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29/08/2014 at 17:22

wow, it's really quiet in this forum, guess everyone is overcome with excitement!! Hi

Ali, glad to hear things going well! I suppose you haver to decide what you want out of each race, Edi was your 1st full if I remember correctly so hopefully you'll be looking to improve on that but LN a wee bit hillier so you don;t want to knacker yourself, like GP said. You could always have a wee 3 miler before GNR  (run from 3 miles out back to the start - you'll probably also get on the telly or barred!) and then race the half, in my mind that equates to an LSR of 20 but then my mind is a bit leftfield! Or you could do a very easy 20 this weekend and an easy GNR - just depends if you're "going for it" or not!  I'm not going for it , found out a mate of a mate is doing it (his first ever half!) so going to pace him to get under 2 hours hopefully, he's just about there. My injury's healed nicely but not in time for me to race to so I'm just going to enjoy the day and soak up the atmosphere and hopefully help someone else reach their goal. Good luck whatever you do anyway!

30/08/2014 at 18:46

"Easy 20" - what is that? 20 mins, yes, 20 miles no. Decided to just get myself out this am. Managed somewhere between 19-20 (Garmin doesn't take into account my undulating route and x country forays so I'm cutting myself a bit of slack). Found it quite a tough plod then took a bit of a funny turn when I got back. Reckon I didn't fuel enough en route then jumped in shower too quickly when I got back. Light- headed and nauseous wasn't the feeling I was aiming for but I'll give myself an easy week and should be raring to go come Sunday! 

30/08/2014 at 19:29

Looking forward to my first GNR- sounds like a good event reading from previous runners

Does anyone know how the best way to get back to near the start at the finish? Would I need to carry some cash with me or buy a ticket beforehand?

30/08/2014 at 22:37

Dipesh - best way back to start is by using metro, it is direct South Shields to Newcastle (Central Station, Monument or Haymarket). Haymarket is closest to the start.

you can buy a ticket at the metro station with cash or credit card. Think you may be able to buy tickets in advance, if you google "metro nexus" you will find more info.

31/08/2014 at 08:32

Thanks for help with this, Stephen.

31/08/2014 at 13:15
Can't believe it's a week to go! My first GNR. Driving up from North Yorkshire in the morning. We plan to park at Heworth metro station and take the train to Newcastle. Please can anyone advise if our plan sounds ok. How busy will everywhere be? How much time should we allow? Etc etc! Any advice would be great. Thankyou!
31/08/2014 at 21:31

Only 5k in 5 weeks - should I still run?

Hi everyone, I'm after some advice, tonight was my first run for 5 weeks having hurt a toe when I ran into a hidden rock barefoot on the beach. 

I did 5k with no pain tonight so now I'm tempted to run on Sunday despite coming very close to withdrawing due to lack of training. 

First question is should I run? I've had a crap year for running but I did train reasonably comfortably up to 18k before hurting my foot. And although I probably won't get aynwhere near the 1:59 I got in my first GNR last year, I feel reasonably confident that I'll manage to get round.

If I do run what would you guys recommend in terms of training in the week I have left? I was thinking a 10 and a 15k and then just hope for the best on Sunday!


31/08/2014 at 22:19

This is taper week, so ramping up could leave you quite tired at the start line.  There is a big difference between 5k and a half marathon, and it could be you don't enjoy the experience.

Ramping up from 5k to 10k then 15k is not the recommended 10% per week either.

I've run half marathons both tired and injured and though I finished, I didn't enjoy the run, which has got to be what it's all about.  I'd consider deferring, but it's up to you.  I suppose you could plod round.

Yesterday at 10:03
Perhaps I should just stick a couple of 10s in or maybe a 13-15 tomorrow and a 10k on Thursday giving me 2 clear days of rest, not ideal I know and my head says defer but my heart says just do it and enjoy the day without worrying about pace.
Yesterday at 12:26

Is anyone interested in Accomodation for the GNR 2014.. I have a hotel room booked and paid for in Boldon (6 miles from finish or 7 miles from start)

I paid £120 for the room and i would just like my money back, I'm not in it for profit.

I have stayed here for th last 3 great north runs and it's great, Just picked up an injury and will not be ablle to run...  

Let me know if interested and I can send more details.



Yesterday at 13:06

Never mind Ali, your legs will be thanking you for that run - even if your head and body are not! Good luck to you!

Sorecalf, I would say it depends on what other cross training you've been doing, if you're fit then you'll manage but even if not, you've got a bit of running experience so you will finish it - it just won't be pretty!!  I'm a wee bit in the same boat in that I was injured but I've managed to build it up over the last month and feeling in decent shape to get round comfortably but gave up the racing idea a long time ago and just going to enjoy it. You can still defer, just depends on how much you're looking forward to it - or not! However, if it was me I probably wouldn;t go over 10K, do runs alternate days with cross training, finishing Thursday and then hope for the best!

I need a bit of advice on the transport too if anyone can help. I'm planning on driving to the car parks at South Shields (so I can just drive straight back up to Scotland after) and then metro / bus to the start. I just really need to know how much time I should allow myself, ie do the car parks fill up really quickly or can I get a long lie and get there around 9am with no hassles? Any info appreciated!

Yesterday at 22:12

Stephen- thank you for your advice, I may just buy a ticket in advance and hopefully avoid any chaos at the end of the race

Anyone getting a few nerves- but looking so forward to it!?

Yesterday at 22:14

Hi Lily, if you're coming from the south then I think your plan of parking at Heworth and metro to the start is the best way to go. I've done this a few times & it's a fairly clean run right through to Heworth whilst all the traffic heads for Sth Shields. Be warned though the metro will be busy so don't expect a seat if you get on at Heworth. Timewise don't cut it too fine getting to the baggage buses. Give yourself at least an hour to get from Heworth to the baggage buses. After the run you can get the metro back to Heworth or better still get one of the buses that stops at Heworth. The metro's a fair walk from the finish.

Having said all that I'm coming from the west so will be parking in the centre of Newcastle & getting the bus back from Sth Shields. Sub 329 in my experience you won't get away from Sth Shields very quickly so if you're coming from the north you might be better off doing the same.

Overall the best piece of advice I can give is whatever your plans give yourself plenty of time and however long you think it might take you, add on an extra half an hour! Hope this has been of some help.

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