helsby 4 villages half marathon 2007

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18/09/2006 at 21:33
Does anyone know where I can find an entry form online,either to print & post or enter online.I'v tried runners world events ,and the club website with no avail. I know this race fills up pretty quickly so dont want to leave it too late. Any advice greatly appriciated.
cougie    pirate
19/09/2006 at 00:04
Doubt its up yet.

In fact - after a quick google - naaah - not up yet - but should be on here :

02/10/2006 at 10:40
Does ANYBODY know what's going on with this race?

The website hasn't been updated for months, and there is no response to emails.

Has anybody who ran it last year had an application form yet?

Are there any Helsby Runners who could please shed some light...?
02/10/2006 at 12:16
I am not a Helsby RC member, but I have seen this race on offical events lists - it's down for Sunday 21st January 2007. Like you, I keep checking the site for the forms as this race fills up very quickly.

Come on Helsby - put something out !!
02/10/2006 at 12:53
They probably will this month, I seem to remember that they did that last year! I live near there and know acouple of their runners, I#'ll see what I can find out ;-)

02/10/2006 at 14:15
I found a thread on last year's race, and the entry form appeared at the end of August, and entries were in full swing through September. It didn't actually fill up til early December though.
JPenno    pirate
02/10/2006 at 14:34
I emailed the club last month but have had no reply as yet. will call in to the clubhouse next time i pass (hopefully this week) and see if anyone knows anything, will post on here if i get any info.
05/10/2006 at 11:26
05/10/2006 at 21:04
Can't find any reference to the race when I searched on the events page. Has it been cancelled for 2007?
05/10/2006 at 21:20
I'm getting worried about this one. I hope it's not been scrapped, it's been going for 25 years and is a great race.

I have noticed over the last 5 years when I've run it that the motorists on the country lanes are getting less and less accommodating towards the runners.
05/10/2006 at 23:14
entry forms are up... http://www.helsbyrun.freeuk.com/Races/HalfMarathon/index.htm might enter tommorrow to try and get the number 1 spot!
05/10/2006 at 23:21
Nice find, Toffee... get ready to have ya ass whipped ;-)

05/10/2006 at 23:34
your gonna have to be in sub 78 shape for this one then m8! determined to give that elite entry thing a go for the gnr 07, so i need to be running 77 by helsby if thats going to happen...
05/10/2006 at 23:37
also available on my site www.ukresults.net/forms/070121helsby.pdf
05/10/2006 at 23:38
great site ukresultsman im always checking it! keep up the good work, that link isnt working for me yet tho...
05/10/2006 at 23:39
my dodgy laptop, it works now! cheers...
05/10/2006 at 23:40
not dodgy laptop - dodgy upload!!
05/10/2006 at 23:47

Nahhh mate, you better be in 1:16 shape ;-) as I'm already in 79 shape at the moment... ;-)


P.S nothing better than a bit of bull to enter the winter season ;-0. This race was a target of mine as is the Village Bakery... and both were going to be 1:16 targets!
05/10/2006 at 23:53
keep it going m8, dont think ill be doing village bakery tho...liverpool will be my next half mara after helsby
06/10/2006 at 06:48

Theres a £500.00 prize if that will make you run quicker !!!
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