shape and give the people at Sheepmount a thrill at seeing a honed athlete ply his trade. Shame that they had to wait until 11:30am and there were hundreds of others trying to muscle in on the adoration that was for me.

The course was certainly not a walkover. Some struggly hills that really scrubbed the speed. Great support from the marshalls and villagers. I didn't like the muddy sections round the back of the footy stadium but it didn't last long.

I was totally bemused by the fact that there was a running store a stone's throw from the starting line but it was shut. It was my fault that I'd travelled without gels but I didn't panic because I've not been at an event where some enterprising chap isn't selling runners' essentials.

All in all, a great event.

Well done.

20/10/2008 at 09:28
Oh and the medal and t shirt were quality. It's nice that organisers go to the trouble to arrange a t shirt that runners will wear. I'll wear that NB one until it's in shreds.
20/10/2008 at 11:02
In a really odd twist of fate, my medal fell out of my bag onto my foot from about 6 foot high! I both cut and bruised my right foot!
20/10/2008 at 11:41
Claims Direct?
20/10/2008 at 11:52

Just to let you know I managed to complete my first ever race and HM but would I do it again?? 

My OH (who is a seasoned runner) warned me that once I finished I would either vow never to run again or would be bitten by the bug!  After getting a really bad stitch at 2 miles for no reason we can think of, I was really knocked off my stride but I completed the course which is the main thing, even if I did take 2:42 when I was aiming for under 2:30.  Still I have a little 10K to complete in 2 weeks and then I suppose I should consider Redcar next year......Yes that means I will do another HM.  I even told him should I ever get under 1:45 I would consider the full 26m.  Anyone know the details of a decent shrink?

Congratulations to all you 'proper' runners who got round in a good time.

20/10/2008 at 12:01

I managed to finish in 1:46 which I was pleased with. I had wanted to go under 1:45 but the hills put paid to that (especially that one between miles 11-12, that really hurt).


Unfortunately my knee is now not too great. Was fine during the race but now hurts when I walk- so I’m hobbling quite badly. How long would people advise giving it to see if it clears it up before going to a doctor?

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