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27/09/2002 at 12:27
Re the environmental impact. I understand that there have been problems especially in mid summer when too many coaches (esp) and cars have arrived in the early hours at Borrowdale and Wasdale head (depending on route to be taken). This has inconvenienced local people who have been woken up by the traffic etc. and had to put up with congestion. Also there was a tale of the Wasdale Inn (or campsite?) running out of water - due to overzealous filling of water bottles.

I thought that charities that do the event have produced a code of conduct which they agree to adhere to. However, don't know how to get hold of it.

This was covered in walking mags a couple of years ago. Possibly since F&M things haven't taken off again and so it is less of a problem.
27/09/2002 at 13:51
Just found

27/09/2002 at 15:03
Have done the Three peaks Challenge twice now (2001, 17 hours 26 minutes and in 2002, 16 hours 48 minutes) as part of a team competing in an organised team event. The organisers have very strict rules and controls on safety (safety on the mountains and vehicle/driver safety) and on limiting environmental damage and disruption. Time penalties and possible disqualification apply if you don't follow the rules/guidelines the organisers set.

If planned for and carried out properly it's an excellent event. There's something unreal about tumbling out of a minibus at 4:00 a.m. and flinging yourself up and down Scafell Pike (after a helter skelter ascent/descent of Ben Nevis and a bone rattling journey through the early hours).

Good organisation is critical - if you get under 20 hours you're doing well. We far exceeded our own expectations our times included a compulsory 12 hours of drive time so there is nothing to be gained from breaking the speed limit.

We split the team into two parts - a team of six runners and a support crew of three (one supporter for each pair of runners). One of the support crew takes responsibility for everything that happens off the mountains (road navigation, supplies of food and energy drinks etc). Two of the running team take charge of events on the mountain, navigation, split times etc. Once the challenge is underway, none of the runners does any driving.

Strongly recommend taking part in an organised sub 24 hour team challenge - you could do it alone but if you're not racing against other teams, the challenge is likely to be somewhat lacking.

Both times I did this was on a weekday in late June (fewer people than at weekends). Good luck to any one who does this. I know from my own experiences that it can be memorable.
27/09/2002 at 16:30
Maybe I'd better butt out now. Less than 12 hours to get up and down all three mountains...doubt if I'll ever be that fit! Maybe I can serve tea. Or drive, provided somebody else navigates.
27/09/2002 at 16:44
Look upon it as a 24 hour challenge and take the full 24 hours if you need to - the objective should be to complete the challenge safely and enjoyably. As I said, if you can break the 20 hour barrier you're doing really well.

The times we achieved were in competition against other teams - on both events we had a mixed team (5 men plus 1 lady). We trained really hard - as part of our training we competed as a team in an off road marathon.

What the challenge did for us (and what I'll always remember) is that we started out as six individuals (nine if you count our support crew) and finished a closely knit team. What the challenge teaches you is that as a team, each member working and contributing not for themselves but for the benefit of each other, there is no limit to what can be achieved.
27/09/2002 at 19:51

So including the 12 hour drive time you did the three mountains in 4 hours and 48 mins!!! That is incredible, can't believe anyone can do that much faster. What were your split times for the mountains?

29/09/2002 at 09:57
Inspiring Graham, and an amazing time too.
Interesting logistical tips; I was wondering about safety as if you did it outside an organised trip at least 2 people would need to have good safety judgment in the hills. We already have a team doctor! (that's you Vrap, sorry, the tea making position is already taken,you'll just have to do the walking).

Obviously you were doing it as a race; don't know whether others would prefer to compete against other teams or just against the 24 hr limit?
29/09/2002 at 11:00
Just checked out Nick's link - which then has lots of links to other useful sites. One charity site has done 3 challenges in 2002 and most teams failed to complete within 24hrs. Not sprising if 12 hours is driving and you have to cover 41km and 2,709m climb.

Now I definitely want to do it!

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