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24/03/2009 at 21:36

Clockwise it is then, just like my running wheel. Good news for a creature of habit like me.

Thanks for clarification

26/03/2009 at 15:34
1150 and something need to get your entry forms in!
28/03/2009 at 20:48

Number arrived today 1349. Am i right in thinking that places are limited to 1800?

30/03/2009 at 10:56

I was starting to get worried as my number hadn't arrived yet but arrived on Saturday I'm 1312. 

Wow I'm really doing it!!!  So looking forward to it now.

30/03/2009 at 16:55

It seems to take four to six weeks before your number arrives for anyone who is waiting for it.

Hope you enjoy the race Emma.

11/04/2009 at 14:36

My number only took a few days to arrive so me and my brother are signed up now! Hope we can do some training and stay injury-free.

 It`ll be his first half and my second as I`m planning to do one in June. I take it that it`s pretty flat. I hope it`s well organised and friendly for us! See you there!

18/04/2009 at 08:51

Fingers crossed that I'm not too late. I sent off my application last week but I haven't heard back yet.  I've run it twice before but not since 2001 (at least I think it was 2001!).  A great race, nicely sheltered by trees.

Yes Road Rodent, I read that there's an 1800 limit. The website hasn't been updated with info to say that the limit has beeen reached so hopefully I've sneaked in.   

18/04/2009 at 11:00
My number was 1300 and something so I reckon you`ll have made it! Enjoy!
18/04/2009 at 18:54

this fills up way too damm's april and almost done...when it's in september!!

I expect loads of the people who enter don't end up they get injured or something comes up in the 6months til the date! then this thread will be flooded with..spare place mailings!!

deary me

27/04/2009 at 20:53
I'm in!!! number 1673, must be pretty close to the limit now. If only I could shake of this injury
28/04/2009 at 10:57

Bloooody hell, only heard about this today from a work colleague who is from around those parts, its going to be a quick decision if I want to do this one!!!  From everything I've from Tourist info it should be a cracker - need to speak to the missus to see if she wants to make a weekend of it - might only mention the race on the way down !!

30/04/2009 at 08:44
Sent my entry in yesterday. Hope I'm not too late. It's one of those races I've wanted to do for many years but something always cropped up. Start planning early I think.
06/05/2009 at 16:11

Race is now full.

Entry went off on 28th April so fingers crossed!!!

07/05/2009 at 09:18

Entry form sent back with apologies

06/07/2009 at 10:14
Really looking forward to this. Someone said the last mile is really fast. How come? Down hill?

Any other tips about the course?
12/07/2009 at 20:51

The last mile is down hill to the finish.

However, the course is quietly undulating and deceptive as just when you think you have rounded the top of the reservoir, you go round a bend and realise you have around 4 miles still to go.

You'll know what I mean when you are doing it.

12/07/2009 at 21:01

My tip would be don't blow your bo**ocks in the first (fast) 6.5 miles.
12/07/2009 at 21:06

WA Is right, when I said 4 miles, I meant 4 miles till you get round the top of the reservoir !!!

You still have to run down the other side to the finish.

13/07/2009 at 08:06
Ta! I`ll bear that in mind. I`d really like to get a tidy time in this one.
13/08/2009 at 16:50

stuart72 can you e-mail me - princemadoc at hotmail dot co dot uk


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