ING Amsterdam Marathon 2008

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10/01/2008 at 22:15
This will be my first running of the Amsterdam marathon. Can anybody tell me more about it? Is there any cobblestones? I have been to Amsterdam before and I think it's a wonderful country and I think it will be great to run a mrathon there.
11/01/2008 at 19:20

Hi Rowan,

The course is flat, as you would expect.  The first few miles goes in a loop starting in the olympic stadium and then passing back through it before heading out of town.  The support disappears as you pass along the river and farmalnd areas (although some pigs did make some encouraging noises) and then you re-enter the city.  The finish in the stadium is great.

I enjoyed it, great pb course but a bit boring in stretches.  I was thinking about doing it again, but will see how I get on in Paris first. 

11/01/2008 at 19:30

I don't remember any cobblestones, a long stretch along the river, and a bit through a pretty industrial area after that before you get into the more touristy and well populated bits towards the end.

I'm considering doing it again this year (I did the marathon last year and the half the year before that) but I want to get FLM out of the way and see how I feel, I did 3 marathons last year and feel like I might fancy a bit of a "rest" this year and just do the one.  

11/01/2008 at 19:38
Fancy this one.I think entries are open now??
12/01/2008 at 16:47
Hi all, fancy meeting you here Shiva. Thanks for the descriptions. I have done New York for the last 4 years and is very expensive to do and is definately not a PB course unless it is your first marathon.So my plan for this year is to aim for a PB in October on a flat course injury permitting.
04/02/2008 at 12:45

Is this THE MAIN Amsterdam Mara thread then??

I've entered the mara and OH is doing the 7.5km run.
We're flying out from Southampton on the Saturday and I've just booked hotel on-line.

I'm surprised not to find 'a whopper' of a thread for this event, I know it's early in the year, but I figured most people plan these things around now?!? Anyone else???

04/02/2008 at 14:17
I remember there being one cobbled street near the end of the race when I ran it in 2003. It was just a short bit after coming in from the harbour area and entering near the red light district. Quite a few short sharp bridges over the canals on that bit from memory but it's over before you know it.
Have been toying with doing it again this year as I'll have free room and board at my sister's place.
04/02/2008 at 16:58


Scotty-How can you resist when you have free room and board

20/02/2008 at 19:18
Anybody Else?
21/02/2008 at 07:44
I'll probably give it a shot but then I live in Amsterdam so I can't not really.  Otherwise I'll be on the sidelines with the jelly beans and lemon barley water....
21/02/2008 at 11:39

Ran it last year.

No cobbles. 

Very flat and fast although there is an underpass at @ 38 km which is a bit of a killer (probably wouldn`t notice it on a 10m run).

 The run out and back along  the R.Amstel is alright but can be slightly exposed - there was a bit of wind coming back along the river last year.

 Quite a small marathon by international city standards - think they had about 6000-7000 last year.

Support is quiet compared to London/NY/Berlin but vocal enough in the city. The river section has very few spectators (which I, being a grumpy old sod, rather liked).

Finish in the Olympic Stadium is great.

 Amsterdam is a great city. Everyone speaks English (embarrassing but v useful) and there were a  surprising number of good restaurants. 

I stayed in the Best Western Delphi - located about 3/4 mile from the start/finish. Nice, peaceful, civilized hotel. Outside the town centre. Town is a 4 min tram ride away or a 15 min walk. Hotel only does breakfast (including  a marathon breakfast) but there are a number of good local cafes & restarants within a couple of mins walk from hotel.

 All-in-all one of the most enjoyable marathons I`ve run and for a weekend - Amsterdam is a fantastic destination.


21/02/2008 at 17:20
I'm in this one. Looking forward to it!
23/02/2008 at 17:41
Hi Wolfy,fancy meeting you here. Do you remember me?
24/02/2008 at 07:57

Wolfy!! How goes?

Am thinking about the half..... Full tooooo scaaaarrryy! LOL 

Have found a good deal for flights, just trying to persaude my running buddy! 

08/04/2008 at 22:57

 Right. That's me signed up then.

 It will be my 3rd Marathon after Paris and Dublin last year. Still trying to beat 4hrs after failing miseably at the last 2. Trying to give myself the best chance by choosing a nice flat course.

09/04/2008 at 16:50
Nice One Tom. What's your target for this one?
09/04/2008 at 16:53
Yeah, the 'flatness' of Amsterdam is what appealed to me
09/04/2008 at 17:01

3hrs and 59minutes will do me just fine.

 Managed 4hrs 48 in Paris and 4hrs 36 in Dublin last year. Didn't do myself any favours by being a good stone overweight, so I'm going to try to tackle that a bit more seriosly this year.

Bought myself some fancy scales this lunchtime and even went for a run before work which is unheard of for me.

What are other peoples targets?

10/04/2008 at 16:50
Hi, My target is 3.15 injury permitting. I've just done the Paris marathon my preparation was riddled with injury so I was grateful just to finish. My time was 3.48. Tiny Tia  I choose Amsterdam for it's flatness too but Paris was ultra flat also.
10/04/2008 at 17:14
Well I was vaguely tempted by this as an autumn mara but knowing that Wolfy & H will be around has made me think again....
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