Leeds Half Marathon

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12/05/2007 at 08:30
Bugger. Have acquired a horrid ear infection over the last 24 hours so am very doubtful for Sunday. Will see a pharmacist for a miracle cure today, but I'm nit hopeful - have fun, and run well!
12/05/2007 at 08:30
"nit hopeful"? It's worse than I thought...
12/05/2007 at 11:35
Ear update - think my eardrum may have popped cos there's now goo pouring out of it and I can't hear properly on one side - so this coiuld be the beginning of the end of it - fingers crossed.
12/05/2007 at 12:08
eek Andy - fingers crossed you're healing x
12/05/2007 at 12:10
Andy, hope you're feeling better soon - was looking forward to meeting up tomorrow - hope you make a speedy recovery. I had that too years ago - ended up in A and E - it's so long ago can't remember how long it took me to recover.
12/05/2007 at 17:30

If you still have that Leeds Half entry I would more than happily take it off your hands if a) you live vaguely in the Leeds area & b) you are male (different colour numbers as I understand it!)

My wife has entered but as I was running the FLM I didnt think I would be up for it but now it comes to it I fancy having a go.

I don't think you are recommended to do it but mainly on the basis of wrongful identification if you collapse etc

Please get in touch if you see this!

12/05/2007 at 17:33
Looks like there a distinct possibility, at least according to the weather forecast, that it may be a little damp tomorrow to say the least.

Bin bag time and a hat I think then.

If it throws it down whilst I'm running, at least that will keep me cool and once I'm wet, I can't get any wetter (as discovered on a training run a few weeks ago).
12/05/2007 at 17:35
The bin bag will be de rigeur tomorrow.

I'll not bother with a hat though. One of the benefits of the skin-heed haircut is getting your stubble damp is not a cause for concern.
12/05/2007 at 18:36
Cancel that bin liner!

Latest online forecast from auntie Beeb has it has dry until early afternoon....possibly even quite bright!
12/05/2007 at 18:41
First half marathon. . regretting it now. . . expecting a 2:15 time, just want to finish though, but will probably be last, so any encouragement welcome! just thinking of looking at weather forcast, so thanks Treiziste for the info! Good luck to all, and have fun!
12/05/2007 at 18:58
you won't be last lemke - leeds was my first last year and there were loads behind me (finished in 2hrs22)

you'll enjoy it, run with a smile on your face! and join us at the pub Scarborough Taps after for a race post mortem

Treiziste - do you still need someone's moby number?
12/05/2007 at 19:06
Good luck y'all, still haven't decided where to watch from, think I'll just drive into Leeds centre, parking's gonna be crap I expect, and see where the muse takes me, Kirkgate market's free on Sundays I seem to remember. Is the start and finish Millenium square?
12/05/2007 at 19:09
yes, start and finish millenium square Huge, finsihes up the Headrow and turns into millenium square

see you tomorrow x
12/05/2007 at 19:16
Okay, laters
12/05/2007 at 21:33
Well good luck all, look forward to seeing you in the pub after if not before. Hope everyone has a fantastic race. And let's hope it stays dry! Metcheck also predicts rain not until the afternoon. Hope we've all finished by then!
12/05/2007 at 23:00
Yes thanks NSC - Stoxy obliged and I reckon I'll be able to find you any how.

13/05/2007 at 00:03
I'm fully carbed up and should be in bed... but it's my first one and I'm too excited! Expect that'll have worn off by half way up Stonegate Road. Good luck everybody, have fun x
13/05/2007 at 07:24
Doesn't look too bad out there. Just need some breakfast then I'll set off into town.

Good luck everyone, look forward to seeing some of you in the pub.
13/05/2007 at 07:30
good luck everyone - see some of you on the way round and some of you in the pub!
13/05/2007 at 12:06
Hope it all went well - I am still leaking gunk, although not feeling as bad now. Hopefully ok for John Carr 5k on Wednesday then Blackpool half in a couple of weeks.
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