Horndon Feast & Fayre 10K

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26/06/2006 at 12:35
Sounds like I missed a good run. Almost wish I'd done it but having got a pb in a 5k on Wednesday evening not sure I'd have had it in my poor old legs to race 10k.

Well done to all.

Anyone doing the TCC5k?
26/06/2006 at 18:38
Will be back next year if hubby is not working. Have to beat my time of course.
27/06/2006 at 14:23

I'm a member of Benfleet RC. Probably the best club in our area, loads of members, coaches and training nights if you can get home early enough [sigh]. They have a good turn out, and it's suprising how much of lift a 'come on Benfleet!' shouted from the crowd gives you.

Have a look at the website, its just been revamped and is pretty informative regarding members and upcoming races etc.

I quite enjoyed the Horndon. First 10k race this year, which I took fairly easy in the beginning as I'm coming back from an achilles injury. Made it round in 44.43, which'll do for now.

Kazzah16 - I should be at the TCC, although I'll be running the 10k. If I remember correctly, it's a fairly fast course - although I remember water stations being non existent. Hopefully the new organisers will have considered this?

See you at the TCC - anyone doing the London 10k this Sunday?

27/06/2006 at 14:31
Steve, I think I saw water stations marked on the map but it wouldn't be the first time that water was a scarce commodity in a race! Fortunately as I'm concentrating on 5ks at the mo I won't have to worry too much. Hoping for a fast course as I want to beat my new pb of 23.16. If I'd run a more sensible race on Wednesday I could certainly have been faster. Totally panicked when I went through first k in 4.11 - knew I was in a fast race but I was aiming for 4.30 k's!!

See you there!
27/06/2006 at 15:01

You're obviously privvy to information that I don't have access to. Where did you find the map, as I'd be quite interested to have a quick practice before the event?

I'm sure the route takes in Kenneth Road and Rayleigh road, which used to be part of my marathon training route - a trip down memory lane for me, as I've run it dozens of times.

See you there - are you in club colours or anything distinctive so that I can cheer you in - hopefully in a time under 23 minutes!
27/06/2006 at 15:09
It was with my race number. It's all at home so can't tell you what the route was. Can let you know later. Don't really know it round there so it's all pretty much new territory for me. Have to congratulate them on their speedy turn round. Entry stuff arrived day after I'd entered on line!

All I can be sure of is that I'll be wearing a white cap and I'll be somewhat crimson of face (sadly I have a tendency to go beetroot as soon as I start doing any cardio work). Not exactly a great look!!!
27/06/2006 at 17:54
Thanks for the info - though it might have been useful if you'd put the Benfleet RC's website address in the message ;-)

I'll very likely give Benfleet RC a go but maybe not just yet as I don't want to get too 'serious' too quickly.

Once I've hit four outings a week (likely to be in early September) I'll come calling.

May your second wind come quickly in the TCC (you too Kazzah).
29/06/2006 at 09:53

You're right - how remiss.

The address is www.benfleetrunningclub.com.

I wouldn't worry about getting serious, it's just about being with like minded people, and finding a training partner of similar ability. Something that I've struggled to do.

If nothing else, joining the club now will get you discounted entry in to these local races, which is another good reason to belong to an affiliated club. Races are a good opportunity to push yourself, knowing that you're running a measured course, with support and back-up in case something goes wrong. They're a valuable training resourse.

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