Great North Run 2009

2008 is over, who's up for doing it all again?

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06/10/2008 at 09:51

First and last for me im afraid

Great weekend but too many runners and the baggage/transport was a nightmare

Great weather and support though

06/10/2008 at 09:53

RTG, that is some time off your PB! I would qualify that as smashing your pb, not the 2 secs off that one of the elites did. What time are you aiming for the marathon? That is obviously run at a deliberately slower pace? I could manage more slower miles, but definitely not at that pace! I think it must bean acceptance for you for London.

Men definitely have it easier, saw loads of them at the side of the road, lol. I was dying for the loo after I finished but was already waiting for OH at the meeting point for 20 mins and thought if I go now I'll never find him.

LOL, Jovi. My daughter was crying walking the 1km from the finish to the car. She wasn't very happy with all the waiting around.

It did take longer to drive back than it took to run, I thought that was funny.

06/10/2008 at 09:54
Did you enjoy toasting the baby, mr sj??
06/10/2008 at 09:57

i thought it was going to be a lot worse than it was for baggage buses and getting home. i got there nice and early and had my bag on the bus by 8:30 then strolled down to meet everyone, went to the toilet a few times and never had to queue once, entered my pen at 10:15 and managed to weave my way half way up it.

had to weave in and out of people for the entire run and thats a little annoying, but with that amount of people its to be expected, then at the finish i crossed the line and walked to the baggage bus within 10 mins, straight on the bus and got my bag and was back off and dressed within 5 mins, then a stroll to the ferry and again no queues and home within the hour.

hopefully next year i'll get a better pen and wont have as many people in front of me. support was amazing and the people of south shields should be proud of themselves for the encouragement they give every single person running.

06/10/2008 at 09:59

kaysdee - never got out last night, by the time i got home my wife was a little frazzled !!!! she had both grandma's round all day and the 3 kids and the stress had got to her a bit, so wife and kids all in bed by 7pm and i lay on the settee watching harry potter !!! and drinking kronenbourg

how are you feeling today ?

06/10/2008 at 10:03

A shame you couldn't make it, Mr sj - but totally understandable.

How is Mrs sj today?

06/10/2008 at 10:05
XL - she's ok, her and poppy were still asleep when i took the kids to school this morning, but they are both up and feeling good this morning. i'll be there for the night out next year without a doubt and any other socials planned !!
06/10/2008 at 10:13

Morning everyone

Didn't make it into work today - I can barely speak, and can barely walk, and both are requirements of my job ... I can literally croak out the odd word but that's pretty much it.  A few duvet days are in order for me I think (I feel a bit guilty but haven't been off sick all year so that's ok, isn't it?  )

A big well done to Kaysdee (very jealous that you managed the elusive sub 2 hour, by the way  ) Yeti (gutted I never got to meet you beforehand) and RtG - that's a massive chunk off last year's time, you must be floating on air!

I too got really sick of dodging other runners - it's not their fault, just too many people doing it now I think.  It was worse this year than the other years I've done it.  By mile 10 I just couldn't be bothered anymore and just tried to go with the flow.

A first for me this year was spending a penny in the bushes at the start  .  Normally I'm too shy, but I had my mate with me this year so we both kept a look out for the other.  No joy though ... when it came down to it I 'couldn't', so ran the thing with an increasingly full bladder.  I did however manage to brush past stinging nettles though, and - get this - I managed to squat right over one as well (bet that never happens to Bruce Parry) Ouch!  Back in the pen I made my friend peel her banana so I could rub the peel into the rashes on my legs (I have no clue if banana peel has soothing properties, but I know you can polish your shoes with it so I thought what the heck, I'd give it a go), but I drew the line at shoving it down the back of my shorts.

I did say never again in the last few miles of the run yesterday, but now I'm not so sure 

06/10/2008 at 10:13
Anyone have any ideas when the pics for this years run go up on the site please?
06/10/2008 at 10:23

lol shielsey, didnt know where you were going with the banana peel story at first

i said never again at mile 9, then at 10 and again at 11 and 12, but once i crossed the line i change my mind, now ive got a half mara pb and i need to beat it, roll on october 2009

06/10/2008 at 10:25

anyone know which site the pics will be on? looked at but it's not in their 'upcoming events' and couldn't find any info on the Great Run site...

Shielsy - gutted to have missed you too, and such a shame you're so unwell!  Rest up, you deserve it

06/10/2008 at 10:36

(((Shielsy))) get well soon, but what a story too - had to laugh - you didn't tell us if the banana skin worked, or did it just give you a shiny bum?

Glad that Mrs sj and the kids are well this morning.

I think the pictures usually take a little while to go up. Isn't it ASI (Action Sports International) that do them?

06/10/2008 at 10:36
yeti - they are on the great run site , look on the left hand side of the page and there is a pic of the tyne bridge, nothing been put on yet for GNR, but thats where they'll be when they upload them all, also loads of photos on bbc site
06/10/2008 at 10:37

Morning all,

Didn't know which thread to post on so posted on both lol

Well done everyone, some cracking efforts been put in

Just woke up after a very tiring few days.

Really enjoyed this years run, I wasn't expecting too much as my training had gone all wrong during the middle of this year. Plus with the 2 weeks before the run I had been in Gran Canaria.

Started off and was trying to keep at a constant pace as with previous years in the initial part of the race I would try and weave in and out of people. This year if I couldn't get by I would just try and stay calm and wait until a gap to become available. First few miles of the race I was feeling alright but my legs were a lot heavier then I would of expected them to be (probably due to the poor build up to the race) I tried not to worry about it to much and concentrated on keeping my speed at a constant pace. Found miles 8 – 12 a real struggle and my legs were getting heavier. Last mile was again the longest but I was pleased to be finished.

Finished in a time of 1h33m34s Not a PB but I wasn't expecting one.

06/10/2008 at 10:40

Yeti, I think the pics were a few days after the GYR, so I reckon they'll be on tomorrow. Just keep checking the results page and eventually you'll see a link underneath your stata. I think I'll cringe when I see mine. I had sunglasses on though so maybe I won't see the full agony in my eyes. Heh heh.

I've done long runs before so I don't know why it felt so hard, but nothing like this. Same as you guys, when I got to 8-9 miles I just wanted to cry and the climb just kept going and going. I really wanted to stop, but somehow kept moving.

The profile on the guide is very misleading, that's why I wasn't expecting so bad. I was worried about getting to 5 miles and when I got there nearly 2 mins ahead of target (for 1:55) I thought yeah I can do this and then it all went to pot. When I checked my Garmin afterwards, the toal climb from mile 2-5 was something like 35m, but the climb from 8.5 mile to 12 went from -3m to 50! No wonder it felt hard, that is a long incline!

06/10/2008 at 10:42
1:33?? You felt like that and still did it so quickly! Take my hat off to you, I can't even imagine that speed.
06/10/2008 at 10:44

As well as the frustration of being stuck behing other runners, there is also a physical cost. Having to constantly chop your stride, when you can't just relax and find your usual length and pattern, requires the muscles to work in a way they're not used to.

Well done for keeping going, Kaysdee, when your brain was telling you to do the opposite. You've certainly earned that medal.

06/10/2008 at 10:45

Hey all, legs relatively ok this morning, strolled into work almost (but not quite) with a spring in my step.

Even though I felt rubbish for the whole run, legs dead heavy after 4 miles, then recovered a bit, then buggered again, rinse and repeat.

Im all up for doing it in fancy dress next year and for charity, for some daft reason I felt a bit guilty that I wasnt using this as an opportunity to raise some money.

 The ladies do have it rather tough toilet wise, i know banana skins are very smooth to write on. Wasnt aware of there other properties though

Edited: 06/10/2008 at 10:46
06/10/2008 at 10:48
Just had a look and noticed there were pictures for the mini run up! My daughter looks so sad on them, lol. That was Sat, so I reckon tomorrow will be the day for us.
06/10/2008 at 10:48

Hi Flabby - how was the holiday?

Considering your problems in the run up to the race, that's a cracking time (it's a cracking time anyway though).  Well done you. 

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